Benefits of Using a Massage Chair vs. Human Massage
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Benefits of Using a Massage Chair vs. Human Massage

Apr 13, 2021

Getting regular massages is a great way to take care of your mind and body. Do you find, however, that you just don’t have the time with your busy schedule to go to a massage therapist? This is why having a massage chair at home is the perfect solution! Today we’re talking about some of the benefits of using a massage chair vs human massage.

Using a Massage Chair vs Human Massage Sessions

Studies have shown there are many potential benefits of massage that make them indispensable to maintaining your overall health. But what if you don’t have time to go to a massage therapist on a regular basis? Having a massage chair offers convenience and brings the benefits of massage right to the comfort of your own home!

When you’re learning how to choose a massage chair you’ll find they’ve evolved over the years to offer incredible features and increase their effectiveness. These days, 3D massage chairs and 4D massage chairs can even mimic the movements of human massage therapists! Let’s take a closer look at some of these benefits of using a massage chair vs human massage:

  • Regular sessions to experience the optimal health benefits of massage
  • Finite cost of massage chairs vs human massage sessions
  • Consistent massage pressure every session
  • Customizable massage programs to get exactly what you want and need
  • Bonus features like heat therapy and zero gravity massage chairs

Unlimited Use of a Massage Chair vs Human Massage Frequency

One of the most obvious benefits of using a massage chair vs human massage is the convenience. These days you’re busy with work, friends, family, getting to the gym, and so on. We get it! This makes scheduling massage appointments with a massage therapist difficult and adds yet another item to try and work into your already filled days.

When you’ve got a massage chair, you have access to your “massage therapist” whenever you want! Your appointment time is whenever you sit down. This also helps you integrate the benefits of a massage chair for health into your daily routine. Whether it’s part of your morning routine before taking on the day or a night time routine to wind down before bed, you’ll love the flexibility your massage chair gives you.

Cost of Massage Chairs vs Human Massage Appointments

When you think about the benefits of using a massage chair vs human massage, don’t forget the financial benefits, as well. It really comes down to simple math. When you go to a massage therapist on a regular basis you may be spending upwards of a couple hundred dollars each month for massage and only getting one or two massage sessions.

On the other hand, using a massage chair vs human massage lets you experience the benefits of massage as often as you like and the only price is the massage chair cost. Yes, the cost of a massage chair is more up front, that’s true. Over a short period of time, however, your investment pays for itself. The best massage chairs will last for a long time, protecting your investment and making it worth every cent.

Consistent Massage Pressure of Massage Chairs vs Human Massage

Another of the benefits of using a massage chair vs human massage is consistency. If you’re going to a massage studio, you may have a different massage therapist each time, resulting in an inconsistent experience. This could be especially noticeable if you’re unfortunate enough to get a less experienced massage therapist who struggles to adapt to your body and needs. Even if you see the same massage therapist each time, the nature of human massage is that it will be slightly different each session.

Using a massage chair vs human massage, however, gives you a fully consistent experience every time you choose the same program. Want a shiatsu massage chair that day? You’ve got it! Looking for a Swedish massage experience? It’s ready at the click of a button. Given your massage rollers are on a track and part of a program, you can expect to receive the exact same experience each time you choose the same massage program options.

Custom Massage Programs Using a Massage Chair vs Human Massage

The best massage chairs take the benefits of using a massage chair vs human massage a step further than just being consistent and offer body scanning technology and custom massage programs, too. Body scanning massage chairs analyze your body in real time and adapt to focus on where you need the most attention.

Custom massage programs let you choose the specifics of your massage such as area of focus and intensity. If you’ve got a 4D massage chair, you can also adjust the speed and rhythm of your massage rollers to mimic the movements of a human massage therapist even better! Massage chairs with custom massage programming are also ideal for those sharing a massage chair as it allows you to get back to your settings at the touch of a button.

Bonus Features of Massage Chairs vs Human Massage

When it comes to using a massage chair vs human massage, there are some things human massage simply cannot provide that the best massage chairs can. For example, the benefits of heated massage chairs enhance the massage experience and boost your overall health even more.

Another massage chair feature you may find that human massage simply cannot mimic is zero gravity positioning. These zero gravity massage chairs recline into the zero gravity position which helps alleviate pressure on the back and pelvic regions, further improve blood circulation, and offers a host of other health benefits.

Whether it’s time, money, or overall experience there are many benefits of using a massage chair vs human massage. Choose a massage chair that fits your lifestyle and take advantage of these incredible self care tools whenever you want! You’ll notice the difference right away and wonder how you ever lived without one.

Do you have an active lifestyle? Check out how a massage chair can help keep you body in top shape with our guide to massage chair benefits for athletes!

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