Benefits of Massage - Relieve Stress

Massage Helps Relieve Stress

One of the biggest benefits of massage is stress reduction. As you experience more stress, tension builds up across the body, mainly in the shoulders and neck. A Massage from an Ogawa Massage Chair can focus on tight areas of the neck and shoulders to help break down and relieve this tension. Your Muscles will feel relieved which helps relax the mind.

Benefits of Massage with Blood Flow and Lymphatic Flow

Another benefit of massage is the increase of blood flow and lymphatic flow circulation. When you receive a massage, the amount of oxygen and nutrients increase in the blood. As this process becomes activated, your body is able to deliver these nutrients to more parts of the body with less work. Massage from a massage chair can also helps with the elasticity of the blood vessels which helps them stay healthy and work more efficiently. Using an Ogawa massage chair can massage more parts of your body in a smaller amount of time, increasing circulation in many different areas simultaneously. Your body will thank you for it.

Benefits of Massage - Increase Circulation

Benefits of Massage - Pain Relief

Massage Can Help Relieve Sensations of Pain

People can experience pain in many different ways. When pain is experienced in one part of the body it can wear down and create pain in other parts of the body. A Benefit of Massage is that a massage triggers the natural healing process in the muscles, nerves, and bones. As blood flow increases, nutrients and other vital compounds help restore damaged areas and lessen the feelings of pain.

Massage Helps with Joint Flexibility

You will feel younger, healthier, and more active your body is more flexible. Massage helps increase the body’s natural fluids that help keep these areas working better and stronger. When using an Ogawa Massage Chair, many of these areas are stimulated simultaneously, like the knees, the lower back, the shoulders, and arms. This wider range of massage coverage helps promote these fluids throughout the entire body.

Benefits of Massage - Flexibility

Benefits of Massage - Lowers Blood Pressure

Massage Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure

When you experience a massage, oxygen and other nutrients increase in the blood. With an increase of these healthy compounds, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard and becomes more efficient. This benefit of massage naturally helps to lower blood pressure and the relaxing effects of massage also help play a part as the body and mind are at ease. These factors also contribute to help lower blood pressure.


Here at Ogawa World USA, we want to help educate people on all the great benefits of massage. Many of these benefits have been derived from ancient practices and wisdom, professional knowledge, and scientific studies. Please use this information to help explore all of the great benefits you may receive from massage. This information is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any ailments or chronic diseases. Always seek advice from your physician or healthcare provider before using massage for any current medical conditions.