The Ogawa Active Supertrac, the predecessor to the Active L, was one of the most inventive and highly rated massage chairs that incorporates Glute Massage. This chair was invented to offer users the ability to massage their glutes with the massage roller, but without sacrificing the quality of the massage. The L-track roller is one of the biggest advances in recent massage chair technology and brands are still fine-tuning the experience to offer the best massage possible. As Ogawa technology advanced they are able to incorporate their more sophisticated roller into a true SL-track chair, which is Ogawa Active L massage chair.

Active Supertrac Video

Why was there a Supertrac?

When the Ogawa Supertrac was being invented engineers at Ogawa had to solve a very unique problem. An L-track chair has built in limitations based on the track shape and what type of massage robot it can use. Ogawa engineers addressed this by building an extended track so that their patented massage technology could still be used. Users could still expect a deep tissue massage experience, a smooth lifelike massage roller, the patented Ogawa design that is great at targeting the neck, and a high quality piece of furniture. They did this by extending the S-track farther down, and creating 3 programs called UNIQ to utilize the glute massage. The one drawback is that you couldn’t use the glute massage in every program. Fast forward 3 years and Ogawa released the Ogawa Active L. Now users can get the glute massage in every program without sacrificing the Ogawa Patented massage technology.

New Upgraded Version: Ogawa Active L

For anyone who is researching the features and read the reviews of the Supertrac, they will be happy to know they can get all of the benefits of the Supertrac in the new Ogawa Active L. The Active L is the newer upgraded model, with updated massage programming, a newer look, as well as the touch screen remote. It also has a full SL-track design and you can use the neck to glute massage in more automatic programs without having to engage the Supertrac. The Supertrac only massages the glutes in a flat position and only has 3 programs to utilize the glute massage. The Active L utilizes the neck to glute massage in more of the automatic programs. The Active L also has speakers and a Bluetooth connection so you can play music through the chair from your phone. The Active L comes in new color choices and has space saving technology that only requires 5 inches of wall space.

Ogawa Active L Roller Technology

We recommend the Ogawa Active L and below is a brief look at the Upgrades.


  • SL-Track Programming: The SL-track is utilized in all the massage programs, not just the 3 UNIQ programs like the Supertrac.
  • Targeted Glute Therapy: The Ogawa Active L has targeted programs to focus exclusively on the Glutes.
  • Touch Screen Remote: The Ogawa Active L comes with a touch screen remote and the very easy to use massage interface.
  • Upgraded Design & Color Options: The Ogawa Active L has an upgraded look and 3 new color options to choose from.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: The Ogawa Active L has Bluetooth Speakers that connect to your smartphone. Users can listen to relaxing sounds or their favorite music through their preferred app.
  • Chromotherapy Lighting: The Ogawa Active L has Chromotherapy lights near the headrest that provide light therapy during a massage.
  • Space Saving Recline: The Ogawa Active L only requires 5 inches of clearance when it reclines.
  • Multi-Language Setting: You can change the language on the remote to best suit your needs. Choose from English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and French.

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