What's The Difference Between S-Track vs L-Track?
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What's The Difference Between S-Track vs L-Track?

Jun 22, 2021

When you’re researching massage chairs or learning how to choose a massage chair for you, you’ll undoubtedly come across the debate between S-track vs L-track. What do these terms mean, though, and how do they affect your experience?

We’re taking a look at the difference between S-track vs L-track massage chairs to help you determine which one is right for you. Read on!

What are Roller Tracks?

Before we hop into the differences between S-track and L-track massage chairs, what are roller tracks anyway? Roller tracks are what makes up the path massage chair rollers can travel along your body. Massage chair roller tracks start at your neck level and work their way down your body.

In decades past, 2D massage chairs had a linear roller track that caused occasional spots where the rollers would disengage from your back. Today’s massage chairs have 3D and 4D rollers along S-track and L-track frames that keep them in contact with you at all times. (New to massage chairs and 3D/4D rollers? These guides can help explain more about each. Check them out once you’re done with this post: “What’s a 3D massage chair?” and “What is a 4D massage chair?”)

Differences Between S-Track vs L-Track Massage Chairs

When you’re looking at L-track or S-track massage chairs, what you’re really talking about is the shape and length of the roller track within the chair itself. What does each mean and what do they do differently? Let’s check it out!

S-Track Massage Chairs

As you compare S-track vs L-track today, you’ll find many massage chair models are S-track massage chairs. This refers to the massage roller track following the natural S-shaped curvature of the human spine. As the rollers move up and down your body from the neck to the lower back following your spinal curvature, they’re able to maintain contact with your body at all times.

The roller track starts at the top of the neck in a forward position until it reaches the middle of the back area where it retracts a bit. As it continues down your back, it begins to move forward again slightly to keep in contact until the very base of the roller track itself.

Combined with 3D massage rollers (or 4D massage rollers), an S-track massage chair gives you a very natural feeling massage experience.

L-Track Massage Chairs

Second up in our exploration of the differences between S-track vs L-track massage chairs comes the L-track models. Massage chairs are always evolving and the L-track massage chair (also sometimes referred to as an SL-track massage chair) is the newest style of roller track on the market. Found in high end luxury massage chairs, an L-track massage chair has an extended roller track that continues below the lower back to the glutes and top of the hamstrings. The continuous nature of the L-track massage chair gives users a full body massage experience.

Since the L-track is found in top tier massage chairs, it’s often found alongside other features that boost your massage chair experience, as well, such as heated knee and calf massages. This may be especially important as a top massage chair benefit for athletes or those with more active lifestyles.

In addition to athletes and active persons, L-track massage chairs may also be a good choice for those experiencing sciatica symptoms in the pelvic region that extend down the leg.

Which Massage Chair Track Should I Choose?

When it comes to choosing between an S-track vs L-track massage chair, you really can’t go wrong. While the L-track does extend further and provide a more full body massage experience, these models do tend to come in at a slightly higher price point.

In luxury massage chairs, both options are likely to come with a wide variety of features, as well. This means you’re not necessarily sacrificing luxury massage chair features like the benefits of heat therapy for back pain or light therapy treatments by choosing an S-track vs L-track model.

One area that may differ between these two choices is the type of massage rollers your chair has. While you’ll find 3D massage rollers in both S-track and L-track models, massage chairs with 4D rollers are most likely to be found only in L-track models. This may tip the scale in favor of an L-track massage chair if you’re set on having added control of speed and rhythm over your massage program.

When it comes to the differences between S-track and L-track massage chairs, what counts is what features you need to suit your lifestyle. Are you an athlete or active individual who needs the additional massage experience along your glutes and hamstrings to stay loose and recover after activities? Then an L-track massage chair may be right for you. Want an incredible massage chair experience but don’t need the added track length or want a more economical option? An S-track massage chair will give you everything you want. Choose a massage chair to fit your needs and you’ve certainly made the right decision!

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