How To Choose a Massage Chair That's Right For You
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How To Choose a Massage Chair That's Right For You

Mar 04, 2021

Learning how to choose a massage chair that’s right for you means exploring all they have to offer. From 3D and 4D massage technology to an integrated remote control app for controlling your chair and beyond, we’re giving you our guide to choosing a massage chair to suit your needs. 

Different Types of a Massage in Luxury Massage Chairs

First up in our guide for how to choose a massage chair that’s right for you is learning the different types of massage available. As we said, not all massage chairs are created equally. For a true luxury massage chair experience, look for models that offer a variety of options.

Some of the most common types of massage offered by luxury massage chairs are:

  • 3D and 4D roller massage to emulate the real motion of a massage therapist better than basic models
  • Air massage for areas massage rollers can’t reach (such as hands and outer shoulders)
  • Vibration massage to stimulate areas of your body and improve circulation
  • Deep tissue massage to help heal muscle strain and sports injuries
  • Roller glute massage to ease pressure on the lower back, legs, and spine

When you’re learning how to choose a massage chair that’s right for you, take into account your lifestyle and what you need. For example, if you’re physically active or an athlete, you may want to make sure you choose a luxury massage chair with deep tissue massage options. The best massage chairs will provide a combination of some or all of the massage types that made our list.

How to Choose a Massage Chair Track

When you’re looking for how to buy the best massage chair you’ll start seeing different massage chair tracks listed. So what is a massage chair track? The simple explanation is they’re the tracks your massage chair rollers move along to provide massage features along your body.

The three types of massage chair tracks are:

  • Straight track, the most basic of tracks for massage chair rollers
  • S-track, a step up from the straight track
  • L-track, the best massage chair track available

Straight Track Massage Chairs

Found only in the most basic and lower-end massage chair models, a straight track is linear and the least effective of the roller tracks available. The issue with straight track massage chairs is the rollers tend to lose contact or pressure with your body as they move along the track itself. These are typically only found in recreational massage chairs and not ideal for those looking for a luxury massage chair experience to supplement their lifestyle.

S-Track Massage Chairs

The S-track massage chair aims to fix the issues of the straight track by replicating the natural S-shaped curvature of the spine. This curvature allows the massage rollers to stay in constant contact with your body as you relax in your massage chair. This type of massage chair track typically extends from the neck down to the tailbone area.

L-Track Massage Chairs

An L-track massage chair takes your experience up another notch and extends the rollers into a “L” shape to continue to the seat of your chair. This gives you a truly luxury massage chair experience. L-track massage chairs are able to provide massage beyond just your entire back to treat the glutes and hamstrings, as well. 

L-track massage chairs are also ideal for those suffering from sciatic nerve pain. The enhanced nature of the L-track massage chair makes it our top pick when learning how to choose a massage chair that’s right for you.

Massage Chair Positions

Choosing the best massage chair for you isn’t just about how the massage rollers interact with your body or the types of massage options offered. Another factor to consider when learning how to choose a massage chair that’s right for you is the reclining position it offers.

Fixed Position Massage Chairs

Fixed position massage chairs are exactly what they sound like. They don’t recline and instead perform the entire massage function while sitting upright. While they don’t recliner into a laid back position, you may be able to find some fixed position massage chairs with retractable footrests. These types of massage chairs are the lowest end models and likely come with more limited features, as well.

Reclining Massage Chairs

As the name suggests, reclining massage chairs...recline. This is sometimes a bit more than a simple leaning back, however, and may be more horizontal. The further back you recliner, the more intense the massage. 

The primary issue with traditional reclining massage chairs is they may be adding additional pressure to your lower back and pelvic region while you’re trying specifically to keep your body loose. In a way, unless you recline as far back as possible, you may actually be working against the intended health benefits of massage chairs.

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Providing a truly luxury experience, zero gravity massage chairs are the best of the best. The zero gravity position elevates your legs above your heart level, evenly distributing your weight along the body and reducing pressure on your back and pelvic region.

In the zero gravity position, the effectiveness of your massage chair is greatly enhanced and better increases blood circulation, reduces pressure on the heart, and positively affects several other body systems. The zero gravity position is also effective for speeding up bodily healing, ideal for physically active people and those with busy lifestyles. 

Additional Luxury Massage Chair Options

No doubt you’re looking at how to choose a massage chair that’s right for you because you want the best. Beyond the 3D and 4D massage options, L-track design, and zero gravity position, true luxury massage chairs also have a variety of other options. Some of the options you should look for to have a truly luxury massage chair experience include:

  • Body scan technology for adaptable massage functions
  • A high-tech remote with integrated app to control your massage chair
  • Calf and knee heat features
  • Custom massage options for a tailored experience
  • Chromotherapy for additional health benefits such as pain relief and decreased inflammation
  • Compression therapy options with massage chair airbags

The best massage chairs that provide a truly luxury experience will have some combination of these options and possibly even more. Look at which massage chair models you’re considering and see which options will fit your lifestyle and give you results you need.

Learning how to choose a massage chair that’s right for you is all about assessing your lifestyle and finding a model that will give you what you need. For a truly luxury experience, choose a massage chair that has 3D or 4D roller massage options, a variety of massage techniques, high tech features, and the right reclining position to take advantage of the health benefits. You may never want to leave your massage chair again!

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