Learn How Massage Therapy Can Benefit Your Visits To The Chiropractor
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How Massage Therapy Benefits Visiting the Chiropractor

Oct 28, 2015


People find themselves in need of chiropractic care for various reasons. From car accidents, to golfing injuries, to working on your feet all day, individuals experience pain and misalignment’s. Chiropractors can help with such instances, and are commonly sought out for treatment. Some individuals find such services beneficial for medical conditions as well. What some people may not be aware of is how adding massage therapy with an Ogawa Massage Chair can help to enhance the effects of chiropractic care. Below are a few of its common benefits.


Massage has a number of different benefits. The main thing that it is known for is relieving stress. This has a lot to do with the ability to create relaxation throughout the body. Relieving tense muscles is a strong part of that process. As the muscles are relaxed, they are easier to work with and around. This makes the process beneficial to a chiropractor. When muscles are relaxed it makes chiropractic care much easier. This makes adjustments simpler to perform, and it also helps to ensure that the adjustments last longer. These benefits are advantageous for both the chiropractor and the recipient.


When an individual has an experience that requires chiropractic care, there are usually other elements involved as well, and the full recovery cannot be attained without addressing all of those aspects. Massage therapy can help in such instances. For example, when an individual gets into an accident and receives chiropractic care, the treatment can be reversed if the muscle tissue expands and interrupts the process. Introducing massage can help to address any muscular issues and help support relief of any pain from the accident, providing complete treatment from all necessary angles. All of these elements work together to create an effective recovery process, especially when fully outlined and implemented by trained professionals. In fact, individuals may find that they are better off than before treatment and may show signs of the treatment helping them to improve posture, walk taller and experience other benefits.


Along with discomfort in the area, another common characteristic of most chiropractic patients is a lack of mobility. Misalignment not only causes pain, but it can also hinder an individual’s range of motion. This is because the bones are not in their proper location, so those areas of the body are not able to fully function as they are intended to. For example, many people with spinal injuries find that they cannot stand up straight due to the bones and vertebras being off track. Though a chiropractor can help to get those bones back in place, the muscle tissue, soft tissue and ligaments surrounding the area will most likely still be tense. Massage helps to relax those tissues and ligaments, which in turn helps to increase individuals’ ability to utilize their range of motion. This just adds to the overall goal of the chiropractor, which is to enhance mobility and create comfort for those with constant issues.


This is a common calling card of chiropractic care, mainly due to its treatment of the spine. When the spine is in alignment, the back is supported and allows for proper posture. However, with many people working desk jobs or not being consciously aware of their slouching habits, back problems are a common issue amongst individuals, young and old. In fact, improper posture at a young age usually leads to back and spinal issues in one’s adult years. Thankfully, no matter what age an individual is, proper chiropractic care can help to improve posture. To enhance those effects, massage therapy is very helpful. Along with the aforementioned factors, tense muscles can also cause slouching, pinched nerves and more. Therefore, with the application treatment from a chiropractor and massage therapist, you can receive relief in all possible tension points and make sure that proper posture is attained. Not only does this help to reduce pain, but there are a number of benefits to improved posture:

  • Breathe Better
  • Enhance Memory and Brain Function
  • Build a Strong Core and Lost Weight
  • Increase Your Confidence

These are just a few of the possible benefits, all of which help to improve your overall being.


Both massage and chiropractic care work together to enhance circulation. Though massage therapy is more so known for relieving pressure in the body, chiropractic treatments can also help to relieve pressure, particularly on the nerve when it is caused do to misalignment within the bones. This can help to enhance blood flow. Another way that blood flow is increased is through the efforts of massage. A professional therapist knows how to identify and target those areas where muscles or nerves may be tense and is experienced with relieving that pressure. The massage motions also encourage circulation throughout the entire body.

It is clear to see how patients benefit from a combination of massage and chiropractic care. Some may not realize it, but chiropractors have a bit to gain from the process as well.


Easier on the Chiropractor

It takes some of the pressure off of the chiropractor, reducing the amount of work that they have to do, in turn adding more longevity to their career.

Increased Profits

If the massage chair therapy is added as a service offered at the facility, it could increase profit.

Get one Today

If the chiropractor does not offer it in-house, they can purchase a massage chair, which could help grow the business and also lead to increased profit.

These are just a few of the ways in which a chiropractor can benefit from the incorporation of massage chair and massage therapy. As such, both the clients and chiropractic professionals stand to gain from this process, and many individuals have realized this.

Clients are beginning to consult with their chiropractors more about massage options, and many chiropractors are recommending the service for individuals, especially those with chronic issues. Some individuals choose to visit an actual massage therapist, while others enjoy massage chairs in the comfort of their homes. The chairs provide all of the same benefits mentioned above and can prove to be a strong investment financially, as well as physically. To learn about your possible options,

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