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  • Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018

    Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show Mom you appreciate all of her hard work. What better way to show how much you care than by giving her a gift she’ll never forget - the gift of relaxation. Mom is always there to take care of us and now it’s our turn to take care of her. Below is our Mother’s Day Gift guide for 2017 with items perfect for the mom on your list. Read More
  • Why Buy From Ogawa World USA

    At Ogawa World we take care of our customers. We know there are a lot of brands and stores to choose from when shopping for a massage chair, and we want our shoppers to know how much we appreciate them when they choose Ogawa. That's the Ogawa Difference. Read below to see why you should shop with Ogawa World USA.
  • Ogawa Refresh Instructional Video

    We put together this Ogawa Refresh Massage Chair Instructional video to help shoppers get more familiar with the Refresh, and walk through the features of the chair and remote. We show people how to turn the chair on and off, as well as pause the massage, and go into Zero Gravity. We also look at all the Manual and Automatic programs.
  • Ogawa Active Massage Chair Instructional Video

    We created this Ogawa Active SuperTrac instructional video to help shoppers get more familiar with the Active, and walk through the features & remote. We explore the time, pause, and power settings. We also look at the Automatic Programs, and the Manual Massage modes. We also look at how to make adjustments to the manual massage modes.
  • Ogawa Smart 3D instructional Video

    We put together this instructional video on the Ogawa Smart 3D to help shoppers learn more about using our top selling massage chair. In this video we take a deeper look at setting up a user profile, getting familiar with the Ogawa App, and taking a look at different ways to choose a program and make adjustments to the chair.
  • Ogawa Refresh Massage Chair Video

    Check out the all new Ogawa Refresh massage chair video. In this video Sara Wang talks about the SmartCurve massage roller, Swedish style massage, easy to use Remote, chromotherapy, and how you can get a full body massage in 15 minutes. Check out the full transcript below.
  • Ogawa Active Massage Chair Video

    Check out the all new Ogawa Active SuperTrac massage chair video. In this video Owen Lee explains all of his favorite features and full body massage he can get in as little as 15 minutes. He talks about the SuperTrac from the neck to the glutes, full body airbag compression, zero gravity, and foot massage.
  • Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair Video

    Check out our All New Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair Video. In this video Clark Buffet explains what he likes so much about the Ogawa Smart 3D. He talks about the Quick Touch controls, the Samsung Tablet, the Ogawa App, the 3D massage roller, and how quiet the chair is with patented Whispersync technology.
  • Introducing the Worlds Most Advanced Massage Chair - The Ogawa Smart 3D

    We’re proud to announce the new release of our Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair. This is the most advanced massage chair in the world and gives users the best in massage technology and user control. Researched and Designed in Los Angeles California, our Ogawa Smart 3D is the pinnacle of in home health equipment. The Smart 3D has taken years of research and careful attention to detail to create a massage experience like no other. We go over the features below to help customers learn more about what makes this the most advanced massage chair in the world.
  • Top Benefits of Glute and Butt Massage

    If you get a massage, don’t ignore your butt and glutes. That’s right! Your buttocks are an important muscle group and you should take care not to neglect that area of your body. There are very few movements the human body can do without the help of the gluteal muscles. Thus, when you begin to experience pains in this region, it can become a true hassle. However, you can resolve many common pains and stresses with some simple massage therapy. Don’t be shy about getting a buttocks... Read More

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