4 Heated Massage Chair Benefits For Back Pain
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4 Heated Massage Chair Benefits For Back Pain

Mar 16, 2021

Massage chairs have evolved from simple relaxation tools into life-changing experiences that boost your physical and mental health. Luxury massage chairs do more than simple massages. High tech massage chairs offer heat therapy, a variety of massage techniques, and even body scanning technology to focus on the muscle groups you need most.

Some of the many massage chair benefits for back pain revolve around heat therapy features. Today we’re taking a look at 4 heated massage chair benefits for back pain that will have you wondering why you’ve waited so long to get one for yourself!

Best Massage Chair Benefits for Back Pain

Back pain is an extremely common health ailment afflicting upwards of 80% of adults at some point in their lifetime. While some instances of back pain are acute, left unchecked they can evolve into chronic back pain problems and potentially cause lasting damage.

Heat therapy has been shown to be effective at treating back pain making it a crucial feature when choosing a massage chair for your home. Some heated massage chair benefits for back pain are:

  • Heated lumbar support for alleviating back pain and muscle tension
  • Increased blood circulation for tissue healing with heated massage
  • L-track hip and glute massage for back pain relief
  • Relaxing muscle spasms that cause back pain

Massage Chair Benefits From Heated Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is essential for maintaining good posture while sitting and returning your spine to its natural S-shaped curvature. When you’re looking at massage chair benefits for back pain, heated lumbar support is a feature you don’t want to miss.

Not only does proper lumbar support help decrease excess pressure on the spine and pelvic area, a common cause of back pain, but it helps make good posture second nature. If you’re used to sitting in a properly aligned position in a heated massage chair, you’ll start to notice the habit sinking into everyday life. Studies have shown this to be extremely beneficial in preventing back pain for office workers, people working from home, and others sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Heated lumbar support in luxury massage chairs takes this massage chair benefit for back pain to another level entirely as the heat therapy releases muscle tension and keeps you loose. The heat provided by these high tech massage chairs also helps muscles heal more quickly, alleviating back pain for now and helping prevent back pain in the future.

Increased Blood Circulation in Heated Massage Chairs

Next up in our exploration of heated massage chair benefits for back pain is increased blood circulation. Massage chair heat therapy works to dilate the blood vessels in muscles and increase the flow of blood throughout your body. This blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to muscles and helps tissue heal faster, providing back pain relief.

Applying heat in a massage chair benefits back pain stretches the tissue around the spine providing a secondary massage chair benefit for back pain by increasing flexibility. Flexibility is an important factor in spinal health and can help prevent back pain.

Additionally, increased blood circulation in heated massage chairs alleviates muscle tension while reducing inflammation and swelling. Each of these are factors that contribute to back pain, making a heated massage chair crucial to back pain relief.

Using an L-Track Massage Chair for Hips and Glutes

Heated massage chair benefits for back pain don’t stop at your waistline. High-end massage chairs offering heat therapy may also use an L-track for its massage rollers. This L-track massage chair extends the experience to your hips, glutes, and hamstrings.

So why is this important? Back pain can stem from the hips and glutes, as well. These muscle groups are often overlooked but provide support to your frame whether you’re standing upright, getting in and out of a car, or participating in physical activities like running. Since they’re so interconnected with your spine, a problem in your hips or glutes can radiate upwards causing back pain.

Daily use of an L-track massage chair with heat therapy features may be your new favorite routine to relieve back pain and get back to feeling your best! For added comfort, get an L-track heated massage chair that reclines into the zero gravity position to further reduce pressure on the hips and pelvic areas while you relax.

Relaxing Muscle Spasms With Heated Massage Chairs

Last in this exploration of heated massage chair benefits for back pain is their effectiveness for treating muscle spasms. Muscle spasms most commonly stem from overexercising, elevated stress levels, or dehydration. These spasms may first appear as a twitch but can also evolve into painful muscle cramps, making them a common source of back pain.

Heated massage chairs relax tight muscles while massaging and stretching them. Once again having an L-track massage chair with heat therapy features is most effective as it can help treat muscle spasms from wherever they may stem.

Choosing the right type of massage to treat back pain may differ from person to person. This is why it’s also a good idea to choose a massage chair with 3D or 4D rollers and various massage techniques in order to achieve a deeper, more relaxing massage.

Pro tip: High tech massage chairs with custom massage programming make the most of all these features and allow you to focus your experience exactly where you need it most.

So much more than just a luxury furniture piece, these heated massage chair benefits for back pain go to show how it goes beyond casual relaxation and boosts your overall health. Left untreated, acute back pain can become chronic back pain and afflict lasting damage. Choose a massage chair for back pain that fits your lifestyle and has the options you need to keep you up and feeling your best!

Want to know more about using a massage chair for an active lifestyle? Check out our guide to massage chair benefits for athletes!

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