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Shoulder Massage Techniques for Pain Relief

Nov 22, 2022

We use our shoulders much more than we may realize. Whether we’re lifting, pulling, throwing, or doing almost anything with our hands and arms, shoulder mobility is required. This leaves us open to shoulder pain and tension that could worsen if not treated. A shoulder massage benefits the body by alleviating pain, stress, and other catalysts of tension in the shoulder area.

Today, we’re looking at shoulder massage techniques for pain relief that will get you back to feeling great. Don’t let shoulder pain keep you down!

Shoulder Massage Techniques and Tips

Pain in the shoulder areas can range from irritating to completely debilitating. Left untreated, it could worsen and cause more serious damage. Sources of shoulder pain include lifting, carrying, pulling, or even simply poor posture. It can affect people of any lifestyle, active or sedentary.

There are a few common shoulder massage techniques for pain relief you might consider. These include:

  • Forearm press shoulder massage techniques
  • Massage to the back of the neck using hands
  • Shoulder squeeze massage

Forearm Press Shoulder Massage

First on our list of shoulder massage techniques for pain relief is the forearm press method. With the other person standing behind you, have them place their forearms onto your shoulders on each side. Some suggest this may look as if they’re holding an invisible steering wheel in front of your face, when positioned properly. Have them apply pressure, pushing down and moving their arms in and out from your neck to your shoulders. Be sure not to apply too much pressure, however, and risk hurting yourself.

Hand Massage for the Back of the Neck

A lot of shoulder pain and tension is carried right near the base of the neck. Using one hand made into a large ‘C’ shape, have the other person grip the back of your neck at the base of your skull and walk it downward towards your shoulder blades. As they move their hand down towards your shoulders, they should be moving their fingers and thumb in small circles to release shoulder tension stemming from the neck muscles and radiating downward.

This entry on our list of shoulder massage techniques may also be done by yourself, if you’re able to.

Shoulder Squeeze Massage

Last, but not least, on our list of shoulder massage techniques for pain relief is the shoulder squeeze method. Have another place one hand on each shoulder then squeeze and release the trapezius muscle between their fingertips and heels of their hands. Moving their hands around slightly until they find the source of your shoulder pain will point out the perfect spot for relief.

How to Get the Best Shoulder Massage Benefits

While these shoulder massage techniques are simple enough, they typically require another person. This could be a friend or family member willing to help out, as well as a professional massage therapist. The issue with someone untrained is that they could potentially harm you accidentally. Conversely, massage therapy appointments add up quickly and are often less focused than you may need at the moment. The best shoulder massage solution is owning a massage chair at home!

A luxury massage chair delivers a full spectrum of shoulder massage benefits through the application of various shoulder massage techniques and programs. Massage chairs with body scanning technology adjust to the user's height each time, allowing the massage program to start at the perfect position for everyone who uses it.

Additional massage chair features such as heat therapy, zero gravity reclining capability, and chromotherapy enhance the experience of shoulder massage techniques, giving you a massage session tailored to your needs at the touch of a button. People of all ages and lifestyles have integrated a massage chair with shoulder massage benefits into their regular self-care routine, recognizing their value many times over.

Ready to explore the benefits of shoulder massage techniques to the fullest? While a massage therapy appointment may sound great, nothing beats the benefits of owning a massage chair at home. Shoulder massage techniques and a full body experience wrapped into one makes your massage chair the tool you’ll wonder how you ever lived without!

The benefits of a massage chair don’t stop at the shoulders. Take a look at the Ogawa Active L Plus Massage Chair to promote total body wellness.
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