How to Massage Feet for Better Sleep
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How to Massage Feet for Better Sleep

Jun 30, 2022

We need sleep to function and maintain both our physical and mental health. Sleep regulates mood, affects memory, promotes your immune system, boosts energy levels, and so much more. Even one night’s bad sleep can have a direct impact on how we feel the next day. So what can be done?

Today, we’re taking a look at how to massage feet for better sleep. Foot reflexology massage can be a potentially effective method for helping your body relax, getting to sleep faster, and staying asleep to wake up feeling rested.


If you’ve ever experienced a massage before, then you know there are many different types of massage techniques that each have targeted benefits. The benefits of massage therapy at home are particularly useful when it comes to things like how to massage feet for better sleep because you can practice it on a regular basis without having to try and fit in expensive massage therapist appointments.

Learning how to massage feet for better sleep can help you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep, letting you awaken rested and ready to take on each day. Beyond simply feeling more rested, the positive impact of foot and leg massages for circulation and other body processes can help boost your overall health and help you recover faster from sports injuries or physical activities.

The process for how to massage feet for better sleep is called foot reflexology. This ancient practice refers to stimulating different points on the feet in order to subtly affect various systems of the body. Not a new age practice, the positive effects of how to massage feet for better sleep with reflexology techniques has been backed by scientific studies.

Steps of Foot Reflexology Massage

Foot reflexology techniques to help improve sleep quality and fight insomnia naturally follow a few simple steps. These steps are:

  1. Start by relaxing your feet, one at a time, and gently rubbing and massaging up and down. (You can also incorporate light tapping massage techniques at this portion of the massage.)
  2. End on each foot by squeezing the solar plexus ( upper middle portion) between your thumb and index finger for 5-10 seconds.
  3. Beginning at the bottom of each foot, gently “walk” your thumb upwards toward the top of each toe, doing each one at a time.
  4. At each toe, press the reflex points on the tip, sides, and center using the top and sides of your thumb and index finger. (The pineal gland reflex point on the outside of the largest toe is most responsible for your sleep cycle.)
  5. Repeat step one with gentle rubbing motions, once again.
  6. Finish by lightly running your fingertips up and down your feet while barely touching the skin.

This technique helps soothe nerves, calm the mind, and put you into a mental state aimed at helping improve sleep.


While learning how to massage feet for better sleep manually can be helpful, there are a variety of foot massage tools that can be much more effective. Not only do they provide a better overall massage delivery, but using foot massage tools like a luxury massage chair allow you to sit back and more deeply relax while it does all the work for you!

Of the many benefits of owning a massage chair at home, its penchant for how to massage feet for better sleep is one of our favorites. Soothing acupressure foot rollers provide kneading to all the right places, releasing tension and renewing your soles. Full coverage of the foot is achieved with multiple spinning roller tracks and often aided by other massage chair features like air compression. Combining a massage chair with foot rollers alongside other full body massage chair features means you’re not just experiencing foot reflexology massage, but being lulled into a restful state all over!

Advanced massage chairs with foot massage programs aren’t the only tools available for how to massage feet for better sleep. You may also consider tools like a foot and calf massager. These tools are smaller, making them a little more size friendly for those not looking for an entire massage chair in their home. Electric foot and calf massagers transform from a modern ottoman into a full Shiatsu foot massager anytime you need it.

Top-of-the-line foot massagers combine a Shiatsu roller massager with specialized heated air compression to provide you with a renewing foot and calf massage. Air compression and the benefits of heat therapy also work to relax you more deeply as you prepare for bed each evening.

Learning how to massage feet for better sleep can be the key to waking up feeling well-rested as well as boosting your overall health. While the techniques for how to massage feet for better sleep are pretty straightforward, using foot massage tools (like choosing a massage chair or electric foot and calf massager) let you sit back and relax without lifting a finger. Try these tools out and see the immense difference a foot massage can make as part of your nighttime routine!

The benefits of owning a massage chair far exceed just foot massages. Advancements today have eliminated the difference between using a massage chair vs human massage! Learn more about these tools and how they could enhance your lifestyle with these resources:

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