Vibration Machine Benefits You're Missing Out On
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Vibration Machine Benefits You're Missing Out On

May 25, 2021

If you’re a regular gym goer or lead an active lifestyle chances are you might’ve heard about the rising popularity of full body vibration machines. Vibration machines are perfect for those looking to streamline their workouts and get the largest benefit in the least amount of time. They’re also great for athletes looking to level up their performance or people who may need exercise alternatives to a traditional workout routine.

So what are they and what does a body vibration machine do? Today we’re exploring these incredible health and fitness tools while showing you vibration machine benefits you’re missing out on. Read on!

What Does a Vibration Machine Do?

Using vibration for health and fitness has been a concept around since the days of ancient Greece. It became connected to modern exercise machines in the 1800s and later gained more traction as a science-backed exercise method when used as part of the Russian space program. There, they used the idea of vibration machine benefits to simulate gravity for astronauts to help them avoid muscle and bone density loss while in space.

Today’s full body vibration machines (also commonly referred to as vibration plates) easily integrate into your daily routine and help create a healthy lifestyle. They can be used to potentially increase athletic performance, provide safe exercise alternatives for those with mobility issues (or others unable to do traditional workout routines for any reason), and give a multitude of other health benefits to people of all ages.

So, what does a vibration machine do? While positioned on a vibration machine, your body picks up energy from a vibrating platform which stimulates muscle contractions. Vibration machines with sonic wave vibration technology are the best out there and enhance this even further by stimulating muscle fibers (myocytes) stronger than gravity and exercising muscle fibers to repeat fast and strong contraction and relaxation.

On some vibration machines, you’re able to add in some simple exercises that may boost your exercise results even further and in a shorter period of time!

Full Body Vibration Machine Benefits

Do vibration machines work? You bet they do! A variety of studies have recognized vibration machine benefits ranging from increased explosive power in athletes to stress reduction and pain relief. Some of the most incredible full body vibration machine benefits you may experience include:

  • Faster exercise results
  • Alternative exercise option for those who need it
  • Building up muscle strength
  • Better power training exercises for athletes
  • Stress management
  • Lower back pain relief
  • Boost weight loss

Faster Exercise Results Using a Full Body Vibration Machine

When it comes to exercising, we prefer the “work harder, not longer” approach. Who doesn’t want to see results in shorter periods of time? First up on our list of vibration machine benefits is faster exercise results!

Studies have shown that using a vibration machine may mimic the effects of exercising for longer periods of time. In one study, different groups of mice were put through different 12-week exercise routines. The results of this study showed similar metabolic improvements for those using a vibration machine 20 minutes each day versus those walked for 45 minutes daily. This improvement was shown in both healthy and obese mice, with the most dramatic results shown in the unhealthy group.

So how does this relate to your exercise routine and exercise results? For humans, using a vibration machine can shorten your training period by 85% while also reducing the number of exercise sessions you need by more than 50% to yield the same results as traditional exercise routines!

Vibration Machines as an Alternative Exercise Option

So how does this relate to your exercise routine and exercise results? For humans, using a vibration machine can shorten your training period by 85% while also reducing the number of exercise sessions you need by more than 50% to yield the same results as traditional exercise routines!

How a Vibration Machine Benefits Muscle Strength

When it comes to vibration machine benefits, you can’t ignore the greater potential for building up muscle strength. This is especially beneficial for athletes or those looking to see gains. Studies have shown that resistance training combined with using a full body vibration machine can yield results with increased muscle strength over those doing resistance training without vibration. In fact, vibration machine benefits, combined with power training, could increase maximum muscle strength by 35%!

Full Body Vibration Yields Better Power Training for Athletes

Speaking of vibration machine benefits for athletes, let’s talk about power training for explosive power. Different sports or active lifestyles may require explosive strength for optimal performance. This can include physical activities like baseball, sprint running, and springboard diving.

In a 2015 study of springboard divers, vibration machine benefits combined with resistance training showed a drastic increase in flexibility and explosive leg strength. Not only did divers who use full body vibration machines experience better power training results, but their explosive leg energy boosts continued 15 minutes after their workout compared to those not using full body vibration machines.

This boost in power training for athletes can help explosive energy needed for some physical activities and increase performance.

Managing Stress and Anxiety Using Full Body Vibration Machines

Vibration machine benefits go deeper than just stimulating muscles for strength building and faster workout results. In a study performed by the University of Cologne, 20 participants had blood drawn before, during, and after using a full body vibration machine. The results showed a measurable decrease in cortisol and glucose levels and increase in two thyroid hormones.

Cortisol is your primary stress hormone that can also increase your blood sugar (glucose) levels and put your health at risk. Stress increases cortisol levels, so finding ways to manage stress is crucial for both physical and mental health. For an even more effective stress management regimen, combine full body vibration machine benefits with using a luxury 4D massage chair as full body massage reduces stress effectively, as well. The wealth of massage chair benefits for athletes make combining the use of these two tools an ideal way for anyone to take care of their body before and after physical activity.

Vibration Therapy for Back Pain

Vibration machine benefits may also include pain management. If you consider massage chair benefits for health (and especially heated massage chair benefits for back pain) then it should come as no surprise that a vibration plate may help alleviate back pain, as well.

Because constant vibration can actually be a common cause of back pain, it’s important that you approach vibration therapy for back pain carefully. As always, consult your doctor before beginning using a full body vibration machine for back pain to ensure it's safe to do so. Once given the go ahead, start your vibration therapy for back pain on a low setting. If this feels good you may increase it as needed. The vibration machine benefits back pain as it helps loosen tight muscles that may be causing the discomfort.

Using a Vibrator Machine for Weight Loss

Last up in our exploration of full body vibration machine benefits is using a vibrator machine for weight loss. One study showed participants combining a full body vibration machine with a healthy diet experienced the best weight loss results. Furthermore, the workout sessions using full body vibration machines were significantly shorter than the group using traditional workout methods. Shorter workouts and better results? Yes, please!

While this may sound strange, it’s really quite logical. Combining a healthy diet with enhanced vibration machine benefits is like kicking your diet and exercise routine into high gear!

We hope this exploration of full body vibration machines has shed some light on vibration machine benefits you’re missing out on. From enhanced workout results to pain management and better weight loss, choosing a vibration machine to supplement your exercise is a choice you won’t regret! Give it a shot and experience it for yourself. As always, before beginning any workout routine or lifestyle changes, consult with your primary care physician to ensure it’s safe for you to do.

Curious about more ways to take care of your body? Take your full body vibration machine and luxury massage chair and learn how to create a spa at home for luxurious self care!

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