We created this Ogawa Active SuperTrac instructional video to help shoppers get more familiar with the Active, and walk through the features & remote. We explore the time, pause, and power settings. We also look at the Automatic Programs, and the Manual Massage modes. We also look at how to make adjustments to the manual massage modes. We also explore the Custom Air programs and many of the other settings.


This is the Ogawa Active SuperTrac instructional video. This is the remote used to operate the Ogawa Active massage chair. Now we’re going to look at the basic buttons on the remote. The red power button will turn the chair on and off. The black clock button adds time to your massage. Each time you press the button it will add 5 minutes to your massage up to 30 minutes. The Green ZG butting will put the chair into the Zero Gravity position. Press it once for Zero Gravity one, and press it twice for true Zero Gravity or position 2. You can press it a 3rd time to put the chair back into the original position. The orange pause button pauses and resumes the massage. Now we look at the manual chair adjust buttons. The upper left button lifts the foot rest. The lower left button lowers the foot rest. The upper right button reclines the chair. The lower right button brings the chair upright. The top button on the middle dial will extend the footrest. The bottom button of the toggle brings in the footrest. Now we take a look at the Pre-programmed massages. We look at the 8 Pre-Programmed massages. Note that before an auto program begins there will be a 1 minute back scan. The Gentle program is designed to provide a quiet, soft massage. It combines air massage with kneading and tapping. Therapy is designed to provide a soothing massage. Uniq 1 is a gentle neck to glute massage that covers the whole body. Demo will take you through a 5 minutes whole body massage.  Uniq 2 is a stronger neck to glute massage that covers the whole body, with added vibration. Relax is designed to provide a mild massage that is great for deep relaxation. Vigorous is designed for those who enjoy a strong deep tissue massage. Stretch will stretch your body to improve flexibility. This programs uses air compression to stretch you. Manual massage controls can be accessed by flipping open the cover of the remote. The Full Air program will turn on full body air compression massage. Foot Roller turns on the foot rollers underneath the soles of the feet. Uniq Back is a neck to glute massage in the laid out bed position. Vibration turns on Vibration massage in the seat area. Heat turns on the lumbar heat in the chair. Now we’ll look at the massage techniques. Press the kneading button once for kneading massage, and twice to have kneading in reverse. Press this button three times for a Swedish massage, and four times to get Swedish massage in reverse. For Tapping press the button once for tapping, and twice for tapping in reverse. Press this button a third time for Shiatsu and a fourth time for Shiatsu in reverse. Press the button once for Clapping and twice for Clapping in reverse. Press this button a 3rd time for Rolling, and a fourth time for Rolling in reverse. To change the direction of the manual massage use the Joystick in the middle to move the roller up and down. Next we look at Spot and Partial massage. Choose a massage type and press the “Spot/Partial" button one time for a spot massage. The Spot will massage in one localized area. Press the “Spot/Partial” button twice for a partial massage. The Partial setting will massage travels 3 inches up and down from the selected spot. During a Spot or Partial massage you can move the location up or down by holding the arrows up or down. Adjust your massage. To alter the width of the massage press the “Width” button. To alter the “Speed” or “Strength” either use the + and - buttons on the toggle button. Or use the Speed and Strength buttons. Now we look at the custom Air Massage. At the bottom of the remote are the 4 areas of the Air Massage. We have the Back & Seat, the Hands & Arms, the Shoulders, and the Foot Rest. You can also adjust the intensity through 5 levels by pressing the Intensity button.