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Airbnb Furniture Ideas For Function & Design

Nov 17, 2022

You’ve secured a beautiful property in a great location that you’re sure will be the perfect Airbnb spot. Now what? It’s time to make your short-term rental property into something special with Airbnb furniture ideas that will wow guests and give them a memorable experience.

Furniture is one of the most important elements when it comes to outfitting your Airbnb with everything guests need. Today, we’re taking a look at Airbnb furniture ideas for function and design that will have your property standing out for all the right reasons. Read on, and be inspired!

Airbnb Furniture Ideas for a Memorable Property

Airbnb hosts are having to get creative to make their properties stand out. With over 6 million properties listed on Airbnb, turning your space into something special and providing unique experiences for guests will help it stay booked.

Even more indicative of the need for smart Airbnb furniture ideas is that 43% of guests report functionality as one of their top-valued amenities. Outfitting your property with Airbnb furniture for function and design makes a noticeable difference.

Some Airbnb furniture ideas to consider for your short-term rental property include:

  • Going with a comfortable, minimalist design for bedrooms
  • Creating a relaxation space with a massage chair
  • Getting creative with unique furniture pieces that make a statement
  • Including thoughtful entryway Airbnb furniture pieces
  • Making a comfortable morning nook for a calming morning

Choosing a Comfortable, Minimalist Design for Bedrooms

We’re kicking off our list of Airbnb furniture ideas for function and design by highlighting the importance of comfortable mattresses in the bedrooms of your property. In order to appeal to the highest number of guests, it’s always best to choose a mattress that lies in the middle between firm and plush. Memory foam mattresses or pillow-top mattresses are popular choices that provide plenty of support and comfort to give your guests a good night’s sleep.

Don’t forget to round out the bedroom with functional pieces like bedside tables, a lamp, and an alarm clock to cover all bases for guests staying at your property! Simple, minimalist Airbnb furniture ideas go a long way to create a relaxing bedroom space while still providing everything your guests need.

Creating a Relaxation Space with Airbnb Furniture

One of the best ways to create a unique, memorable property with Airbnb furniture ideas is to create a relaxing space for guests. If space allows, this could be a dedicated room outfitted with a luxury massage chair and meditation area. For smaller properties, a massage chair fits easily into a living room space, giving your guests the option to experience a variety of different massage techniques at the touch of a button after a full day of experiences.

Creating a relaxation space with Airbnb furniture is an even bigger draw for properties around popular hiking spots, outdoor adventures like skiing or snowboarding, remote getaways, and even ones near theme parks or other locations with lots of walking. After a long day, how amazing is it to come back to a well-furnished private space and be able to experience a full body massage chair?

Today’s massage chairs have advanced to the point they’ve effectively eliminated any difference between using a massage chair vs human massage. There are heated massage chairs as well as models with a plethora of massage chair features to have your guests loving every minute of their stay. Furthermore, the durability of luxury massage chairs means they’re a smart investment for Airbnb furniture ideas to make your property stand out and stay booked.

Getting Creative With Statement Pieces in Each Room

Next up on our list of Airbnb furniture ideas for function and design is to choose a statement piece for each room. These statement Airbnb furniture pieces will anchor each space and elevate the overall look. Smart choices allow function and design to go hand-in-hand, creating a beautiful space that puts your property heads above the rest.

Choosing a statement piece for each room such as a large couch, a luxury massage chair, and a large table for gatherings also helps you avoid purchasing matching furniture sets. A cohesive look and theme for your property doesn’t mean everything needs to match. In fact, adding diversity to Airbnb furniture ideas with bold statement pieces supported by smaller accent furniture is the perfect way to elevate the overall look and feel of the space. Don’t be afraid to mix complementary styles. It adds visual interest and gives your Airbnb property a custom feel.

Including Entryway Furniture for Function and Design

Too often, the entryway to a rental property is undervalued. This is an immediate opportunity to wow guests with Airbnb furniture ideas for function and design by offering a cozy, welcoming piece that also serves a purpose. For example, for getaways near popular hiking trails or other outdoor activities, an entryway with a cute bench and place to hang coats gives guests a dedicated space to place their shoes and jackets when they return.

Not only is it thoughtful, adding to their experience, but it also serves to keep the property cleaner by suggesting guests don’t track anything throughout the home. 

Making a Comfortable Morning Nook

Last, as we explore Airbnb furniture ideas for function and design, is making a comfortable morning nook. This could be anything from a quaint bistro table set for a smaller space or a large banquette fit against a window. The key to this Airbnb furniture idea is creating a space for guests to enjoy a slow, comfortable start to their morning. Slowly sipping morning coffee, reading their favorite book, or simply soaking up the sun before starting their day gives guests a memorable experience they may post about in their reviews!

There are loads of Airbnb furniture ideas to turn any short-term rental property into something amazing. With millions of properties listed on the platform, finding special ways to make your home stand out from the crowd is essential to your success. From unique pieces like a massage chair to a pleasant morning nook for morning coffee, giving your guests the ultimate experience will have them coming back again and again.

Want to learn more about massage chairs and how they add value to your Airbnb property? Check out the Ogawa Active L 3D Massage Chair and give your guests an experience they’ll rave about in their review!

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