How To Create a Spa At Home For Luxurious Self Care
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How To Create a Spa At Home For Luxurious Self Care

Mar 25, 2021

A trip to the spa isn’t always an option. With busy lives juggling things like work, friends, and family, sometimes self care falls through the cracks. Outside of that, there can also be events beyond our control such as the recent pandemic that prevent us from being able to visit our favorite spa.

To bring luxurious self care right to you, today we’re taking a look at how to create a spa at home for the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation!

Thinking About How to Create a Spa At Home?

Finding ways for how to create a spa at home can be the ultimate experience in luxurious self care. Having the benefits and relaxation of the spa in the comfort of your own home allows you to experience them whenever you want instead of on occasional visits. To top it all off, a home spa provides a more intimate, private self care experience you can indulge in entirely at your leisure.

Some essentials for how to create a spa at home for luxurious self care include:

  • Having a soaking tub fit for royalty
  • High end massage chairs for the ultimate in relaxation
  • Steam shower or indoor sauna
  • Radiant heat flooring
  • Workout space for well-rounded self care

Deep Soaking Tub for Hot Baths

First up on our list of ways for how to create a spa at home is having a deep soaking tub for relaxing hot baths. Taking a hot bath has been linked to a multitude of health benefits including stress relief, improved sleep, muscle relaxation and better cardiovascular health. Whether you’re starting your day with a hot bath to calm yourself before your busy schedule or having a hot bath to unwind as part of a relaxing night time routine, a deep soaking tub is a major asset.

You can opt for more simple soaking tubs meant for quiet, peaceful home spa experiences or go for a deep soaking tub with jets to bring a massage element into your tub time. Whatever you choose, a deep soaking tub is an absolute must have for how to create a home spa at home.

Luxury Home Spa Massage Chair

No spa experience would be complete without a massage, right? Absolutely not! The next absolutely essential item on our list for how to create a spa at home for luxurious self care is a high end home massage chair.

Far superior to more simple models of the past, today’s best massage chairs offer 3D massage rollers (and sometimes even 4D massage rollers, enhancing your experience even further). A 3D or 4D massage chair improves on the ability of the massage rollers and lets you adjust the intensity of your massage to your liking. These improvements help them truly mimic the movements and effectiveness of real life massage therapists from the comfort of your home spa.

The best massage chairs also allow you to customize your massage program to change focus based on your needs. These massage chairs offer high tech remote control integrations with native apps designed to turn your recliner into a shiatsu massage chair, swedish massage chair, or any of a variety of massage types at the click of a button. Bodyscanning massage technology helps determine where you need the most attention and focuses your home spa massage experience there. You really can replace your massage therapist!

When you’re looking for how to create a spa at home, you’ll want to learn how to choose a massage chair that’s right for you, as well. Some massage chairs have these integrated into back massage programs while others may be massage chairs with calf and knee heat functions for added relaxation and bodily healing.

You’ll also want to choose an S-track massage chair or L-track massage chair for your home spa in order to get a more thorough experience along your body. S-track massage chairs are built to follow the natural curvature of your spine and keep constant contact between your back and the massage rollers at all times. L-track massage chairs take massage chair benefits a step further and continue the massage roller track along your glutes and hamstrings.

Home Spa Steam Shower or Sauna

We’ve mentioned the benefits of a deep soaking tub as you’re looking for how to create a spa at home but now it’s time to focus on how to transform your shower, as well. Installing a steam shower creates a home spa experience that provides relaxation along with a myriad of health benefits. Steam showers have been associated with better circulation, healthy skin, and an increased metabolism.

If you want to take your home spa a step further for truly luxurious self care, maybe you’ll want to install a dry sauna, as well! Sauna bathing has been linked to elevated mood, higher metabolism, antiaging, skin rejuvenation, and a host of other potential health benefits. It’s truly a lifestyle game changer when you’re learning how to create a spa at home!

Radiant Heat Flooring for a Luxury Home Spa

When you’re looking at ways for how to create a spa at home, the details matter. After all, how relaxing is it if you step out of your hot bath or finish up in your massage chair with heat therapy features then instantly feel an ice cold floor under your feet? This brings us to our next must-have for creating a home spa: radiant heat flooring.

Radiant heat flooring helps you relax and enjoy every moment of luxurious self care in your home spa. It’s even an efficient way to heat a room and goes almost entirely unnoticed as it runs under your flooring! Paying attention to this small detail when you’re looking at how to create a spa at home can truly make all the difference in your experience.

Dedicated Workout Space in Your Home Spa

While working out may not be the first thing that comes to mind for how to create a spa at home, it’s an important part of staying healthy and active. Having a small workout space in your home spa in conjunction with a dry sauna, steam shower, or massage chair can round out an entire self care routine.

You can begin your self care routine with a home workout to stay in shape, work out stress, and keep your body and mind in top condition. Afterwards, help your body heal and relax while staying loose in your home spa massage chair or with a dip in a deep soaking tub! Add in the radiant heat flooring and you’ve got a full home spa for sure.

Discovering how to create a spa at home for luxurious self care is easy if you’ve got the right features in place. Things like having a deep soaking tub and choosing a massage chair for your home spa create a space you may never want to leave again! You can take care of your body and mind from the comfort of your own home with a truly luxurious home spa experience. Ready to take your self care to the next level?

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