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Ogawa Active SuperTrac Massage Chair

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Ogawa Active Massage Chair

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Ogawa Active Supertrac Massage Chair

Choosing the perfect massage chair just got easier. The Ogawa Active blends quality, styling, and the newest in massage technology to give every user a pleasing massage experience. From an innovative and adjustable roller track to even more accurate body scan technology, relaxation and recovery are achieved with ease.

Ogawa Active SuperTrac

SuperTrac - 2 Massage Chairs in One

Get ready to experience relaxation that comes only from the newest in massage chair technology. The Ogawa Active SuperTrac features the most comprehensive roller track available on the market. When seated upright, the Ogawa Active provides massage to the neck and back, then, when lying down (in the bed position), you’ll have massage all the way under the seat completely massaging the glutes. The Active SuperTrac is the only chair to combine the traditional S-Track massage for neck and back with the ability of an L-Track/glute massage chair giving you total control. It’s like having 2 massage chairs in one.

Ogawa Active Massage Chair UNIQ Programs
Ogawa Active UNIQ Program

This massage program is designed to rejuvenate the body. You’ll experience various massage methods like kneading and knocking as the massage rollers emphasize slow stretch like movements from the neck to the glutes. Soothing heat permeates and warms up the body while gentle air compression massages from the shoulders to the feet. You’ll leave this program feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Ogawa Active UNIQ Program

This massage program is designed to invigorate the body. The massage methods are faster in speed and style as they travel from the neck to the glutes. Low back stretch is performed to decompress the spine. The air compression massage is a bit more intense to promote better circulation. You’ll also experience vibration massage in the seat and you’ll leave this program feeling energized.

Ogawa Active UNIQ Back Programs

This massage program specializes on a true full body massage experience by focusing on each muscle group from the neck to the glutes. With smooth movements the Active provides deep tissue massage methods, lengthening each muscle for increased flexibility.

Ogawa Active SuperTrac Recline Angles

Multiple Recline Angles

Float in the Zero Gravity position or recline fully into the comfortable Bed Position to enjoy a soothing full body massage. Each massage position cradles the human spine perfectly as the roller track adjusts to fit each curve.

Using the Zero Gravity Position, the Active elevates the knees above the heart for a feeling of complete weightlessness. Cradled in this position, all pressure is taken off of the spine, heart rate is reduced, and the depth and effectiveness of the massage is increased. Choose between 2 stages of Zero Gravity for your ideal position for comfortable massage.

Automatic Programs

Ogawa Active Massage Techniques

Massage Techniques

Ogawa Active Massage Techniques

Airbag Massage

Ogawa Active Arm Massage

Arm Massage

Ogawa Active Seat Massage

Seat Massage

Ogawa Active Shoulder Massage

Shoulder Massage

Ogawa Active Leg Massage

Leg Massage

Full body air compression is achieved with 56 strategically placed air chambers for the Shoulders, Hands, Arms, Calves, and Feet. Gradual pressure is applied to increase circulation and release tension while acupressure nodes stretch and lengthen sore muscles.

  • increased circulation

  • spinal decompression

  • reduced back pain

  • relax sore muscles

  • customizable massage

Customizable Massage

Ogawa Active Spot Massage

Spot Massage

The spot feature allows you to easily target exact areas along your entire back. Adjust the rollers to your targeted pain area and let the rollers do the rest.

Ogawa Active Partial Massage

Partial Massage

The partial feature allows you to target a region along the spine for massage. Simply select a location and the rollers will massage 6” in your targeted area.

Ogawa Active Foot Rollers

Foot Rollers

Equipped with deep kneading foot rollers, the Ogawa Active eliminates tightness and calms the muscles of overworked feet. As the kneading reflexology rollers work on the bottoms of your feet, the air compression massage will squeeze away tension, leaving your feet feeling refreshed and renewed.

Ogawa Active Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy

Soothing heat targets the lumbar area gently relaxing tight muscles and relieving pain. This helps restore healthy circulation throughout the body, and prepares the muscles for a deeper massage.

Ogawa Active Vibration


Vibration therapy in the seat stimulates the body and helps increase circulation. This promotes healthy blood flow that further relaxes your muscles and creates a whole body sense of well being.

User Friendly

The Active is equipped with a user friendly remote that lets you quickly select the programs you like, as well as make quick adjustments to your massage.

Ogawa Active Massage Chair Remote

Remote Control

Ogawa Active Massage Chair Remote

Aesthetically Pleasing

When not using your massage chair easily stow the remote in the aesthetically pleasing storage slot. The remote seamlessly slides into the armrest for easy access for later use.

Ogawa Active Massage Chair Remote

Added Benefits

Ogawa Active Reversible Head Pillow

Reversible Head Pillow

Ogawa Active Removable Back Cushion

Removable Back Cushion

Ogawa Active USB Charging Station

USB Port/Charging Station

Ogawa Active High Quality Design

High Quality Design

Ogawa Active Massage Chair Warranty

5 Year Limited Warranty

Color No
Manufacturer Ogawa
Massage Roller Type SuperTrac
Roller Type 2D
Roller Length 43"
Glute Roller Massage Yes
Roller Width Adjustment Narrow, Regular, Wide
Roller Strength Adjustment No
Roller Speed Adjustment Yes
Deep Tissue Massage Yes
Air Compression Massage Arm, Calf, Foot, Hand, Hip & Thigh, Upper Arm & Shoulders
Total Airbags 56
Airbag Strength Adjustment Yes
Foot Rollers Yes
Ottoman Length Adjustment Automatic
Body Scan Technology Yes
Automatic Programs 8
Manual Programs Yes
Memory Programs No
Stretch Program Yes
Massage Techniques Kneading, Swedish, Tapping, Shiatsu, Clapping, Rolling
Spot & Partial Massage Yes
Recline Automatic
Zero Gravity One Touch with 2 Position
Heat Lumbar
Chromotherapy Yes
Vibration Yes
Upholstery High Quality Synthetic Leather
USB Connector For Charging Devices
Removable Back Pad Yes
Remote Type Slim LCD Remote
Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty - 1 Years In-home Service, 2 Years Part, and 5 Years Framework Coverage
User Height Range 5'2" to 6'4"
Recommended Weight 300lbs.
Dimensions Upright 60"L x 33"W x 49"H
Dimensions Reclined 82"L x 33"W x 24"H
Weight 285lbs.
Box Dimensions 73.2"L X 29.5"W X 33.4"H
Shipping Weight 233.7lbs.
Box #2 Dimensions 30"L X 15.4"W X 31.7"H
Box #2 Shipping Weight 56.2lbs.
Box #3 Dimensions Not Applicable
Box #3 Shipping Weight Not Applicable
Box #4 Dimensions Not Applicable
Box #4 Shipping Weight Not Applicable
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