What Is a Shiatsu Massage Chair?
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What Is a Shiatsu Massage Chair?

Mar 18, 2021

A good massage can help keep your body in prime condition to meet the needs of your busy and active lifestyle. Making time to go to massage therapists, however, isn’t always an option (especially during the recent pandemic). So then what is the best way to experience the benefits of massage? The answer is a shiatsu massage chair.

Luxury massage chairs with shiatsu massage options enhance your experience and can provide a variety of health benefits from the comfort of your own home. Where more entry level models may only offer simple massage functions, choosing a high tech massage chair with shiatsu massage brings this technique to you at the touch of a button.

Before we answer the question “what is a shiatsu massage chair?” let’s first take a look at what shiatsu massage is.

What is Shiatsu Massage?

You’re familiar with a regular massage but what is shiatsu massage? Shiatsu massage is a centuries-old Japanese technique that means “finger pressure massage.” The goal of shiatsu massage is to apply pressure to specific points of the body in order to alleviate pain and loosen muscles.

Since shiatsu massage is more therapeutic versus other forms of massage which may be more geared towards casual self care, it’s important to speak with your healthcare professional to ensure it’s safe for you to experience. While issues are uncommon, your doctor will be able to tell you if you’re at risk or should choose other massage techniques.

So Then What Is a Shiatsu Massage Chair?

If shiatsu massage is precise and focused then what is a shiatsu massage chair and how does it work without the hands of a real massage therapist?

Shiatsu massage chairs are high end massage chairs using S-track and L-track construction to allow the rollers to work on your back without losing contact. They’re better for your health and keep your body in top condition when compared to lower end massage chair models.

Having a massage chair can bring shiatsu massage benefits into the comfort of your own home. Instead of having to wait between visits, you can experience a deeply relaxing shiatsu massage any time you want! This makes it easy to fit into any lifestyle. In high tech massage chairs, shiatsu massage is a button click away.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage Chairs

Knowing that a shiatsu massage chair lets you experience shiatsu massage benefits at home is great but what all does that mean for your body? In our journey to answer the question “what is a shiatsu massage chair?” it’s important to focus on their benefits and how they elevate your massage experience.  Some of the benefits of shiatsu massage chairs are:

  • Back pain relief
  • Improved posture
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Better sleep quality
  • Less stress and anxiety

Shiatsu Massage for Lower Back Pain Relief

First and foremost, shiatsu massage chairs target specific areas in order to help loosen muscles and alleviate pain. An extremely common health problem, shiatsu massage for back pain relief can help prevent further issues or provide treatment for back pain sufferers.

The S-track and L-track massage chairs for shiatsu massage make sure the rollers never lose contact with your body. High tech massage chairs with body scanning technology may take this a step further by locating specific areas that need attention and focusing there. Who doesn’t want a luxury massage chair that looks out for them?

Improving Posture in Shiatsu Massage Chairs

Having good posture is important for preventing and alleviating back pain. Without realizing it, many of us develop bad sitting habits that result in poor posture and put us at risk for more serious health complications down the road.

Shiatsu massage chairs work to align your spine and improve your posture to remedy this issue. Daily use of your shiatsu massage chair can also help you adapt better posture habits throughout your entire day.

Increased Blood Circulation Using Shiatsu Massage Chairs

It’s been shown that shiatsu massage has a direct correlation to increased blood circulation, decreasing blood pressure and reducing heart rate while in sitting position. This improved circulation helps the body heal faster as oxygen and nutrient rich blood is delivered to tissue. Choosing a luxury shiatsu massage chair that reclines into the zero gravity position may enhance this health benefit of massage chairs even more.

As a bonus, when you’re using a shiatsu massage chair for blood circulation your body is also releasing endorphins. These natural hormones help alleviate pain and can elevate your mood.

Fun fact: Your blood circulation can also have a direct impact on the health of your skin, meaning using a shiatsu massage chair can help you look as healthy and radiant as you feel!

Using Shiatsu Massage Chairs for Better Sleep Quality

According to the CDC, 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep. Simply getting the right amount of sleep, however, isn’t the only factor. It’s important to also have good sleep quality for restful sleep or you may wake up feeling tired no matter what.

So how does learning what a shiatsu massage chair is help with better sleep quality? Regular massage has been shown to help the body relax more deeply. Using your shiatsu massage chair features as part of a night time routine may help your mind and body unwind before bed and help you wake feeling rested and ready for the day ahead

How Shiatsu Massage Chairs Lower Stress Levels

While most of our exploration into “what is a shiatsu massage chair” is about physical health benefits, these chairs may help take care of your mental health, as well. If you’ve got a hectic schedule and active lifestyle, it’s important to be able to unwind and learn stress management techniques to prevent excess muscle tension and fight potentially elevated risks of depression.

Daily use of a shiatsu massage chair will help you feel relaxed, allowing your mind to let go of the stresses of the day. This is just another reason having a shiatsu massage chair at the ready in your home provides immense benefits.

We hope you’ve gained a better understanding to answer the question “what is a shiatsu massage chair” reading our guide to these amazing chairs. With hectic schedules and active lifestyles, it’s important to remember to take the time to care for your body and mind. Choosing a shiatsu massage chair for your home can boost your overall health and keep you ready to take on each day. As always, remember to consult your healthcare professional before beginning any therapeutic massage routines.

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