How to Choose a Whole Body Vibration Machine
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How to Choose a Whole Body Vibration Machine

Aug 03, 2021

If you lead an active lifestyle then no doubt you’re interested in ways to supplement your daily fitness routine and make it more effective. Knowing how to choose a whole body vibration machine may help do just that! Whole body vibration machines come in a variety of options with different features, pros, and cons. How do you know which to choose?

As always, we’re here to help you make an informed choice. Keep reading to learn how to choose a whole body vibration machine and what to look for to fit your needs. Let’s go!

Learning How to Choose a Whole Body Vibration Machine That’s Right For You

Maybe you’ve read about vibration machine benefits you’re missing out on and realized you needed one! The most important thing to know here is that not all whole body vibration machines are created equally. As with luxury massage chairs, workout machines, or any number of other health and fitness tools, there are different models and options for different needs. So how do you know which is best? That’s where we come in!

When you’re learning how to choose a whole body vibration machine, it’s important to consider these factors:

  • Type of vibration your machine provides
  • Vibration intensity
  • Vibration machine programs and features
  • Size of the whole body vibration machine platform
  • Power and weight capacity
  • Effectiveness of vibration machine design

Choosing Between Types of Vibration Machines

The most critical factor to consider when learning how to choose a whole body vibration machine is what types of vibration it provides. There are 5 major types of whole body vibration machines you can choose from:

  • Pivotal vibration
  • Triplanar vibration
  • Linear vibration
  • Dual vibration
  • Sonic vibration

Each of these types of whole body vibration machines offers their own set of benefits while some have a few notable drawbacks, as well.

Pivotal Vibration Machines

Sometimes also called oscillation machines, pivotal vibration machines tend to have the highest amplitude of all five types. When in use, the vibration machine platform shifts side to side similar to a seesaw and is meant to simulate a motion of running. These can be beneficial for blood flow and increased muscle stimulation.

Triplanar Vibration Machines

You may also come across options for triplanar vibration when learning how to choose a whole body vibration machine. As the name suggests, triplanar vibration machines function in three planes, using different motors to move up and down or forward and backward. These machines are often considered the most high-intensity vibration machine platforms.

Linear Vibration Machines

If you’re learning how to choose a whole body vibration machine to improve circulation and muscle relaxation, you might consider a linear vibration machine. These machines operate in a linear up and down motion and may be slightly easier to stand on at high frequencies than other vibration machine types. They have the lowest vibration design, however, making them a bad choice for those wanting to supplement weight loss or strength training.

Dual Vibration Machines

Dual vibration machines are a bit of a hybrid option you may come across as you learn how to choose a whole body vibration machine. They’re a kind of mix between pivotal and linear vibration models. This allows you to set the mode you want or even operate using both for a more powerful vibration machine experience.

Sonic Vibration Machines

The cream of the crop for vibration machines is the sonic vibration machine. Sonic vibration machines are designed to give you a therapeutic experience that may boost weight training, strength training, and weight loss goals.

The best sonic whole body vibration machines generate vibrations from a speaker system with magnetic circuits, opposed to the traditional rotating mechanical motors. This technology stimulates muscle fibers (myocytes) stronger than gravity and exercises muscle fibers to repeat fast and strong contraction and relaxation. Using sonic whole body vibration machines, muscle strength is improved faster than usual muscle training methods.

Considering Whole Body Vibration Machine Intensity

When learning how to choose a whole body vibration machine, you need to make sure you’re considering the vibration intensity each provides. Simply put, the speed at which the vibration plate moves is directly proportional to the potential results you’ll experience. Vibration machine intensity is measured in Hertz (Hz), which is the number of oscillations per second.

Each type of vibration machine offers different intensity ranges. Pivotal and Triplanar whole body vibration machines tend to offer frequencies ranging between 30Hz and 50Hz, depending on which type you choose, while linear vibration plates hover around 15Hz frequencies.

Once again, sonic vibration machines offer the best options here as they most often allow for the largest vibration frequency range from a very low setting up to even 60Hz. Having different vibration machine programs available makes sonic vibration machines the most adaptable of the options available.

Choosing Whole Body Vibration Machine Programs and Features

Speaking of vibration programs and features, these are next up on our list of what to consider when learning how to choose a whole body vibration machine. While every model will have its own pros and cons, it’s important to know what you want to use your vibration machine for and if it offers features that will meet your needs.

For example, sonic whole body vibration machines with different automatic programs may help maximize the exercise effect for each specific body region. Manual programs allow you to personalize your experience to fit your exact preferences and the best vibration machines may even have memory features to save those for future use.

Sizes of Whole Body Vibration Machine Platforms

When you’re learning how to choose a whole body vibration machine you’ll see that different models may have different size platforms. The easiest way to consider this is that the larger the platform, the more versatile your vibration machine will be. Small vibration platforms allow for fewer uses such as vibration machine exercises.

You’ll find that whole body vibration machines with larger platforms offer more therapeutic benefits, as well. This means you’re more likely to find larger platforms for sonic vibration machines as opposed to linear vibration machines. Think about your needs, what you want to achieve, and how you want to use your whole body vibration machine before making a decision.

Power and Weight Capacity of Whole Body Vibration Machines

You don’t want to pick an underpowered vibration machine that can’t live up to your needs, do you? The power of your whole body vibration machine depends on the motor. Make sure you’re choosing a model that can accommodate your needs in order to see potential results more effectively.

As some users may consider buying a vibration machine for weight loss supplementation, be sure you check the weight capacity of a machine before purchase. This will also affect the ability of the motor to do its job, as vibration machines with lower weight capacity than needed won’t work as well.

Extra Considerations for Whole Body Vibration Machine Designs

Last up on our list of items to consider when learning how to choose a whole body vibration machine may not seem like the most critically important at first, but can make a difference in your overall experience. That’s the design of your vibration machine. Do you want to use your phone to play music while you’re using your machine? What about having a vibration machine display screen for simple and easy use? Consider the design of your vibration machine before you purchase so that you can get the most out of your investment.

We hope our guide for how to choose a whole body vibration machine has given you a much better insight into these incredible tools. They may help with a variety of goals from weight loss to strength training supplementation. Choose a whole body vibration machine that meets your needs and preferences and you’ll find it’s easy (and fun) to integrate into your fitness routine.

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