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Gifts for Grandpa: New Grandpa Gifts to Relieve Stress

May 11, 2023

Gifting is truly an art. When it comes to choosing a present for an elderly loved one, the process demands a heavy dose of thoughtfulness. The best gifts for grandpa are those that shine a light on their health – both mental and physical. What would help your favorite grandpa sleep well? What would make them unwind and relax? What would make them bid farewell to stress, once and for all? What would give them a lifetime of health and wellness? 

If you’ve handled your own share of challenges on your search for new grandpa gifts, this article will help you walk away with the perfect decision! 

7 Perfect Gifts for Grandpa

Think about grandpa and what he likes - is he a homebody? Does he like the latest technological gadgets? Would he like to increase his health and vitality? When you are looking for a great new grandpa gift, these are things to keep in mind as you look at some of the more popular choices on the market. Learn more about great gifts that:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase activeness
  • Can be used around the house
  • Are the latest trends in new tech
  • Keep grandpa cozy
  • Promote relaxation

1. Gifts for New Grandpa Stress Relief: Calm Gift Subscription

After a long day of playing with the kiddos, when grandpa is finally ready for bed, how can you make sure he falls into a deep, stress-free slumber in a natural way? The answer lies in relaxation-inducing meditations. Calm Gift Subscription is one the most calming options when it comes to choosing gifts for a new grandpa. It can help him create pre-sleep rituals to maintain a healthy sleep routine. The app features a colorful library of sleep sounds and guided meditations so he can clear his mind and look forward to another beautiful day. 

2. Gifts for Grandpa Who is Active: A New Pair of Sneakers

Whether you’re 10 or 90 – exercise is the ultimate wellness pill to lead a healthy life. From improving our quality of life to determining the kind of mood we’re in – exercise affects everything we do during our lives. It directly impacts the way we sleep and combat disorders and makes great gifts for new grandpas. But if your loved one has trouble staying motivated for exercise, what can you do to help them? 

The answer could be as simple as a pair of new sneakers! Gifting grandpa, a brand-new pair of comfy sneakers will encourage him to go for walks in the neighborhood or even enjoy their little hiking adventure in a nearby forest. The right pair of shoes will also offer them solid physical safety and prevent any possible injuries. 

3. Gifts for New Grandpa Homebodies: Aromatherapy Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser releases essential oils into the air so your loved one can inhale and absorb its benefits. 

Aromatherapy is known to improve digestion and sleep. It lowers anxiety, reduces stress levels, and offers pain relief. Aromatherapy can also fill the gaps that the immune system cannot when a body ages. Find the essential oils your grandpa would love to smell. 

Not sure? The most popular ones that alleviate stress and soothe the senses include lavender, rosemary, ylang-ylang, and peppermint. Seniors coping with stress often go for peppermint. 

4. Tech Gifts for Grandpa: Virtual Reality Fitness

Who said fitness could only be achieved outside? All you need to ensure grandpa stays fit and happy is a virtual reality headset like the Oculus Quest 2 and a VR workout program like Supernatural. Through virtual reality fitness, your loved one can meditate, smash targets, or perform their favorite workouts literally anywhere (from Bali to Iceland and everything in between). 

Perfect for seniors with mobility issues, VR fitness offers options for adaptability, accessibility, and movement so you can customize the program for them to find the most fun way to stay fit. 

5. Fitness Accessory Gifts for Grandpa: Fitness Tracker or SmartWatch

Smart watches like the Apple Watch or FitBit are one of the most popular types of gifts for a new grandpa. These watches come armed with many functions, including those related to safety. For instance, some devices like the Apple Watch allow emergency calls and come with fall detection features. They offer a variety of health metrics like blood oxygen level, heart rate, and number of steps taken. This not only keeps you updated about your loved ones but also presents a fun way for them to take care of themselves. 

6. Cozy Gifts for New Grandpa: Weighted Blanket

If you’re keen on finding a de-stressing item, don’t hesitate to choose a weighted blanket as one of the new “grandpa gifts” options. Cozy and functional, these blankets do a great job of performing deep pressure stimulation therapy. In other words, they keep the nervous system relaxed and pave the path for deep, restful sleep. 

7. Health-Related Gifts for Grandpa: Ogawa Massage Chair

The importance of massage for both physical and mental health cannot be stressed enough. Your grandpa may love the idea of regular massage therapy but may find it challenging to keep up with the appointments or costs. 

But what if you could make relaxing massages available at his disposable whenever he wants? Can a massage chair be a contestant for one of the most valuable gifts for grandpa? It certainly can! 

Among its countless health benefits, the Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Massage Chair helps grandpa’s muscles become more flexible. The chair works its magic by reviving muscle elasticity and ultimately increasing joint mobility. It also offers several other benefits, including:

  • Faster muscle recovery and elimination of lactic acid from the muscles
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Heightened energy levels
  • More efficient elimination of toxins by regulating the lymphatic system
  • Reduction of tension in shoulders and the neck
  • Headache relief 

Aside from being a goldmine of good health, this massage chair also keeps grandpa’s mental health shielded by reducing stress and anxiety. One study revealed how relaxing in a massage chair for 20 minutes each day made way for mental well-being, while another study from the Journal of Sleep Medicine showed how massage chairs offered muscle relaxation at bedtime, alleviated fatigue, and improved the quality of sleep. 

This chair also includes a “chair doctor” powered by AI. It studies the current tension and stresses your grandpa may have, reads their heart rate to measure their stress levels, and senses their emotional state. Then, it crafts a tailor-made massage your grandpa’s mind and body will love! 

In other words, when you give grandpa massage chair gifts, you gift him massage sessions available 24/7, shield him from any kind of stress, make him cultivate restful sleeping habits, and help him stay active all day (and make better gifts for new grandpa than a gift card)!

The Perfect Gifts for Grandpa *Do* Exist

With all the options out there, you are sure to find the perfect new grandpa gifts that will show this special man just how much he means to you. From a stress-reducing subscription to a relaxing Ogawa massage chair - grandpa is sure to enjoy his days (and nights). Need a gift for grandma? Take a look at some of the best fits for grandma that you can shower her with, too!
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