Wait, AI Massage is a Thing?
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Wait, AI Massage is a Thing?

Jul 01, 2021

At the end of a busy day or after working out, there’s nothing better than coming home and being able to enjoy a massage from the comfort of home. Or is there? What if your massage chair was actively learning and adapting your body and your needs each and every time you sat in it? That’s the incredible power of high tech massage chairs with AI massage capabilities!

We’re taking a look at AI massage and how the amazing capabilities of this technology can enhance your massage experience and boost your lifestyle.

What Exactly is an AI Massage Chair?

An AI massage chair is a luxury massage chair model that uses AI technology to learn more about your body and needs as it’s used. When you’re learning how to choose a massage chair that’s right for you, this is a big feature to consider!

When you’re comparing using a massage chair vs human massage, AI massage effectively eliminates any remaining potential differences! In fact, AI massage is arguably better for your body because it adjusts to needs you may not even recognize with its advanced body scanning technology.

How Does AI Massage Work?

When you’re using an AI massage chair, two different types of body scanning technology go to work to deliver the exact massage experience you need.

PPG technology (shortened from photoplethysmography) is a simple optical method of monitoring your heart rate. It’s the same technology you may already have if you wear a smartwatch or when you’re using a machine at the gym. The PPG technology in AI massage is meant to check your heart rate to help analyze your current stress levels.

GSR technology (galvanic skin response) is a type of technology that falls under the more umbrella term electrodermal activity (or EDA). This part of AI massage chair technology reads changes in sweat gland activity that is then analyzed to determine the intensity of our emotional state. This means that AI massage is not only looking at which massage chair benefits will help with stress at that moment, but also what your current emotional state may benefit from.

What’s the Benefit of AI Massage?

AI massage takes the benefits of massage chairs for health to the next level. Sure, full body massages reduce stress as you start to relax, but how much better will you relax when your chair is actively adapting to meet the exact needs of your body? While we may be able to tell some of our needs easily, others may be less detectable without the PPG and GSR technologies that make up AI massage. This means your massage chair essentially knows your body better than you do!

While massage chairs with custom programming are incredibly useful tools, AI massage chairs build on your customization. Does your body need a shiatsu massage chair that day? It knows. Maybe one day you’d benefit from a targeted sports massage. Your AI massage chair will analyze your body’s needs and adjust accordingly! This specificity can make AI massage chairs especially helpful to boost massage chair benefits for athletes after physical activity.

Now imagine your AI massage chair working on your exact needs while you experience other features of your chair like the benefits of heat therapy. You can easily see how AI massage combines with these massage chair features to enhance your overall experience and boost your overall health. With AI massage, you’re literally making the most of every feature of your chair from heat therapy and chromotherapy to knee and calf massages.

Which Massage Chairs Have AI Massage Capabilities?

When you’re looking at massage chairs, you’ll find that AI massage chairs are top of the line models. Is a massage chair worth buying, though? Absolutely! These luxury massage chairs are built with the best technology available. Their microprocessors are capable of faster speed, higher accuracy, and an overall better massage than you’ll experience with anything else. Intelligent sensory microprocessors help your AI massage chair learn and adapt to your body for a personalized massage every time you use it.

Being the best massage chairs on the market, you can expect AI massage chairs to be built on an L-track (learn more about S-track vs L-track you can learn more after this article). This means the massage rollers extend beyond the lower back to the glutes and top of the hamstrings for a more full body massage experience.

Speaking of rollers, you’ll also find that AI massage chairs are going to 4D massage chairs (more on 3D and 4D massage chairs in our resources below). These 4D massage rollers are what gives your AI massage chair its capabilities to reach everywhere it needs along your back as well as adjusting speed and rhythm.

Finally, what about longevity and durability? With the proper care and maintenance, you can expect your AI massage chair to last a very long time. This means that your investment pays for itself many times over compared to traditional human massage therapist appointments (where you may not receive as custom a treatment anyway).

As you can see, AI massage chairs are truly the best massage chairs available. The personalized experience you get from body scanning technology combined with AI massage gives you a tailored massage that will meet all your needs and enhance your lifestyle. Choose a massage chair that offers you everything you need and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Want to learn more about different types of massage chairs? Check out these resources to see which is the best massage chair to buy to meet your needs and desires:

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