6 Ways Knee and Calf Massages Help Muscle Strain and Pain Relief
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6 Ways Knee and Calf Massages Help Muscle Strain and Pain Relief

Apr 22, 2021

Your calf muscles include two primary muscles in the back of your leg that connect to your heel through the achilles tendon and up to the femur bone in your thigh, causing them to play a role in bending your knee, as well. This means muscle strain and pain stemming from the knee and calf muscles may radiate the entire length of your leg and needs to be addressed right away.

So then how do you treat muscle strain in these areas? We’re looking at five ways knee and calf massages help muscle strain and pain relief. Using a luxury massage chair or an electric foot and calf massager will have you back up and healed in no time!

Treating Muscle Strain With Knee and Calf Massages

While knee and calf pain can stem from many catalysts, one of the most common causes is muscle strain. This muscle strain may come from overdoing physical activity, playing sports, jogging, or even walking in high heels!

Massage has been shown to be an effective way to prevent and treat muscle strain in the body. A few ways knee and calf massages help muscle strain and pain relief are:

  • Improving mobility and flexibility to prevent injury
  • Increasing circulation for faster muscle strain healing
  • Reducing scar tissue development
  • Keeping muscles loose and limber
  • Draining the lymph glands in the knee and calves
  • Reducing the effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Knee and Calf Massage Improves Mobility and Flexibility

Preventing muscle strain from possibly happening in the first place is a major benefit of knee and calf massages. Whether you’re using a foot and calf massager or a luxury massage chair, keeping these muscles and joints loose is key to injury prevention.

Like any muscle, your calf muscles need to be stretched and worked to improve their elasticity. Without it, they are more susceptible to injury during physical activity. These injuries could be the result of anything from playing sports to jogging to walking in high heeled shoes.

Knee and calf massages work the muscles and keep them flexible. This flexibility gives you better mobility and can even help improve physical performance.

Increasing Blood Circulation With Knee and Calf Massages

Calf and knee pain massage treatments also help improve blood circulation in your legs. How exactly does this help muscle strain?

As the electric foot massager or massage chair works your calves, blood circulates more easily which delivers oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the muscles and tissue. In fact, studies have even shown that massage application immediately following muscle strain may help the body heal faster.

You may find high end massage chairs with knee and calf heat that boost blood flow in the area, as well. These models improve on the benefits of heated massage chairs for back pain and give a truly full body heated massage experience. Heat therapy massage chairs or electric foot massagers both may help reduce swelling and inflammation in your calves and knees.

Knee and Calf Strain Treatment Massages Reduce Scar Tissue

When you experience muscle strain, it means you’ve torn the muscle and it has to heal. If the damage is significant enough, it can cause scar tissue to form during the healing process. Using an electric foot and calf massager or massage chair after an injury can break down collagen fibers that make up scar tissue. This calf strain treatment massage helps prevent that scar tissue from inhibiting healing and restricting blood flow.

Keeping Muscles Loose with Knee and Calf Massages

Knee and calf massages aim to keep the muscles loose. This can help prevent injuries from happening or enhance healing for any injury you might have already sustained. Whether you’re using a foot and calf massager or the knee and calf massage rollers on a luxury massage chair, both will keep the muscles in your calves relaxed.

These knee and calf massages can also help with pain relief by working out clinched muscles and alleviating muscle spasms. Overuse of your calf muscles can result in these potentially painful ailments.

Using Calf and Knee Pain Massages for Lymphatic Drainage

Beyond the pain relief and relaxation of knee and calf massages comes increased lymph flow. This lymph flow helps flush toxins from your body that may have caused swelling, inflammation, or disease. Lymphatic drainage of the calf also removes toxins from the gland behind the knee.

An efficient lymphatic system can help boost your immune system and enhance bodily healing, too. As toxins are flushed from the area during knee and calf massages, the new blood is also able to reach those flushed muscles and tissue more efficiently, helping the healing process go faster.

Fighting Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness With Knee and Calf Massages

Last on our list of ways knee and calf massages help muscle strain and pain relief is by reducing the effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). DOMS can set in up to 72 hours after physical activity and can be the result of overuse, muscle strain, or even insufficient cool down post workout.

Faster tissue healing from increased blood flow and lymph gland flushing after physical activity can help reduce the effects of DOMS by repairing microtears in the muscles. This makes knee and calf massages one of the most useful benefits of massage chairs for athletes. Separate foot and calf massagers may also provide DOMS relief when used as part of a post workout recovery routine.

Knee and calf massages are endlessly beneficial for muscle strain and pain relief. They work to keep your muscles loose, improve blood circulation for faster healing, and help you relax! Choosing a massage chair or electric foot and calf massager will bring the convenience of those treatments to the comfort of your own home. You can sit back and relax while these massage machines take care of your body and keep you at optimal health.

Want to learn more about the best massage chairs available and learn how to choose a massage chair that’s right for you? We’ve answered “what is a 3D massage chair?” and “what is a 4D massage chair?” to help you find which is best for your lifestyle!

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