Top Benefits of Glute and Butt Massage
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Top Benefits of Glute and Butt Massage

Nov 12, 2015


If you get a massage, don’t ignore your butt and glutes. That’s right! Your buttocks are an important muscle group and you should take care not to neglect that area of your body. There are very few movements the human body can do without the help of the gluteal muscles. Thus, when you begin to experience pains in this region, it can become a true hassle. However, you can resolve many common pains and stresses with some simple massage therapy. Don’t be shy about getting a buttocks massage from a massage therapist or from the Ogawa Active L Massage Chair. Look over this information to see if A Glute and Butt massage might work for you.


Pain in your gluteal region can be responsible for a range of lower back issues. The gluteal muscle group includes the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Basically, the muscles are named according to their size. The gluteus maximus is the large overlaying muscle in your buttocks and it extends to the femur from the hip. The medius and minimus are position below the largest muscle. When these muscles are too tight, a buttocks massage can do much to ease this tension.


It’s no secret that most people sit down too much, but many don’t know about the benefits of massage therapy. Given that most work environments require individuals to sit still for long periods of time, it can be difficult to inject more movement into your daily routine. When you sit for extended periods of time, your glute muscles become tense. If you suddenly decide to move large or heavy objects, you will feel the strain in your muscles because they are not used to the stress.


One reason why a buttocks massage can be so important is that your glutes are responsible for your stability. Your glutes create force closure, which is when an outside force is necessary in order to make a joint move. Essentially, your muscles push and pull against each other to create the right amount of force as you walk, run and sprint. Your glutes are intimately tied to your hip, knees and feet in terms of providing force closure.


A glute massage is useful for a wide variety of aches and pains. In fact, some cases can forgo the need for prescription painkillers and medication simply by engaging in massage therapy regularly. The buttocks massage in particular helps alleviate:

  • Back Pain
  • Hip & Leg Pain
  • Aches & Pains in the Glutes
  • Stiff Legs

The massage therapy uses trigger point to locate knots and relieve muscles aches. Working out the strain in sore muscles helps that part of your body relax. As such, a buttocks message ensures you keep your entire body in line.


Sciatic pain is an extremely common problem for many individuals and dealing with it can be painful. Unless a case is particularly bad, no operations or other procedures can be performed to lessen the pain. Instead, doctors often just prescribe painkillers. Massage therapy provides an effective and viable alternative. Especially if you have a history of addiction or need to be fully aware for work, the normal medications may not work well for you. A buttocks massage can effectively target and alleviate the problem

Your circulatory system carries blood rich in nutrients and oxygen all over your body. Sitting for extended periods of time can negatively impact blood circulation, which can lead to more aches and pains. Further more, your blood circulation works in conjunction with your lymph circulation, which is responsible for delivering white blood cells and antibodies to areas of your body that need immune system support. A glute massage is effective here because that region is full of blood and lymph vessels.

An increase in blood flow alone will aid in speeding your muscle recovery process. Additionally, a buttocks massage encourages the removal of waste such as lactic acid. This type of waste can often exacerbate stiffness and soreness. Of course, creating the by-product is natural, but without a little extra attention, the build up can slow you down. Massage therapy helps to deter such build ups from occurring.


After receiving a glute and buttocks massage, you may feel a little bit freer in your range of movement. You will likely experience a restoration as far as your ability fully extend and contract all of your joints. Some people report feeling as if they are floating after indulging in massage therapy. However, even if you just feel normal again, this is an improvement and a return to homeostasis. After a glute massage your overall body will be much healthier.


When you get a glute and buttocks massage, you are focusing on one area of your body that will greatly affect your total physique. This is because your glute muscles are connected to most of other major muscle groups. Your abs, back and feet are all acutely affected by the health of your glutes. Massage therapy that is targeted on one portion of the body will initiate chemical changes throughout the entire body. This process serves to reduce strain and stress in your back and legs.


If you aren’t sure yet that a glute and buttocks massage is right for you, consider these questions:

  • Do you have trouble get out of and/or into normal chairs?
  • Do you sit for many hours a day?
  • Do you have abnormal muscle pains in your lower back, legs or glutes?
  • Are you experiencing a loss in your overall range of motion?
  • Has your doctor voiced concern regarding your blood or lymph circulation?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, massage therapy may be an excellent alternative for you.

A glute massage gives you all the benefits of painkillers without the need to refill a prescription. Message therapy gets to the root of the problem and works it out of your muscles. If you want to maintain overall body functionality, try a buttocks massage the next time you make an appointment at the spa, gym, doctor’s office, or by using a massage chair like the Ogawa Active L Massage Chair.

As one of the largest manufacturers of massage chairs in the world we pride on ourselves on researching and producing products that users love. The Ogawa Active SuperTrac is designed to perfectly massage the neck to the glutes. This extended coverage gives you 30% more massage area and helps relieve muscles throughout the body. You can learn more about the Ogawa Massage Chairs by calling us at 844-438-6429 or by emailing with any questions you may have.

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