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Best Music for Massage Therapy & Relaxation

Feb 09, 2023

Maximizing the effectiveness of massage therapy and relaxation means engaging more than just your sense of touch. Oftentimes, music for massage therapy can be just as much a factor in your overall experience. From calming your mind and body to facilitating an environment that lets you live in the moment, massage therapy music plays its role.

Whether you’re at a massage therapist appointment or using a massage chair at home, we’re taking a look at the best massage music to create a relaxing environment. Read on, and let’s talk about what kind of music for massage therapy can enhance your next session.

Impact of Massage Therapy Music

Before we dive into how to pick the right music for massage therapy, does it really have an impact on your experience? Put simply, yes it does. Studies on the effects of music for massage therapy have produced results pointing to its ability to provide such benefits as:

  • Stress relief
  • Reduced fatigue and exhaustion
  • Better sleep quality
  • Physical pain relief
  • Lower symptoms of depression, anxiety, or fear
  • Improving hormone regulation within the body

To maximize the benefits of your massage therapy music, you want to ensure you’re picking the right options each session. While you may find your favorite heavy metal band to be great, it’s not helpful when it comes to relaxing for a full body massage chair experience. Continue reading for tips on picking the right music for massage therapy and deepen your relaxation each session.

Picking the Right Music for Massage Therapy

You’re all settled in to use your full body massage chair and melt the stress of the day away, so let’s elevate your experience with massage therapy music to deepen your relaxation. To make the most of the benefits of owning a massage chair, you want to pick music for massage therapy that helps you unwind, brings a sense of calm and serenity, and is pleasing to the ears. Keep the following details in mind next time as you select your music for massage therapy:

  • Ideal tempo for massage therapy music
  • Volume and sound quality of your music
  • Different types of music for massage therapy (including sound effects)
  • Popular genres of music for massage

Ideal Tempo for Relaxing Massage Music

The first thing to consider when picking music for massage therapy is the tempo. You don’t want music that plays at too many beats per minute (BPM). Instead, research shows that the optimal BPM for massage therapy music to induce feelings of relaxation and calm is around 60-65 BPM. This matches the optimal average resting heartbeats per minute, and causes the brain to synchronize with the beat. A slower tempo in this range can help you relax as you use your massage chair, enhancing the overall experience and letting the stress of the day melt away.

Volume and Sound Quality of Your Massage Music

Not only is the tempo of music for massage therapy important, but so are the volume and sound quality. When it comes to volume, you want to play massage therapy music at a relatively low level. That said, you don’t want it too low, or you may find yourself naturally straining to hear it, which will take away from your relaxation and out of the moment. At a low, audible level, you can enjoy the relaxing music without interruption or inconvenience. Conversely, you don’t want the music playing at too high a volume, either, lest you find it difficult to relax and enjoy the massage experience.

Sound quality is another aspect of your music you want to pay attention to. Unclear or grainy sound quality can be unappealing and unrelaxing. Instead of facilitating a calming experience, poor sound quality can destroy the vibe of the environment you’re trying to create.

Different Types of Music for Massage Therapy

There are lots of different types of music for massage therapy you may want to choose from, as well, including sound effects or white noise. This is a matter of personal preference, but many people find slow, classical sounds, nature sounds, or other forms of ambient noise to be both calming and relaxing. The key is to choose massage therapy music that resonates with you and whatever brings you the element of peace.

Popular Genres of Massage Therapy Music

When it comes to picking music for massage therapy, the genre you want will depend on your overall goal. If you’re looking for the best massage music to relax, tracks featuring traditional Asian instrumentals, classical piano, or stringed instruments are popular. Are you an athlete getting a massage to loosen up before or after a game? You may feel like having upbeat music to keep yourself pumped up and feeling the vibe.

Whatever your style and speed, there’s a genre of massage therapy music that will work for you.

Best Massage Music Playlists

Curious to try out a few different massage music playlists? We’ve curated a few for you! Try these lists out and see which one resonates the most to provide the experience you’re looking for:

There are so many massage therapy music playlists to choose from. These four are just a small sampling! You may also consider meditative music playlists from popular apps like Calm.

As you’ve learned, music for massage therapy is an important component of your overall experience. Choosing the right massage therapy music deepens your relaxation and creates an environment to maximize the potential of your massage. Next time you sit down to use your massage chair, choose a playlist that sets the vibe you want and experience the difference it makes for yourself.

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