How a Neck Massage Benefits Your Everyday Life
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How a Neck Massage Benefits Your Everyday Life

Jul 29, 2021

Muscle pain in the neck and shoulders is a common ailment that continues to grow in numbers as we spend more time looking at our computers, phones, and other screen devices. It’s estimated that up to 70% of all people will experience disruptive neck and back pain at some point in their lives. Leaving these pains untreated can lead to chronic pain and potentially permanent damage.

To help alleviate these pains and get you back on top of your game, we’re looking at how a neck massage benefits your everyday life!

Neck Massage Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss

Whether it’s because you’re subconsciously slouching at work or in your home office setup, need to improve sleep posture, or perhaps need to recover from a sports injury, the benefits of a neck massage may help! More than just being relaxing, regular neck massages can help boost your mental and physical health.

For those on the go, regular massage therapist appointments may be difficult to work into a schedule. For this reason, one of the greatest benefits of owning a massage chair is being able to experience a massage any time you like from the convenience (and privacy) of home. The evolution of massage chairs from their more simple past to today gives you access to 3D massage chair options and even 4D massage chairs that allow you to adjust massage roller speed and rhythm to fit your needs. These changes have eliminated the difference between using a massage chair vs human massage!

To feel great and practice self-care you should be thinking about the benefits of a neck massage then, right? Some neck massage benefits you may experience include:

  • Relief from muscle pain and soreness
  • Migraine pain relief or prevention
  • Helping improve your posture
  • Building a stronger immune system
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving sleep quality

Neck Muscle Massage to Relieve Pain and Soreness

Probably one of the first things you think of when it comes to neck massage benefits is relieving a stiff neck or sore muscles. The more time we spend hunching over computers, looking down at our phones (sometimes called “text neck”), or simply having poor posture, we’re putting ourselves at risk for neck pain.

Getting a neck massage can help prevent painful muscle spasms while keeping neck muscles loose. They’re also potentially beneficial for reducing swelling and inflammation. More than just the physical side, helping with all these physical ailments may also boost your mental health as it assists in reducing pain-related stress.

Neck muscle massage may also be one of the prime massage chair benefits for athletes. Whether it’s part of your post workout recovery routine or you’re using a massage chair as part of how to recover from sports injuries, taking care of your neck is critical to your overall well being.

Neck Massage for Migraine Pain

Having neck pain or shoulder pain (which is a common cause of neck pain) is rough, but what about when you’re also dealing with migraines? Migraines are a type of headache that is typically very intense and may include different symptoms such as nausea and high sensitivity to light. Learning how to prevent migraines or treat them when they occur may be less complicated than you think! Studies have shown that neck massage may drastically reduce levels of migraine headache pain.

Experiencing neck massage benefits at least once a week may reduce migraine frequency as well as improve sleep quality and stress management. It helps reduce tension in the neck, jaw, and even shoulders while also helping you achieve a higher level of cerebral blood flow.

Benefits of a Neck Massage for Posture

Bad posture is something many of us are guilty of without even realizing it. Did you know that there may even be posture benefits of a neck massage that could help? A neck massage benefits posture as the muscles realign to their natural position more easily. This realignment allows you to practice good posture without the painful remnants of your poor posture days!

Another of the benefits of a neck massage that helps with posture is similar to that which helps with migraines: tension reduction. As muscles are less tense and blood flows more easily, your pain from poor posture may reduce or go away so that you can get back to practicing good posture. It may take concentrated effort at first to remember but eventually good posture will become second nature.

Pro Tip: For those at work or with a home office, having an ergonomic workspace can be a major factor in maintaining good posture.

Benefits of a Neck Massage and the Immune System

It may surprise you to learn that neck massage benefits may be helpful additions for how to build a strong immune system, as well. As massage chair rollers start at the neck and shoulders area, The health benefits of massage chairs begin at the neck and shoulders area as massage rollers work their way down your back.

The benefits of a neck massage may help boost your immune system by flushing toxins from your system and reduce stress. Studies have even shown that one or two massages a week helps increase white blood cells and lymphocytes in your body. These are vital for fighting off infections, illnesses, and diseases.

Stress Relief Neck Massages

As we mentioned above, a neck massage benefits your everyday life by potentially reducing stress or building stress management techniques. You may have only thought of how full body massages reduce stress but a neck massage can be effective, too! We hold so much tension in our neck and shoulders.

While we can’t avoid every single one of our daily stresses, having techniques available to us such as the benefits of a neck massage or the relaxing health benefits of massage chairs can make a great deal of difference. Learning to manage stress is good for both your mental and physical health.

Benefits of Neck Massage for Sleep

Last, but not least, in our exploration of neck massage benefits is how they may help improve sleep quality. In addition to better posture while sleeping that may come as part of your neck massage benefits, regular massages may also help deepen your relaxation and help your mind unwind.

When we sleep, the body heals itself faster since it’s able to focus on healing tissue, relaxing, and recharging for the day ahead. If you want to really take your neck massage to the next level for better sleep quality, consider using massage chair features like heat therapy for deep relaxation and enhanced healing. The benefits of a neck massage combined with heat therapy and other features may also help reduce muscle spasms or involuntary contractions that may disrupt sleep or cause you to wake up feeling stiff and sore.

We hope the information we gave you today helped you learn more about how a neck massage benefits your everyday life. Did you know them all or did some surprise you? What’s important is to realize how important self care is to your physical and mental well being. So get that neck massage to improve your posture, experience sore muscle relief, or possibly avoid migraine pain.

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