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Guide: Deep Tissue vs Sports Massage

Mar 30, 2023

Massage uses touch to manipulate the muscles of the body, aiding in relaxation and recovery. While there are many different types of massage, some of the most popular are deep tissue massage and sports massage.

What’s the difference between deep tissue vs sports massage? How does each impact your body and what are they used for? We’re answering these questions and more as we discuss these two massage styles.

Deep Tissue vs Sports Massage: What’s the Difference?

Not all massages are the same. In fact, different types of massage are beneficial for a variety of different results ranging from relaxing and unwinding to therapeutic recovery from injury. Two of the most common massage styles people choose from are deep tissue vs sports massage. While they share some similarities, understanding their differences will help you determine which is best for you.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage combines relaxing, therapeutic movements similar to Swedish massage techniques with deep strokes to target layers of muscle and surrounding connective tissue that lighter massage styles don't reach. Unlike massage styles aimed solely at relaxation, deep tissue massage benefits are meant to also help loosen muscle tension to treat pain and stiffness.

A full body massage style, deep tissue massage focuses on stimulating blood circulation throughout the body and working out knots impeding movement or causing discomfort. It’s often recommended for those experiencing fatigue and soreness. It can also be used to break up scar tissue to improve overall mobility and flexibility.

Sports Massage

Comparing sports massage vs deep tissue, a major difference is how sports massage works the body. Instead of being a general approach to full body massage, sports massage is often a targeted massage style focused on recovery and healing. It’s often used on athletes to treat minor injuries or chronic conditions due to muscle exertion.

Sports massage may differ based on the type of sports injury sustained. Sometimes deep tissue movements may be used while other times soft tissue strokes are best. Not relegated to athletes post-injury only, sports massage is also used as a preventative massage style to help avoid potential injury when active individuals are consistently pushing their muscles through exercise or other physical activities.

Techniques of Deep Tissue vs Sports Massage

When getting a deep tissue vs sports massage, you’ll also notice a difference in the types of movements, strokes, and massage techniques involved. While there are some overlaps in techniques like using effleurage, kneading, tapping and more, each technique utilized massage motions in a unique way to achieve their results.

Deep Tissue Massage Movements

To assist in working out sore muscles, manipulating connective tissue (called fascia), and breaking down scar tissue, deep tissue massage movements use deep movements followed by long therapeutic strokes. Traditional massage therapists may use their fingers, thumbs, knuckles, elbows, and full arm strength in order to reach deeper levels of muscle and work out tension.

The long, deep strokes with this manual pressure are what manipulate the muscle groups and break down scar tissue for better mobility, flexibility, and healing. Experiencing slight body aches after massage isn’t uncommon, but shouldn’t be painful.

Sports Massage Movements

Instead of the longer strokes shared between deep tissue massage and Swedish massage styles, you’ll find a larger focus on targeted muscle manipulation and blood circulation for healing in sports vs deep tissue massage. In addition to motions such as kneading movements for better circulation and friction movements for warming up or loosening muscles, sports massage may also include a variety of assisted stretches.

For athletes using massage chairs at home instead of traditional massage therapist appointments, sports massage programs may stretch the body using air pressure massage to manipulate the muscles and improve flexibility.

Sports Massage vs Deep Tissue: Which Is Right for You?

Whether you’re going to a massage therapist or experiencing the benefits of massage therapy at home, which is the right style for you between sports vs deep tissue massage?

If you’re feeling tightness in your muscles similar to stiffness from sitting too long, then chances are you’ll want a deep tissue vs sports massage. A deep tissue massage will work through that soreness and have you back to feeling more loose and flexible. It’s meant to help your body heal and may even boost your energy afterward.

Athletes looking to prevent or treat sports injuries may opt for sports vs deep tissue massage, instead. The targeted rehabilitative movements of sports massage improve mobility and flexibility, making it ideal for any post-workout routine or sports injury recovery period.

Ways to Get a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage

Whether you’re an athlete, an active individual, or lead a more sedentary lifestyle, getting a massage regularly can provide a plethora of benefits to your overall health and wellness. It’s a self-care routine to help keep your body in optimal shape and ready to take on each day.

For some, this means making regular appointments with a massage therapist. Unfortunately, busy schedules can make this challenging to keep up, and the ongoing expenses add up over time to astronomical levels. Conversely, many people have turned to the benefits of owning a massage chair, instead.

With a luxury massage chair at home, you can choose from a variety of different types of massage programs to fit your needs at any given time. These chairs offer choices such as:

  • Sports massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Thai massage
  • Swedish massage

The evolution of massage chairs has eliminated many of the core differences between using a massage chair vs human massage, as well. In fact, there are even AI massage chairs that use two types of body scanning to determine what your body needs and deliver a massage tailored to you each time.

Extra massage chair features like heat therapy, chromotherapy, and zero gravity reclining capabilities enhance the experience further, giving you a way to thoroughly take care of your body on your schedule, whenever you need.

Deep tissue vs sports massage share some of the same techniques but their application and uses define their individual benefits. Deep tissue massage is a more intense form of therapeutic massage whereas a sports massage is often focused on recovery and rehabilitation. If you have a massage chair at home, you can choose whichever you need at the touch of a button at any time to stay in optimal condition.

Want to integrate a massage chair into your routine? Compare different massage chairs and see which one is right for your needs.
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