Luxury Massage Chair Benefits - From Privacy to Health
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7 Luxury Massage Chair Benefits - From Privacy to Health

May 06, 2021

In today’s hectic world we’re juggling more in our daily schedules than ever. From jobs to family to maintaining any form of social life, sometimes we forget to make time for self care. That’s where the benefits of owning a massage chair come in!

The evolution of massage chairs has brought them a long way and made them an indispensable part of busy lifestyles. But what makes them so great? Today we’re taking a look at 7 luxury massage chair benefits, from privacy to health and beyond, that will make them your new favorite addition!

Home Massage Chair Benefits

Having a home massage chair benefits people of all ages and lifestyles. Today we’re sharing some of our favorite benefits of owning a massage chair to show how there’s something for everyone. From privacy to health to interior design ideas they provide it all.

Some massage chair benefits include:

  • Private home massage
  • Massage chair benefits for back pain
  • Stress relief massages
  • Better sleep quality
  • A variety of health benefits of massage
  • Light therapy options
  • Versatile and appealing chair design

Private Home Massage

First up in our list of luxury massage chair benefits is privacy! Owning a massage chair gives you the opportunity to use it at your leisure and from the privacy of your own home. Massage benefits people of all ages, but not everyone is comfortable having a massage therapist work on their body.

The best massage chairs are able to effectively recreate a live massage therapist’s motions. This removes the difference between using a massage chair vs human massage. In fact, if you’ve got a luxury massage chair with body scanning technology, it can sense where you need the most attention and will adjust accordingly. This gives your massage chair advantages over human massage as there’s no chance for skill deficiency or confusion as to what your body needs!

Massage Chair Benefits for Back Pain

One of the top massage chair benefits for health is using a massage chair for back pain. An estimated 80% of all people will experience back pain in their lifetime. That’s a lot! In fact, lower back pain averages $50 billion in healthcare costs each year in the United States and it’s one of the top most common reasons to miss work.

Heated massage chair benefits for back pain help treat muscle tension, alleviate stiffness, improve blood circulation for faster healing, and may reduce muscle spasms. The best massage chairs with heat could change how you feel and get you ready to take on each day with ease!

Stress Relief Massages

Next in our exploration of luxury massage chair benefits is how full body massages reduce stress. Stress can affect your body both physically and mentally so knowing how to manage stress is critical to your overall health. Everyone encounters different stress catalysts throughout their day so another of the biggest benefits of owning a massage chair is being able to come home and let those stresses melt away!

So then how do massages reduce stress? It’s been shown in studies that massage releases endorphins in your body while lowering cortisol levels and increasing serotonin production. This combination of hormone adjustments within your body may help with pain relief, stress management, and the body’s fight-or-flight feelings.

Better Sleep Quality Using Luxury Massage Chairs

Another of the most commonly sought massage chair benefits is better sleep quality. Sleeping issues have become extremely common as we live more hectic lives (especially as we spend more time in front of blue-light emitting screens).

Using a massage chair with a relaxing night time routine can help your mind and body unwind before bed. Release muscle tension and have stress melt away to help you achieve deeper, better quality sleep. If you have a massage chair with electric foot rollers or a separate foot and calf massager, you can experience a true full body massage from head to toe that will have you drifting off to restful sleep and recharge you for the day ahead! (After you finish reading here, check out our answer to the question “are electric foot massagers good for you?” for more info!)

Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

We’ve already discussed the benefits of massage chairs for back pain, but did you know they may provide a multitude of other health benefits, as well? Some of our favorite health benefits of massage chairs include:

  • Better blood circulation
  • Faster bodily healing
  • Flushing toxins from the lymphatic system
  • Increasing oxygen flow
  • Sciatic nerve pain relief
  • Improving digestive health
  • Providing ways to boost your immune system

Of these, one of the most commonly needed massage chair advantages is faster bodily healing. This can be a direct result of better blood circulation, as well. As blood circulates more efficiently, oxygen and nutrients are delivered to tissues helping them heal faster. This can be especially useful for athletes and physically active people using massage chairs as part of a post workout recovery routine.

All of the massage chair benefits for health culminate in ways to boost your immune system. When you’re feeling your best and taking care of your body and its systems, your immune system can function optimally and provide the best protection against illness.

Light Therapy Treatment Options

Next up in our list of luxury massage chair benefits is light therapy treatment options. Some of the best massage chairs offer light therapy features to help with both mental and physical health. If we don’t have enough light exposure, we can become more susceptible to depression, slower healing, and lack energy throughout our day.

There are many different uses for massage chair light therapy. Light therapy is often used to increase sunlight exposure to help treat SAD symptoms. In other applications, however, it may even help regulate sleep disorders. UV light therapy may also have benefits for skin improvement while infrared light therapy may help the body heal faster. Finally, different color light therapy called chromotherapy may help boost the body’s performance and improve mental health!

Versatile Interior Design Ideas

After all the incredible massage chair benefits we’ve already covered, what’s left? The chair itself! Last, but never least, in our exploration of luxury massage chair benefits is how they contribute to interior design ideas and provide style as well as comfort.

The best massage chairs are not only beneficial to your overall health but add style to your space. Their versatility makes them adaptable to many different interior design styles so you’re it’s easy to learn how to choose a massage chair that’s right for you! High tech massage chairs with custom massage programming make having them a common living space easy so you can return to your settings at the touch of a button.

Pro Tip: Don’t feel like sharing your chair in the living space? Check out how to create a spa at home for luxurious self care using a luxury massage chair!

From privacy to health and beyond, we hope our dive into luxury massage chair benefits has shown you how amazing they truly are. Choosing a massage chair for your home can change your life. You’ll be able to take advantage of massage benefits at your leisure and to match your schedule. Try one out and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Choosing a high tech massage chair brings with it more than just custom massage programming and bonus features like heat therapy. Connect it to a smart device and streamline your entire lifestyle! Check out our guide for how to make your home a smart home.

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