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Cozzia MC-520 Lift Chair

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Cozzia MC-520 Lift Chair

The Cozzia MC-520 Lift Chair comes equipped with many desirable features making it a popular choice. The electric lift feature will easily help you to a standing position while the retractable arms make it easier to get in and out. One touch will put you in a Zero Gravity position, home position, TV position, or the Lift position for convenient postural adjustment.

Cozzia MC-520 Lift Chair
Cozzia MC-520 Lift Mode

Lift Mode

The Cozzia MC-520 Lift Chair has dual motors that are capable of lifting up a person to 300lbs. The lifting process is easy at the touch of a button to a full standing position.

Infinite Seating Positions

The chair’s backrest and footrest can be adjusted independently to achieve any desired position. There are also 6 pre-set positions to choose from: Home, TV, Reading, Lift, Zero Gravity, and Flat Position.

Cozzia MC-520 Infinite Positions
Cozzia MC-520 Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity

The NASA-inspired Zero Gravity position elevates the legs above the heart. The Zero Gravity position will improve circulation, relaxation, relieve stress, and relieve compression along your spine. This is the most desirable position to relax in as it relieves the stress and compression along your entire body.

Retractable Arms for Easy Transfer

An innovative feature of the Cozzia MC-520 Mobility Seating Lift Chair is the retractable arms. At the touch of a button, you can raise or lower the sides of the chair easily. The retractable armrests are helpful to make transferring in and out of a wheelchair or mobility scooter painless and easy.

Cozzia MC-520 Retractable Armrests
Cozzia MC-520 Air Compression

Air Compression

The Cozzia MC-520 Mobility Seating comes equipped with an air massage system. Use the relax or stretch mode for a relaxing air massage that provides a stimulating massage to lower back.

Adjustable Headrest

The headrest is unique with the MC-520 and is easily adjusted for your comfort. The headrest can articulate up and down, and can also be curved to give support to the sides of your head.

Cozzia MC-520 Adjustable Headrest
Cozzia MC-520 Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy

The lumbar area of the Cozzia MC-520 has a heating pad that can be turned on and off easily. The heat helps to warm your core and loosen the lower back to help relieve pain and stress.

Lumbar Support

The lumbar support can easily be adjusted to find the perfect spot to help you relax. This will help to promote the natural curvature of your spine and help your posture.

Cozzia MC-520 Air Lumbar Support
Cozzia MC-520 Power Recline

Power Recline

You can recline the Cozzia MC-520 easily at the touch of a button or easily raise it back to the sitting position.

Power Ottoman

You can raise or lower the ottoman easily to find the perfect position for relaxing or even watching TV.

Cozzia MC-520 Power Ottoman
Cozzia MC-520 Memory Foam

Memory Foam Seating

The seat is cushioned with proprietary memory foam for the ultimate in comfort. The attractive fabric meets water repellent, stain repellent, oil repellent and fireproof requirements.

Remote Control

One touch of a button can recline the chair to the TV position, the zero gravity position, raise or lower either arm or lift the chair to the standing position. The footrest and backrest can be operated independently allowing you to place the chair in any position they find comfortable.

Cozzia MC-520 Remote Control
Manufacturer Cozzia
Features Air Massage, Heat, Zero Gravity, Air Lumbar Support, Battery Backup
Zero Gravity One Touch with 1 Position
Adjustable Headrest Yes
Adjustable Footrest Yes
Air Massage Yes
Air Lumbar Support Yes
Heat Lumbar
Memory Foam Seating Yes
Battery Backup Yes
Recommended Weight 300lbs.
Dimensions Upright 35.9" x 30" x 44"
Dimensions Reclined 73.2" x 30" x 22.8"
Box Dimensions 48.8" x 31.1" x 34.1"
Shipping Weight 188lbs.