How to Manage Pain on a Daily Basis
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How to Manage Pain on a Daily Basis

Sep 09, 2021

While pain serves to inform us that something isn’t right with our bodies so that we can address the issue, chronic pain or “seasons” of pain can drastically reduce quality of life and keep you from doing the things you love. For those experiencing chronic pain, learning how to manage pain each day could make a world of difference.

For those looking for how to manage pain on a daily basis, we’re taking a look at a few techniques and lifestyle adjustments you can try. Before beginning any home treatment for chronic pain, however, be sure to consult a medical professional to ensure it’s safe for you.

Learning How to Manage Pain Naturally

We understand that learning how to manage chronic pain can seem like a daunting task. Chronic pain can be debilitating and lead to more physical ailments as well as weigh on your mental health. The great news is there are a few techniques and lifestyle adjustments you can make that may help you reduce your pain levels and get you back to feeling your best.

Some methods that may help when learning how to manage pain on a daily basis include:

  • Cold compresses and the benefits of heat therapy
  • Getting a massage for chronic pain relief
  • Stretching and staying active
  • Meditation or other stress relief methods
  • Getting better sleep quality

Heat Therapy and Cold Compresses for Chronic Pain Management

First on our list of methods for learning how to manage pain on a daily basis is a simple routine of cold compresses followed by the benefits of heat therapy. While these methods may sound relatively simplistic, they’ve been shown time and time again to be effective methods for chronic pain management.

Cold therapy, also referred to as cryotherapy, works by reducing blood flow to an area, which may help reduce inflammation and swelling that causes pain. Cold therapy may also temporarily reduce nerve activity for an affected area, which can help with pain relief, too. It’s important to note that you should never apply cold compresses directly to your skin. This direct contact could damage the tissue on the surface and potentially cause lasting damage. Instead, wrap your ice pack in a thin towel before applying it against your body.

Conversely, applying heat therapy works to improve circulation throughout the body, especially in the application areas by raising the temperature there. This increase in temperature may help provide some pain relief, making it an easy treatment method to try when you’re looking for how to manage pain on a daily basis. For heat therapy, you may be able to use a heating pad or warmed towel for small pain points. For more effective heat therapy benefits, especially for chronic back pain, you might consider using a massage chair with heat therapy features to enhance your healing process.

Massage for Chronic Pain Relief

If you thought that getting a massage was simply a self-care indulgence, think again. While they can be very relaxing, getting regular massage can also be potentially effective ways for how to manage pain on a daily basis. Studies have shown that massage is an effective method for pain relief and may benefit those with chronic pain issues.

If going to a massage therapist on a weekly basis proves difficult for your schedule or you’d prefer to avoid the mounting ongoing costs that go with it, you might consider the benefits of massage therapy at home with a massage chair. Of the many benefits of owning a massage chair, being able to use it from the comfort and privacy of home on your schedule tops our list.

Today’s massage chairs offer a variety of different massage techniques such as shiatsu massage, Thai massage, and deep tissue massage that may help when looking for how to manage pain on a daily basis. Massage can increase blood circulation, loosen up stiff muscles, deepen relaxation, and even possibly help with how to make an injury recover faster. Top luxury massage chairs may even offer AI massage technology, which uses two forms of biofeedback to adapt to your needs and provide a custom massage experience each time.

How to Manage Pain By Stretching and Staying Active

If you’re looking for how to manage chronic pain on a daily basis, being active and stretching may not sound like the most fun idea but they can be immensely beneficial. To ensure you’re not going to accidentally injure yourself further, however, it’s important to consult a medical professional before beginning any home fitness routine for chronic pain relief. Once you start, be sure to always acknowledge your body’s physical limitations so that you’re helping your body and not hurting it!

A few simple activities that may help with how to manage pain on a daily basis include gentle stretches or low-impact exercises like yoga or tai chi. These movement-based routines can help loosen your body, alleviate pain, and even manage stress levels (which can contribute to chronic pain, as well).

Meditation for Chronic Pain Relief at Home

Speaking of stress levels, meditation may be another technique for how to manage pain on a daily basis that helps you get back to feeling like yourself again. Meditation has been shown in studies to contribute to pain relief, stress reduction, and as a potentially effective method for how to fight depression naturally.

Meditating for even a few minutes each day may help with how to manage chronic pain. How exactly does it do this, you ask? Meditation helps reinforce the parts of your brain that process pain. It’s also a way to increase endorphins naturally, which are naturally-occurring hormones in our bodies that help decrease pain and elevate mood.

Additionally, stress can exacerbate pain as your body subconsciously tightens up, constricting muscles and tendons. Practicing meditation may help alleviate stress and anxiety symptoms, helping you achieve chronic pain relief, making meditation a top method for how to manage pain on a daily basis.

How Better Sleep Can Help With How to Manage Pain

Last up on our list of techniques and lifestyle adjustments that may help with how to manage pain on a daily basis is getting enough sleep! Sleep deprivation is a common source of chronic pain while pain, but unfortunately chronic pain can then lead to inability to sleep. How do you break the cycle?

Discovering how to manage pain on a daily basis with recovery tools like a massage chair or practicing meditation may also help you sleep better at night. Starting a relaxing night time routine can truly make a world of difference when it comes to sleeping through the night. While we sleep, our bodies are able to focus on healing more rapidly, which disrupts the negative cycle of being awake and in pain, replacing it with pain relief and restful sleep instead.

Learning how to manage pain on a daily basis using natural techniques doesn’t have to be too challenging. Before beginning any routines for how to manage chronic pain you should speak to your doctor, however, to be sure it’s safe. We hope this guide has given you a few new techniques to try and routines to consider. Whether it’s stretching, doing low-impact exercises to stay active, practicing meditation, or choosing a massage chair to experience full body relaxation on a regular basis, finding what works for you could help you take back control over your life!

Want to learn more about how to choose a massage chair that could boost your physical and mental health? Check out these resources for more information:

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