6 Hand and Arm Massage Benefits
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6 Hand and Arm Massage Benefits

Sep 21, 2021

When you think about getting a massage, the first thing that may come to mind is how it feels on your back and the deep relaxation you experience. While we certainly acknowledge the importance of massage for a healthy spine, relaxing, and re-energizing, did you know that hand and arm massage can be just as healing?

Getting a regular massage is an important part of a self-care routine that may help boost your mental and physical health. Today we’re specifically taking a look at six hand and arm massage benefits to bring the spotlight to this too-often understated massage technique.

How Hand and Arm Massage Techniques Help

Hand and arm massage techniques are lesser-known specialties within the massage therapy experience that can have a major impact on your overall well being. These treatments can be for deep relaxation or targeted to help treat carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, or a plethora of other hand and arm injuries that may need attention.

Some of the biggest hand and arm massage benefits you may experience include:

  • Relaxing muscle tension that may be causing distress elsewhere in your body
  • Reducing anxiety and stress symptoms
  • Increasing blood flow for faster bodily healing
  • Alleviating headaches
  • Increasing mobility and flexibility in the wrists and fingers
  • Deepening relaxation that may improve sleep quality

A Hand and Arm Massage Relaxes Muscles

Kicking off our exploration of hand and arm massage benefits is how they may help relax muscles, alleviating muscle tension and the pain it can bring. While we most often think of muscle tension being treated in the back, neck, and shoulders, hand and arm massage techniques may also help your body relax and reduce muscle tension.

Getting a hand massage can also alleviate muscle strain in your fingers from typing all day or doing activities that require dexterity like playing the piano, playing sports, or lifting weights. The hands have reflexology points that correspond to areas around your entire body including your head, neck, eyes, mouth, and sinuses.

Getting a Hand and Arm Massage for Anxiety and Stress Relief

You may be familiar with how full body massages reduce stress, but did you know hand and arm massage techniques contribute greatly to that? The benefits of massage therapy don’t stop at the back! Studies have shown the positive effects of hand massage on lowering anxiety and managing stress levels. Whether you’re seeing a massage therapist who specializes in this technique or using a massage chair with hand and arm massage capability, you may start to feel your stress and anxieties lessen as you refocus your mind and calm your body.

Bonus: Check out this guide to learn more about the benefits of massage for anxiety and stress after this article!

Hand and Arm Massage Techniques Improve Blood Circulation

Next up on our journey to explore hand and arm massage benefits is their effect on blood circulation. Hand and arm massage techniques help increase blood flow throughout the body by stimulating the blood in those extremities. Better blood circulation allows oxygen and nutrients to reach muscles and tissue more efficiently, enhancing how the body heals itself.

Getting a hand and arm massage may also help lower blood pressure naturally as the blood begins to flow better. This increase can take stress off the heart, potentially reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke. Better circulation in your hands and arms can also decrease swelling that may occur when fluids build up in the area. Swelling can be painful, making hand and arm massage techniques beneficial or pain relief, as well.

Benefits of Hand Massage for Headache Relief

Have you ever heard of applying pressure to the space between your index finger and thumb to help with headache relief? The benefits of hand massage for headache relief take that step much further and may help alleviate headaches in those experiencing them or even potentially be useful for how to prevent migraines naturally. Better circulation and stress relief come together here during a hand and arm massage to really make a difference.

Hand Massages for Wrist Mobility

Hand and wrist pain can happen to anyone at any age. Causes of wrist and hand pain can be anything from arthritis to the need for better tennis recovery methods! The important thing is to learn how to manage this discomfort and find ways to alleviate it.

This is another place where seeing a specialized massage therapist or using a luxury massage chair with hand massage features shines. Hand massages for wrist mobility may benefit a variety of ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and neuropathy. If you lead a more active lifestyle, you’ll find hand massage may also be beneficial for how to make an injury recover faster. The ability to handle this at home as needed is one of the many massage chair benefits for athletes to consider as a solution to scheduling regular visits to a massage therapist, as well.

Better Sleep Quality After Hand and Arm Massage

Last, but not least, in our exploration of hand and arm massage benefits is how they may help improve sleep quality. Similar to different types of massages, you’ll find hand and arm massage techniques evoke deeper relaxation. This relaxation comes from an increase in serotonin production and lower cortisol levels. If you incorporate hand and arm massage into a relaxing night time routine, you may find your mind and body more prepared for restful sleep that results in you waking up ready to take on the day ahead!

We hope you’ve learned just how important hand and arm massage can be. These techniques aren’t just casual extras you might experience from a massage therapist or while using a luxury massage chair. Hand and arm massage benefits can be major contributors to your overall health. See if your massage therapist specializes in these techniques or choose a massage chair with hand and arm massage features to experience their benefits from the comfort and privacy of home. You’ll never overlook the importance of hand and arm massage again.

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