Check out the all new Ogawa Refresh massage chair video. In this video Sara Wang talks about the SmartCurve massage roller, Swedish style massage, easy to use Remote, chromotherapy, and how you can get a full body massage in 15 minutes. Check out the full transcript below.


Hi my names Sarah Wang and I just endured a 16 hour flight. I feel like my aunt Maggie, no offense auntie. And this is my Ogawa refresh massage chair. The one thing that puts me right back into my bliss. Its like having my very own resort spa. The zero gravity position takes away pressure from every single cell in my body. It’s actually a NASA technology. It raises my knees above my heart, so I feel like a cloud. The chairs scans my body to find the best way to please me. Excellent. With its high end technology, the massage roller starts at my neck and goes all the way to the tailbone. Giving accurate pressure along the entire spine. Its like playing the piano. No its like Mozart playing the piano. Spectacular. But Mozart didn’t have a pain killer installed into his chair. I turn the heat on in the sit and spot settings and to move the rollers to exactly where I need them the most. Now to what I’m here for. The chair is an expert at six different massage techniques. I choose Swedish because… The Swedes I know look so young, no, because its proven to rejuvenate you. And I just like it better. I can use Chromotherapy, blue for fun, green to relax my mind, and red to get back in shape. Time to rock ladies