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Why a Massage Chair Gift is Perfect - Not Massage Gift Cards

Dec 15, 2022

Thinking of the perfect gift for the ones on your list can be a challenge. You want to get them something they’ll appreciate, so what about a massage? Excellent! Now which do you choose, a massage chair or a gift card for the experience? The two sound similar at first, but we’re going to show you just how different they really are.

Read on, as we discuss why a massage chair gift for the home is perfect, and more meaningful than a massage gift cards.

Why a Massage Chair Gift Is Better Than Massage Gift Cards

Whether it's for the winter holidays, a birthday, or other special occasion, finding the perfect gift to show just how much you appreciate a friend, family member, or loved one presents you with seemingly endless options. The gift of massage is ideal for anyone because it provides a wide variety of mental and physical health benefits, plus it feels good!

Now you come to the decision, do you give a massage chair gift or a massage gift card? The ease of giving a gift card may sound appealing, but a massage chair is the better choice because:

  • People forget or lose massage gift cards
  • Massage chairs can be used more than once
  • Compound benefits of getting massages regularly
  • Massage chair gifts eliminate ongoing massage appointment costs
  • Gift cards mean scheduling massage appointments
  • Full body massage chair features enhance the experience

People May Forget or Lose Massage Gift Cards

One of the biggest reasons to give a massage chair as a gift instead of a gift card is that people often forget about or lose gift cards! Not only does this equal throwing money away, but it means the person on your list may not even get to use it.

Conversely, a massage chair gift is available all the time right in the comfort of their own home. They can use it at their leisure and don’t have to worry about keeping up with a gift card for a massage appointment elsewhere.

Massage Chairs Can Be Used More Than Once

Beyond the possibility of losing a gift card, a massage chair gift is also the gift that keeps on giving. Instead of a singular massage appointment, or even a package of appointments, the recipient can use their luxury massage chair over and over again.

The ability to use a massage chair repeatedly and whenever they want means they can enjoy a massage to unwind or any time they’re feeling aches or pains. It also lets them choose from a variety of different types of massage to fit their needs each use.

Compound Benefits of Getting Massages Regularly

Continuing on with why a massage chair as a gift is better than massage gift cards, let’s talk about the potentially-compounding benefits of getting massages regularly. Where one session can do wonders, being able to integrate a massage chair gift into a regular routine means keeping up those boosts and potentially even compounding them on one another.

Instead of working out tight muscles or providing a therapeutic massage one time, your friend, family member, or loved one may experience continued better blood circulation, faster bodily healing, stress relief, back pain relief, and much more. These enhancements will improve their overall health and wellness on an ongoing basis.

Costs of Getting Massages vs Getting a Massage Chair Gift

Giving a massage chair gift in lieu of a massage gift card continues to be the better option as it eliminates ongoing expenses for the recipient. While a gift card may cover one massage, or a small package of them, in order to maintain those benefits, your recipient has to take on the expense of additional massage appointments.

One of the benefits of owning a massage chair at home is that the cost of getting massages regularly is eliminated. This means massage chair gifts pay for themselves many times over as the recipient continues to enjoy theirs for a long time to come.

Massage Gift Cards Require Scheduling Appointments

Another downside of massage gift cards versus a massage chair gift is that appointments have to be scheduled. We’re all juggling hectic schedules these days, making the job of booking a massage appointment a kind of chore instead of a relaxing moment to look forward to. Furthermore, if your gift recipient has to drive to and from a massage therapy appointment, it can add stress and counteract the benefits of a massage session, diminishing the overall usefulness of their gift. It also bypasses the need to have a stranger in the home for in-home massage services, for which the recipient may feel stressed about needing to clean beforehand or do other chores.

The only scheduling needed for using a massage chair at home is deciding when they want to sit back and relax! At the touch of a button, they can get the exact massage they need, exactly when they need it. This convenience also makes it all the easier to introduce regular massages into their routine, forming habits that support a healthy lifestyle.

Added Effects of Massage Chair Features

Last, but certainly not least, as we discuss why massage chair gifts are perfect, not massage gift cards, are the bonus features. Full body massage chair features for luxury models expand beyond simply offering your gift recipient a massage. Bonus features give them the opportunity to experience boosts like the benefits of heat therapy, chromotherapy, and the zero gravity position. Each of these features enhances the overall massage session, elevating it beyond the capabilities of a traditional massage appointment.

As you can see, giving a massage chair gift is the way to go! These gifts are much more personal than a massage gift card and provide your friend, family, or loved one with a gift they can use over and over again.

Unsure which massage chair gift is right for them? Check out the Ogawa Active L Plus Massage Chair to give them a head-to-toe experience they will love and appreciate.
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