Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Self Massage
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Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Self Massage

Oct 07, 2021

As we go through our daily lives, our bodies build up toxins and unwanted waste. If we have all this inside, however, why aren’t we always sick? That’s all thanks to the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system flushes these toxins from our bodies through a network of organs and tissues. This process can help eliminate toxins and build a strong immune system to keep us healthy.

Every so often, however, you might’ve felt sluggish, achy, tired, or like you’ve got a flu or cold. This was an example of your lymphatic system being impaired. To assist in getting your lymphatic system back on track, many people look to lymphatic drainage massage benefits. Today we’re taking a look at the benefits of lymphatic drainage self massage and how these home treatments may help improve your overall health and well being.

What Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

What is lymphatic drainage massage, exactly? Before we jump into lymphatic drainage massage benefits, let’s take a moment to more fully understand what this type of massage treatment is.

Lymphatic drainage massage refers to the massage technique that stimulates lymph flow throughout the body with gentle movements. Lymph is a clear or white-ish fluid made up of white blood cells (especially lymphocytes) and another fluid called chyle, which contains fats and proteins. Lymphatic drainage self massage is meant to restore functions of your body’s immune system to fight foreign bacteria and viruses that may otherwise make you sick.

This type of massage technique involves long strokes to move the lymph fluid in such a way that organs will be able to process it and filter it from the body. These rhythmic hand strokes restimulate a sluggish lymphatic system and can go a long way for how to build a strong immune system in the body.

While some may opt to go to a specialized massage therapist for this technique, you can perform lymphatic drainage self massage at home, too. Additionally, one of the benefits of owning a massage chair is that different types of massage programs may help stimulate your lymphatic system, as well, making them doubly useful and beneficial for your body.

Bonus Tip: If you’re hoping for some lymphatic drainage massage benefits while using a massage chair at home, try more therapeutic massage programs like Swedish massage or shiatsu massage.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefits

Aside from stimulating the lymphatic system, what exactly are the benefits of lymphatic drainage self massage? While the goal of this massage technique is to move lymph throughout the body more efficiently, let’s take a look at some ways it can benefit you such as:

  • Building a stronger immune system
  • Reducing stress, anxiety, and fatigue
  • Potentially assisting in breastfeeding
  • Natural migraine pain relief
  • Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain relief

Building Your Immune System With Lymphatic Drainage Self Massage

As we’ve mentioned, one of the biggest lymphatic drainage massage benefits is how it helps strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy. Lymphatic drainage self massage targets lymph nodes in your body, which play a vital role in enhancing your immune system. Lymph nodes—found in areas such as your underarms and groin, under your throat, and around your chest—function as highly efficient filters, trapping toxins and bacteria for them to be eliminated before affecting the rest of the body.

Whether you’re using a massage chair vs human massage for peripheral lymphatic massage benefits, you may see noticeable improvements in how you feel as well as any areas of inflammation even after one massage session!

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefits for Stress, Anxiety, and Fatigue

It’s well known that full body massages reduce stress and that getting a massage for anxiety and stress relief may also help with symptoms of depression (including fatigue). Did you know, however, that lymphatic drainage self massage can enhance your stress relief even further? The application of pressure on certain parts of the body with lymphatic drainage self massage has been shown to have a direct effect on changing the psychological state of those experiencing stress.

If you experience symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety, or fatigue, you may find that lymphatic drainage massage benefits are a total game changer!

How Using Lymphatic Drainage Self Massage Can Help With Breastfeeding

Some women who give birth choose to breastfeed their baby but a surprisingly large percentage will encounter issues or complications along the way that can interrupt the process. This is another area where lymphatic drainage self massage can come in handy as this technique may help with many different common issues such as plugged ducts, nipple swelling, and engorgement. These common breastfeeding issues may be relatively harmless in the long term, but can be very uncomfortable as you experience them.

Using Lymphatic Drainage Self Massage for Migraine Relief

Another of the lymphatic drainage massage benefits we can’t overlook is the potential for them to help with how to prevent migraines naturally. According to one study, getting a massage at least once a week may reduce migraine frequency as well as improve sleep quality and stress management. The benefits of lymphatic drainage massage may include several elements that alleviate migraine pain or occurrences such as increased blood flow.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefits for Chronic Pain

The deep and harmonic strokes of lymphatic drainage self massage may help alleviate chronic pain symptoms, as well. These benefits go hand-in-hand with using stress management for how to manage chronic pain as well as the deep relaxation it can bring about for both your mind and body.

For people living with fibromyalgia or other chronic pain ailments, many times they have areas of inflammation, stiffness, swelling, or soreness. Lymphatic drainage massage benefits all these ailments, helping potentially reduce overall pain levels and managing chronic pain symptoms effectively.

We hope this guide has given you a better idea of the benefits of lymphatic drainage self massage. This is a massage technique that may take a little time to really master for home treatment, but it’s one that can be especially useful in boosting your overall health. If you choose a massage chair for home, you may experience some of the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage from programs like Swedish massage or deep tissue massage. Before beginning any kind of home treatments, however, it’s always best to speak with your doctor to ensure it’s safe to do so and that you’re aware of how to perform the techniques properly.

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