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You Can Experience these Amazing Benefits

Relieve Stress

Massage promotes relaxation and releases endorphins, helping the mind and body decompress. Immerse yourself in wellness and find complete peace of mind.

Reduce Paint

Trigger the body’s natural healing response with full body massage. Improved circulation, increased flexibility, and the release of serotonin all help to reduce pain.

Sleep Better

Massage is clinically proven to be a safe and natural sleep aid, so you can easily slip into worry free bliss. Sleep deeply, free of stress and anxiety and awake renewed.

Exclusive SuperTrac™ Roller Technology

Heal. Rejuvenate. Relax.
Improve your state of mind.

The Ogawa Active SuperTrac is the only massage chair to adjust to your specific body curve, massaging each muscle group with precision, from neck to glutes. The SuperTrac is extending the boundaries and elevating massage chair standards with its innovative massage technology, sophisticated design, and quality you can see and feel. Feel the Ogawa Difference.

Added Benefits of the SuperTrac™Technology

Soothe Sciatic Pain

Utilizing the exclusive SuperTrac and full bed recline, you can finally get a true healing massage to your lower back.

Improve Posture

With the power of the SuperTrac roller, you can target the large muscles groups that are essential for improving posutre.