Check out the all new Ogawa Active SuperTrac massage chair video. In this video Owen Lee explains all of his favorite features and full body massage he can get in as little as 15 minutes. He talks about the SuperTrac from the neck to the glutes, full body airbag compression, zero gravity, and foot massage. Check out the full transcript below.


Hi I’m Owen Lee, and here’s how my day went. I have fifteen minutes before my next meeting, and I’m here to recharge. With Ogawa Active SuperTrac its easy, because it combines the super powers of two chairs into one. Lets try this one out. It takes me twelve minutes to get warmed up on the courts, here, it takes one click. And adds a nice vibe. SuperTrac works faster and more effective because it applies multiple massage techniques. They work from the shoulders to the glutes. Add the superpowers of fifty six airbags delivering full body air massage, you get the picture. I can also keep my feet happy too. Air massage helps you increase blood flow, reducing inflammation, and speeding muscle recovery after the game. My chair chair has nine automatic programs. Stretching is my favorite, it’s like a Thai massage but more advanced. All set for the champs. Actor Info: 5'9" 140 lbs.