Check out our All New Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair Video. In this video Clark Buffet explains what he likes so much about the Ogawa Smart 3D. He talks about the Quick Touch controls, the Samsung Tablet, the Ogawa App, the 3D massage roller, and how quiet the chair is with patented Whispersync technology. Check out the full transcript below.


Hi, I’m Clark Buffet and I had a long day, and I’m here one on one with my Ogawa Smart 3D chair. Call it my personal Masseuse if you want. I come here to relax in Zero Gravity position, it works within one click. No more pressure on my nerves, muscles, and bones. No more pressure at all. I feel light as air. NASA uses the same thing for spaceman training and recovery. Chair remembers my personalized profile, and takes me there directly. Yup that’s me. To know exactly what I want the chair scans my body. This is how we get to know eachother better. It’s a true Massage On-Demand experience. I have seventeen massage programs to choose from, and I pick relax. Ahhhh. For this chair Ogawa Engineers developed a special 3D massage technology. It means the high-end rollers have six levels of strength, I can change the massage from light, to very deep. The Tablet is Wifi enabled, and can be used as a personal computer. But I use it to watch movies. Now listen to this. Can you hear it? Me too… Nothing. It’s quiet. This chair is one of worlds quietest massage chairs. Actor info: 5'11" 186 lbs.