Ogawa Master Drive AI - New Release for 2020
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Ogawa Master Drive AI - New Release for 2020

Aug 07, 2019


Ogawa invests over 30 million in new Master Drive AI
The New Ogawa Master Drive AI is proof that Ogawa is dedicated to being the worldwide leader in massage chair technology. Not since the release of the Ogawa Smart 3D, has a chair this advanced been available for purchase.

The Ogawa R&D team, which is made up of engineers, doctors, and massage therapists, had one goal – How can we make the best massage chair? We want it to offer better technology, a more lifelike massage experience, and a better way to experience a massage chair. Since Ogawa is the only company to take the R&D process so seriously, substantial investment was made every year to pursue this ambitious goal. Simply put Ogawa invested 30+ million dollars to bring the Master Drive AI to life.

Now with the release of the new Master Drive AI chair, we’re able to help introduce people to some of the key features. This includes the 4D Thermal L-track massage roller, the Chair Doctor Health Tracker with Biometric Screening, the High Performance Brushless motor, the Samsung Tablet remote with the Ogawa App, the Amazon Alexa Voice Controls, the 23 Automatic Programs with 500 custom personalization’s, and the User Memory Setting. Now lets take a look at each one of these features so you can learn more about how they will benefit you during a massage.


One of the most innovative advancements in Ogawa massage chairs has been the 4D L-track massage roller. The Patented 4D L-track technology is a groundbreaking design and is one of a kind and a key feature of the Ogawa Master Drive AI. It is powered by an M.5 dual processing microchip that makes the massage smoother, more responsive, and higher quality. To help enhanne the experience of the roller there is a heating element located in the back cushion to help warm up the muscles and make the massage more effective and therapeutic.

This massage robotic can not only cover the entire back as well as the glutes, but you can also adjust the strength from light to very deep. Ogawa has been able to combine the smoothness and effectiveness of a human massage, with the length and coverage of the whole massage chair.


Ogawa pioneered the Chair Doctor feature a few years ago and has perfected this feature in the Master Drive AI. The handheld sensor scans your body by using a BioMetric screening technology. This technology measures tension level, acupressure points, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and creates a unique program based on the reading. This information can then be tracked to measure your metrics over time, and is a very unique feature of the Master Drive AI.

This Health Tracker will give a user a glimpse into their daily tension levels. It will help them better understand how their body reacts to stress, as well as how it benefits from daily massage.


The Ogawa Master Drive AI is the only chair with a Brushless motor. This is an unsung hero and can be considered the heart in its importance in the chair. The Brushless motor is able to operate faster, with more accuracy, more efficiency, and with multidimensional coordination. This allows the massage techniques to be both flexible and smooth - like a real person. This type of motor is typically only used for large scale industries like aircraft, medical equipment, and electric vehicles.

This is the highest quality motor in any massage chair.


The remote control on the Master Drive AI is a Samsung tablet that is pre-loaded with the Ogawa App. This touch screen interface makes the chair easier than ever to use. You can easily navigate through the app, or find other apps to help entertain yourself during a massage. The Ogawa App is also updateable so you can download new features as they’re released.

There are also controls conveniently located on the armrest. They allow you to make adjustments to go into zero gravity, adjust the recline angle, adjust the 4D and depth of the massage, as well as turn the chair on and off.


To help make Master Drive AI one of the easiest massage chairs to use, Ogawa incorporated Amazons Alexa voice assistant. This gives a person more in-depth control over the chair and the ease of controlling the chair by speaking to the chair.

This is very helpful when quickly focusing on a specific pain area, or choosing a massage for a friend or a loved one.

Automatic Programs


One of the most exciting things about a massage chair is the type of automatic program, or pre-programmed massage the chair can offer. These allow a person to sit down and simply just relax or recover in the massage session of their choosing. The Master Drive AI has 23 massage programs to choose from. The intelligent R&D team worked very closely with medical and massage professionals to provide a very comprehensive selection of massage programs. These range from a gentle relax program to help start the day, to a recovery style massage for exercise recovery, as well as stretching, and spinal care programs to help rehabilitate chronic pains.

There are plenty of programs to choose from and offer a wide variety for any type of person. You also have 500 different ways you can customize your massage experience. This puts the Master Drive AI far ahead of any other chair that’s ever been invented.

Ogawa Master Drive Tablet


The Ogawa Master Drive AI allows you to save a custom program into the memory of the chair. With all the massage choices it is still common for someone to want to choose the best massage method for them. This is usually done to help alleviate pain or focus a massage in a very specific area. The Ogawa Master Drive AI allows you to save up to three custom programs so to your user profile.

With Ogawa’s dedication to technology and health, they have become the global leader in massage technology. The Ogawa Master Drive AI is in our opinion, the best massage chair ever made. We’re excited to launch this massage chair in the coming months. If you were getting a massage chair, what other features would you want to see? Please ask us questions in the comments section below.

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