How Massage for Allergies Can Help Make Summer Bearable
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How Massage for Allergies Can Help Make Summer Bearable

Aug 04, 2022

While we love the changing of the seasons, sometimes they don’t love us back. Do you find yourself fighting back against pollen as spring turns into summer or catching the sniffles as summer rolls into fall? You’re certainly not alone. While there are many over-the-counter solutions to help against allergy problems, many prefer a more natural approach. One particularly popular method is getting a massage for allergies.

Is a massage good for allergies? Can it really help me out? Let’s take a look at how massage for allergies can help make summer bearable and have you enjoying the warm months once again!


Before we dive into the different ways massage for allergies can help make summer bearable for those fighting against pollen and other common seasonal allergens, let’s answer the big question on your mind: is massage good for allergies? Thankfully, the answer is yes, it could be.

While everyone’s body reacts differently, there are many types of massage for allergies that could have you back to feeling your best and enjoying the warm summer months to the fullest. As with any new health treatment, however, it’s important to speak to your doctor before beginning a routine of getting a massage for allergies to determine the right course of action.


Now that we’re answered the question, “is massage good for allergies?” let’s take a deeper look at what types of massage for allergies may be most effective. The calming, therapeutic effect of massage can lower stress levels, boost circulation throughout the body, deepen relaxation, and possibly even lessen the body’s reaction to some allergens. Are you ready to get started?

Some of the most common spots and techniques used while getting a massage for allergies are:

  • Facial massages
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Neck massages
  • Sinus reflexology points on feet

Facial Massage for Allergy Problems

Starting at the top of the body and working our way down, one of the most common types of massage for allergies is a facial massage. Summer allergies can often manifest themselves as severe headaches, feeling swollen and tender behind the eyes and into the nasal passage.

Getting a facial massage for allergies uses gentle movements on the head, cheekbones, and around the eyes to loosen this pressure and alleviate pain. It’s also potentially effective at breaking up mucous or other buildup caused by allergens that are contributing to pain levels.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Allergy Relief

Another popular massage for allergies is lymphatic drainage self massage. The lymphatic system flushes toxins that build up within our bodies through a network of organs and tissues. This process can help build a strong immune system to keep us healthy against everything from viruses to seasonal allergies. Lymphatic drainage massage stimulates lymph flow throughout the body with gentle movements and long strokes to stimulate movement of the lymph fluid.

While traditional lymphatic drainage massage is a manual process including gentle movements along the body from the neck to sinus reflexology points on feet, you may also be able to experience this type of massage for allergies using tools like a luxury massage chair. The evolution of today’s massage chairs have effectively removed any difference between using a massage chair vs human massage therapy movements.

Swedish Massage for Allergies

Continuing on our exploration of how massage for allergies can help make summer bearable, let’s look at Swedish massage techniques. As stress is a common trigger for seasonal allergies, the calming sensation of Swedish massage makes a perfect partner for allergy relief. Using soft, long, kneading strokes in combination with shorter, rhythmic tapping strokes, Swedish massage chairs apply light-to-moderate pressure that can help release tension from the body caused by allergies.

The nature of the Swedish massage technique also works to stimulate the production of nature mood-elevating hormones like serotonin to improve your overall mental state, as well.

Neck Massages to Help Alleviate Summer Allergies

While it’s not difficult to understand the benefits of a neck massage, it turns out they’re also popular types of massage for allergies to provide relief. Whether you’re using a full body massage chair or keeping regular massage therapy appointments, a neck massage at the base of the skull may help improve breathing, decrease head congestion, and alleviate allergy symptoms this season.

In addition to being a great massage for allergies, neck massages may also help against migraines, improve your posture, and even positively impact your sleep quality.

Sinus Reflexology Points on Feet

While you might’ve heard about foot reflexology as a method of how to massage feet for better sleep, there are traditions and studies showing its wide usage for other benefits, including as massage for allergies. The idea behind using sinus reflexology points of feet as massage for allergies is that the body is out of balance when allergens are present. These pressure points on the feet are used to trigger responses throughout the body, relaxing the sinuses and alleviating pressure caused by seasonal allergies. 

While reflexology massage for allergies can be done manually, full body massage chairs with foot massage rollers may be able to provide this relief just as easily. Other alternatives for stimulating sinus reflexology points on feet include foot and calf massagers.

Learning how massage for allergies can help make summer bearable gives you natural options for seasonal allergy relief. From calming Swedish massage techniques to sinus reflexology points on feet, there are a variety of techniques to try. After making a massage chair comparison, choose the right model for you that allows you to experience a number of these  techniques at the touch of a button whenever you want! Try one out and see the difference it makes for yourself.

Looking for the perfect massage chair to help with your seasonal allergy relief? Check out the Ogawa Active L 3D Massage Chair and see how it pairs perfectly with any lifestyle.

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