We put together this instructional video on the Ogawa Smart 3D to help shoppers learn more about using our top selling massage chair. In this video we take a deeper look at setting up a user profile, getting familiar with the Ogawa App, and taking a look at different ways to choose a program and make adjustments to the chair.


This is the Ogawa Smart 3D operational video. Here is the Ogawa Smart 3D chair and its tablet remote. Now we’re going to walkthrough the Home Screen. This is the main home screen to get started. Now we’re going to create a profile. Choose the green new profile button. Type your name and choose your gender. Then select your age. Then choose your height and weight. Then select where you want your massage to be focused. Then select your massage roller strength and airbag intensity. Then choose if you want lumbar heating. Then select your LED light preference. After this is completed, you will be shown your newly created personalized program. Now your new profile is available on the home scree of the Ogawa App. You can also access the Ogawa World USA Website by pressing the pink button labeled store. To get a massage without having a profile press the blue button labeled Public. This will take you to the massage interface. To get to the About section, press the Purple button on the home screen labeled About. This button will you give you the information about the App. This includes Updates, App Features, Chair Features, and Chair Serial Number. To access the Service section click on the Orange button labeled Service on the home screen. This will help shoppers with questions about the chair features, the chair user guide, the app features, and massage features. Next is the Homescreen where you can choose the massage style, massage strength, airbag strength, LED Lights, foot rollers, as well as 3D settings. We also show users how to play their music or add time to their massage. Next we look at the manual massage techniques, and choose from Kneading, Swedish, Tapping, Shiatsu, Clapping, and Rolling. We also show how to adjust the shoulder height position. Then we look at the Zero Gravity positions, both 1 & 2. We also show how to use the ottoman correctly for sizing. We walk over some of the additional features like the LED lights from red to blue to green, the heater, foot rollers, and the vibration. Next we check out changing the 3D settings on the roller intensity. Now we look at the intensity, speed, and strength buttons. Now we look at accessing the Automatic programs. Now we walk into the Manual adjustment menu, where you can adjust the recline angles of the backrest and ottoman. Now we look at the airbag intensity adjustments. Next we move into the massage adjust where you can pick your exact massage features, and then we look at the Special Techniques. Now we look at the alternate menu screen where you can adjust the 3D roller, the automatic programs, the chair adjustments, the speed, the strength, the intensity, play music, add time, use zero gravity, and pause your massage. Press the lower left button to go back to the main screen.