We’re proud to announce the new release of our Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair. This is the most advanced massage chair in the world and gives users the best in massage technology and user control.

Researched and Designed in California

Researched and Designed in Los Angeles California, our Ogawa Smart 3D is the pinnacle of in home health equipment. The Smart 3D has taken years of research and careful attention to detail to create a massage experience like no other. We go over the features below to help customers learn more about what makes this the most advanced massage chair in the world.

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Ogawa App & Samsung Tablet

The Ogawa Smart 3D comes with a Samsung tablet that is preloaded with the Ogawa App. The Ogawa App will give users a unique experience allowing them to have unlimited control over their chair. With the clear display and easy to navigate controls a user can quickly find and change what type of Massage they want. The Samsung tablet is also wifi enabled and can be used as a personal computer. Having the backlit touchscreen remote is a groundbreaking achievement in the massage chair industry and controlling your massage experience has never been easier.

3D Massage Technology

The Ogawa Smart 3D has a fully customizable massage roller. Designed after the Japanese style two head roller system, the smart 3D can adjust in real-time giving the user a true to life massage experience. You can choose from Deep tissue massage, down to strong and firm intensity, all the way down to a light relaxing and gentle intensity that even grandma will love. A user can adjust the roller in any program, or during any manual massage modes. The 3D roller has six levels of intensity that can be adjusted through the touch screen remote.

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64 Massage Airbags

The 64 airbag system is designed with patented SmartSense technology. The SmartSense airbags are designed to move and adjust the body in different massage and stretching techniques. They also read the body and help provide the best compression for each user without additional adjustments. The importance of the airbag massage is that it aids in circulation and relieving muscle soreness by compressing different muscle groups. It also helps the chair perform complex stretches like by holding the body in specific positions. You can also customize the airbag intensity with 5 different strength settings. Unlike other chairs the airbags are whisper quiet, and the lowest noise level of any chair. To help accommodate different sized users the shoulder airbags can adjust to different shoulder widths and heights. A great feature of the airbags is the ability to control the intensity of individual areas. For instance you can turn up the shoulder airbags while turning down the ottoman airbags. This ability is something very unique to Ogawa and can be found in only the highest quality Japanese style massage chairs.

Quick Touch Controls

To enhance the experience Ogawa added quick touch controls to the armrest. These are great for people who want to have a more casual experience with their chair. You can turn the chair on, use a Quick Massage program, go into a Zero Gravity Recline, or charge your tablet or smartphone. These quick touch controls become increasingly convenient when you move into different recline positions.

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17 Programs

The Ogawa Smart 3D has no limits to the customization of the massage. With all of this customization it’s also great to have the ease of use of choosing a pre-programmed massage. With 17 Programs, there are more than enough styles and experiences to delight any user. These programs were designed after massage methods found all over the world and offer relief in certain areas of the body or for certain times of the day. Users can travel the world and history of massage with just the touch of a button.

Unlimited Profiles

The Ogawa Smart 3D allows each user to create a customized profile. When you create a profile the chair will guide you through 8 different questions. This allows people to have a massage designed based on their own soreness, pain areas, height, weight, and gender. Nothing like this has ever been done in a massage chair.

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12 Massage Methods

Borrowing ancient methods from across the globe, the Smart 3D has included 12 different massage methods to choose from. These range from traditional methods like Kneading or Shiatsu, to more new age and region specific like Balinese and Tapotement. Each brings a unique style and movement perfect for people who want to find the perfect massage.

Entertainment system

Most users will drift off into soothing serenity and relax with their eyes closed during a massage. For those that want to invigorate their body and their mind, they can enhance the relaxation experience with built in speakers and the Samsung Tablet. With the BlueTooth enabled speakers you can listen to the subtle sounds of raindrops, or get energized with your favorite tunes. You can also catch up on movies and television by downloading your favorite Apps like Netflix or Hulu through the Google Play store.

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Heat, Vibration, and Chromotherapy

To help relieve sore muscles and provide a more effective massage there is Heat located in the Lumbar Area. You can also stimulate muscles and blood flow with Vibration located in the seat. With Chromotherapy you can engage your visual sense by setting the mood, becoming more relaxed, or promoting energy.

Self Diagnostic System

The Smart 3D comes with a Self-Diagnostic system. This function analyzes the health of the chair and gives you a report if there is anything wrong. This information is sent directly to Ogawa Technical Support which helps streamline the support process, while providing you the information you need to receive support.

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Learn More

As one of the largest manufacturers of massage chairs in the world we pride on ourselves on researching and producing products that users love. The Ogawa Smart 3D does just that by bringing a one of a kind and experience that no other massage chair can provide. Over the last 20 years Ogawa has developed some of the most innovative health and wellness products and the Smart 3D is the crown of their achievements. We look forward to alleviating our customers pain while giving them ultimate control with the Worlds Most Advanced massage chair.

We invite shoppers to call us at 844-438-6429 or by emailing support@ogawaworldusa.com with any questions you may have.