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6 Benefits of an At Home Massage

Oct 20, 2022

It’s no secret that a massage can be beneficial for your mental and physical well-being. Did you know, however, that getting a massage at home could enhance your overall experience and give you even better results? It’s true!

Today, we’re looking at 6 benefits of an at-home massage and the best way to get them on a regular basis. Read on, and see what you’ve been missing!

At Home Massage Benefits

Getting a massage at home brings the benefits of massage therapy right to you. How many times have you wished you could sit back and get a great massage at the end of a long day? While having an at-home massage therapist appointment could be very expensive (especially if you’re getting massages regularly), owning a massage chair lets you enjoy a fantastic session whenever you want. Of the many benefits of owning a massage chair, using it on your schedule and at your leisure are some of our favorites!

So what are the benefits of getting a massage at home? We put together a list that will have you wondering why you waited so long to make the change:

  • Don’t worry about driving after your massage
  • Avoid stress about being on time
  • Feel more comfortable in your own home and surroundings
  • Experience fewer uncomfortable stimuli
  • Choose any type of massage you want each time
  • Have better privacy compared to the spa

Don’t Worry About Driving After Your Massage

One of the highlights of getting an at-home massage is not having to drive before or after! Nothing wrecks a relaxing massage session like immediately getting into the car and hitting traffic. This can be especially true in high-traffic areas in larger cities. Add into the mix the stress and anxiety many people feel while having to drive, and you’ve just tensed yourself right back up again.

Using a massage chair at home lets you enjoy your massage without having to think about what comes next. Feel like sitting back and relaxing a while longer? Go for it! Want to get up and move around? That’s fine, too. But not having to get in the car and drive (in a potentially uncomfortable position, we’d like to add) is the best.

Avoid Stress About Being On Time

When you’re getting a massage, you’re supposed to relax to calm your mind and body. If you’ve been stressed out about making it to your appointment on time, it’s harder to do that! This brings to light another benefit of an at-home massage: no scheduling issues.

When you’ve got a massage chair ready whenever you want, you don’t have to stress about leaving the house late for your massage appointment or if you’re getting all the time you paid for. Each session begins and stops when you choose.

Feel More Comfortable At Home

Next up on our list of the benefits of an at-home massage is feeling more comfortable in familiar surroundings. While spas and massage locations try to create a calming ambiance, many people find themselves unable to fully relax in unfamiliar surroundings. This is especially true when a stranger is having to touch you.

Owning a massage chair allows you to skip the period of settling into a space because you’re already comfortable in your own home. Each session can bring new depths of relaxation as you sit and enjoy in the peace of your own space. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Experience Fewer Uncomfortable Stimuli

Speaking of being comfortable, the benefits of an at-home massage aren’t limited to the space itself. Many people find it uncomfortable to have to interact with others. This could be checking in with the receptionist at a spa, using a locker room to get ready, or having a massage therapist touch your body. Just because you’re uncomfortable with another person touching you doesn’t mean you can’t experience all the benefits of a massage at home, instead.

Home massage chairs let you choose from a wide variety of programs to give you exactly what your body needs each time you use them. Advancements in today’s models have effectively eliminated any difference between using a massage chair vs human massage, meaning you’re not missing out on anything whatsoever by getting an at-home massage.

Choose Your Massage Type

While we’d like to think a professional massage therapist would be able to provide each type of massage at a high level of proficiency, the reality is many specialize in certain techniques or may be deficient in what you need. Today’s luxury massage chairs let you choose from a list of different types of massage programs with the touch of a button. Each one is delivered to perfection, giving you an incredible experience each time you’re in your chair.

There are even advanced massage chairs with AI massage technology that use multiple types of body scanning to provide a custom massage experience for each use. Having a massage chair that can read exactly what you need and provide it? It’s incredible!

Bonus: Not only can you choose your massage technique, but today’s luxury massage chair features may also include bonuses like heat therapy, zero gravity reclining capabilities, and more.

Have Better Privacy With an At-Home Massage

Last, but not least, on our list of the benefits of an at-home massage is privacy. Getting a massage can be a very personal experience. Whether you’re experiencing pain and need relief, are an athlete looking for recovery methods, or simply prefer your privacy because it makes you comfortable, getting a massage at home gives you exactly what you want. When you don’t have to worry about feeling vulnerable, uncomfortable, or stressed, you can deepen your relaxation and get the most from your massage chair experience.

As you can see, there are a plethora of benefits of a massage at home. No matter your age or lifestyle, getting massages regularly can boost your mental and physical well-being. Don’t worry about fitting a massage therapy appointment into your busy schedule, fighting traffic, or giving up your privacy. A luxury massage chair gives you an at-home massage experience you can have over and over again!

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