Are Electric Foot Massagers Good For You?
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Are Electric Foot Massagers Good For You?

Apr 01, 2021

After a long day of working, going to the gym, and running errands around town your feet could use a little attention! Who doesn’t love a relaxing foot massage? Since we don’t always have time or ability to go to a massage therapist, however, having an electric foot massager makes it possible to experience deep relaxation and health benefits of a foot massage from the comfort of home. For a full body massage experience, you can also choose a luxury massage chair with electric foot rollers to enjoy the top benefits of massage chairs, as well!

How Often Should You Use a Foot Massager?

Using an electric foot massager or foot and calf massager at home means you can enjoy them any time you want! Using your electric foot massager 3 or 4 times a week can provide a plethora of health benefits and keep your body in top shape after the daily grind. If you prefer daily use, that’s just fine, too! Be sure to stop if you should ever feel any pain or discomfort.

It’s often recommended to use an electric foot massager for 15 to 20 minutes per session rather than for prolonged periods of time in a single sitting. This timeframe for foot massage sessions gives you the optimal benefits of your electric foot massager while ensuring it is used safely and properly.

So Are Electric Foot Massagers Good For You?

Of course! Finding a luxury massage chair with foot rollers gives you an incredible full body massage chair experience. There are loads of electric foot massager benefits that will have you relaxing and improving your overall health naturally in the process. Some of our favorite ways electric foot massagers are good for you are:

  • Improving circulation to reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Increasing mobility and flexibility in your feet
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Helping reduce stress and tension from the day
  • Treating muscle strain in your feet
  • Elevating your mood and increases serotonin levels
  • Possibly providing headache and migraine relief

Reducing Swelling and Inflammation Using an Electric Foot Massager

Kicking off our answer to “are electric foot massagers good for you?” is how regular use can be effective for reducing swelling and inflammation. When you’re up and on the go constantly, you undoubtedly notice the occasional swelling or inflammation in your feet and ankles. This constricts the blood flow and can be a source of pain and discomfort.

Using an electric foot massage helps improve blood circulation to your feet and throughout your entire body! Better blood flow reduces swelling and inflammation effectively as blood circulates more efficiently to all your extremities. Better blood circulation in your feet contributes to better cardiovascular health overall, as it reduces pressure on the heart and lets it work less hard.

Increasing Mobility and Flexibility in Your Feet With an Electric Foot Massager

Electric foot massagers are good for you in another way as they also help stretch the muscle fibers in your feet. Massaging and stretching foot muscles increases overall flexibility and range of motion.

These can be especially useful massage benefits for athletes and those with active lifestyles as it can increase overall performance. Better muscle health combined with improved circulation can also help increase energy levels.

Electric Foot Massagers Are Good For Your Immune System

Believe it or not, electric foot massagers are good for your immune system, too! A foot massage can be part of reflexology, or the application of pressure to the feet in order to alleviate stress and anxiety (more on this momentarily!).

A secondary benefit of reflexology, however, is that it helps stimulate your lymphatic system and flush toxins from your body. This flush helps prevent infection and can boost your immune system naturally. Using an electric foot massager also helps increase white blood cell activity, fighting off diseases and helping you stay healthy!

Using Electric Foot Massagers for Stress and Anxiety Relief

As we mentioned moments ago, a foot massage can be part of reflexology. The theory of reflexology is that applying pressure to the feet (and sometimes hands) can help with stress relief and healing to corresponding organs and systems of the body.

Electric foot massagers are good for stress relief on a chemical level, too. Experiencing a foot massage is comforting and feels great, but do you understand why? When you’re using an electric foot massager your body decreases cortisol levels. This chemical is a sort of “stress hormone” and can lead to negative health effects like weight gain, depression, stress, and anxiety.

So are electric foot massagers good for you? Undeniably yes and we aren’t even done exploring their benefits!

Treating Muscle Strain in Foot Massagers

If you’re on your feet a lot or lead an active lifestyle then you know sometimes your feet and calves ache terribly by the end of the day. The muscles in your feet are likely stiff and sore from overuse while your calves may ache from walking, running, or other physical activity. This is another way electric foot and calf massagers are good for you because they help loosen the muscles in your foot.

Think about it this way, regular massages for athletes help alleviate pain and prevent injury. If you’ve got an active lifestyle where you’re up and on your feet often, you need the same treatment! An electric foot massager allows you to experience the benefits of foot massage comfortably at home to fit your schedule.

Electric Foot Massagers Can Elevate Your Mood

In addition to reducing cortisol levels that may cause stress or other negative health effects, electric foot massagers are good for you to relax and alleviate pain, as well. When you’re using an electric foot massager, your body releases endorphins. These are natural hormones that have been shown to elevate mood levels and help alleviate pain by intercepting pain receptors in the body.

Consider choosing a high tech massage chair with foot rollers to create a spa at home for luxurious self care whenever you want!

Do Electric Foot Massagers Work for Headaches and Migraines?

Last in our journey to answer the question “are electric foot massagers good for you?” is the question “do electric foot massagers work for migraines or headaches?”

There are many theories as to the effectiveness of reflexology on alleviating headaches. Some studies have also shown the potential for stimulating pressure points for migraine relief for those who suffer from them. This treatment is also known as acupressure, and can be experienced using an electric foot massager. While studies are actively being made and signs point to this being an potentially effective treatment method for migraines, more research is still needed. So, are electric foot massagers good for you? You bet they are! As you’ve learned, there are a multitude of benefits electric foot massagers provide. The best way to experience the health benefits of foot massage is to choose a massage chair with electric foot massagers. This aggregates your massage chair experience and provides a true full body massage experience that will keep you feeling your best.

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