Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy has become more widely accepted in the medical community as a credible treatment. Research studies have shown that massage therapy reduces back pain and offers many health benefits. Take time out of your busy life and take a little time for yourself.

Relieve Back Pain

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from back pain, massage therapy will help you find relief. Using a massage chair once or twice a day will reduce your back pain and can even prevent further injury. The massage helps to loosen up the back muscles so that painful tasks will be a lot less painful. Massage also improves blood flow to oxygen-starved muscles and prompts the body to release endorphins, which is your body’s natural painkiller.

Workout Recovery

Physical exertion creates tiny tears and inflammation in muscle tissues. Massage increases the blood circulation which brings nutrients to the muscles and tissues. The muscle inflammation becomes reduced which aids in the speeding and healing process and promotes recovery. A massage chair will help you heal faster, which means you can work out more.

Relieve Your Stress

We all face stressful situations every single day. Stress is proven to trigger negative changes in your body and increases the likelihood of you getting sick or even increase the risk of even more serious conditions. Regular massage in an Ogawa massage chair will help put your mind and body at ease and help you live a better life.

Increases Relaxation

Everyone needs some time to relax. Regular massage with a massage chair eases the tight muscles and releases endorphins allowing you to relax. Relaxation promotes better sleep which will help you to maintain a healthy state of mind and body.

Reduce Anxiety and Depression

We all experience anxiety and depression in our lives. Daily massage in a massage chair increases your endorphin levels, which is the “feel good” chemical in your brain. Newer studies have shown that the endorphin release of regular massage will reduce anxiety and depression allowing you to feel better and do better.

Increases Your Blood Circulation

Massage increases your blood circulation and has many health benefits to your entire mind and body. Your blood is responsible for delivering oxygen throughout your body, removing carbon dioxide, providing your cells with nutrients, transporting hormones, helps to remove waste and toxins, and more.

Reduces Muscle Tension and Stiffness

Reduces Muscle Tension and Stiffness

Regular massage stimulates tight muscles, joints and ligaments empowering the body to heal and improving range of motion. Massages can also relieve tension related headaches and effects of eyestrain.