How to Prevent Migraines Naturally
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How to Prevent Migraines Naturally

Jul 15, 2021

Migraines aren’t just your typical headache. If you’ve had one before  (and we suspect so given you’re here!) then you know the intense pain, nausea, light sensitivity, and more that come with these dreaded experiences. Is there anything you can learn on how to prevent migraines, though? We’ve got the answer for you right here.

Today we’re taking a look at drug-free, at-home treatments for how to prevent migraines naturally that you can try right away. With a few lifestyle adjustments and on-the-spot migraine treatment techniques, we want to show you some ways to prevent them from happening again and how to manage them if they do!

Learning How to Prevent Migraines Naturally

When it comes to migraines, you’ve probably noticed a lot of over-the-counter (OTC) medications available. While some severe migraines may require treatment with prescriptions or OTC medication, we want to show you some methods for you to try as you begin to figure out how to prevent migraines naturally. It’s important to note, however, that you should speak to your medical care professional before making any changes in your health routine.

A few methods we like when it comes figuring out how to prevent migraines include:

  • Change your diet for migraine prevention
  • Try biofeedback relaxation techniques
  • Experience the potential health benefits of migraine massage therapy
  • Apply essential oils such as peppermint or lavender

Change Your Diet for Migraine Prevention

Believe it or not, your diet can have quite a bit to do with how to prevent migraines. Studies have shown how this correlation between diet and migraines works both ways, though. While there are foods that help migraines, there are even more foods that trigger migraines as well.

Let’s start by taking a look at known foods that trigger migraines. While these are not guaranteed to cause migraines, it’s best to avoid these or consume them in moderation as part of your efforts when figuring out how to prevent migraines naturally. Some of these foods include:

  • Foods that contain nitrates (such as deli meats, bacon, and hot dogs)
  • Chocolate
  • Certain cheeses why tyramine (such as feta, parmesan, swiss, and cheddar)
  • Iced drinks or very cold foods like ice cream
  • Dried fruits
  • Pickled foods (pickles, olives, pickled okra, etc.)
  • Processed foods
  • Alcoholic beverages (especially red wine)

While this list of foods that cause migraines may seem extremely extensive and some of your favorites may be on there (we know, chocolate is a tragedy), remember you don’t have to cut them all out entirely. While foods with nitrates and overly processed foods are really better off your diet anyway, you may still be able to enjoy things like chocolate, alcohol, or cheeses in small moderation. It may take a little trial and error, but it’s all about finding what works best for you.

So then what are some foods that help migraines? Try incorporating magnesium-rich food into your diet as part of learning how to prevent migraines naturally. Studies have linked magnesium deficiencies with increased risk of migraines. Almonds, seeds, peanut butter, eggs, and milk are all foods that you may want to try adding to your diet to prevent migraines. Another popular suggestion is fresh ginger!

How to Prevent Migraines Using Biofeedback Techniques

Next up in our exploration of how to prevent migraines naturally is using biofeedback. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, allow us to explain! Certain bodily functions are voluntary, meaning you directly control them. These can be things like raising your hand, taking a step, or the movements involved in exercising. Other functions, such as your heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature, are not directly under your control but rather considered involuntary functions. You don’t actively choose whether your heart rate increases or decreases by thinking about it, it’s a reaction to external stimuli such as stress.

This brings us to biofeedback. Using biofeedback is a way to regain a form of control over those items considered typically involuntary functions. This practice, sometimes referred to as biofeedback therapy, is a common migraine treatment method. The overall goal of biofeedback therapy is to teach you to control automatic reactions to stress and other stimuli.

This relaxation technique may be an effective method for preventing migraines naturally or treat one once it’s started. Migraines are frequently caused by stress, so learning a stress-relieving technique seems useful, right? Biofeedback therapy is also meant to help ease muscle tension. This technique can be enhanced further by pairing with the next item on our list: migraine massage therapy.

Massage for Migraine Prevention

No doubt you know how great a massage feels. Did you know that it may also be an effective method to add to your routine as you figure out how to prevent migraines naturally?  According to one study, getting a massage at least once a week may reduce migraine frequency as well as improve sleep quality and stress management.

Who has the time to see a massage therapist once a week, though? Instead, consider learning how to choose a massage chair for home so you can enjoy a massage at the touch of a button whenever you’d like! Is a massage chair worth buying, you ask? Consider the cost build up of weekly massage therapist appointments and it’s pretty easy to see how one of the benefits of owning a massage chair is that it pays for itself pretty quickly.

Not all massage chairs are created equally, however. While there are massage chair benefits for health everyone can benefit from, you’ll also want to see which massage chair features you want your model to have. Do you want a 3D massage chair or a 4D massage chair (learn more about the difference in the resources below)? What about an S-track vs L-track massage chair? And what exactly is this chromotherapy feature you’re seeing?

Regardless of which luxury massage chair you choose, you’ll be able to feel the difference right away. Wondering if there’s a difference between a massage chair vs human massage? The advancements in today’s massage chairs have eliminated it!

There are massage chairs with body scanning technology that ensure the massage rollers hit all the right areas without causing pain on the shoulders, options that allow you to change your massage type (i.e. from Swedish massage into a shiatsu massage chair), and more. The best 4D massage chairs may even have AI massage technology, which allows your chair to learn more about your body by analyzing stress, heart rate, and emotional state to give you a personalized massage experience every time.

Using Essential Oils to Prevent Migraines

Interested in using essential oils to prevent migraines? Studies have shown various ways that essential oils may be useful when trying to learn how to prevent migraines naturally or treat them as they begin.

In one study, results indicated that using lavender essential oils may help ease migraine pain. In the placebo-controlled study, those participants who inhaled lavender essential oils during a migraine for 15 minutes experienced documented faster recovery than those who received the placebo. You can inhale lavender essential oil directly or dilute it for application on the temples if you prefer that method.

Another study with essential oils showed that peppermint oil may be helpful for preventing migraines naturally. The menthol found in peppermint oil may actually be able to help prevent a migraine from occurring. In this study, participants who applied peppermint oil to their temples and foreheads were noted to have reduced or avoided migraine pain and sensitivities.

When it comes to learning how to prevent migraines naturally, there are a plethora of ways to try. You can easily start by adjusting your eating habits to correspond to any food catalysts, trying out essential oils, and choosing a massage chair for home to experience the potential benefits of weekly massage for migraines. See which method works best for you and get yourself back to feeling amazing.

Interested in the health benefits of massage chairs and want to learn more about the available options? Check out these resources and find out:

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