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How Often Should I Get a Massage for Knots?

Sep 07, 2023

When people ask, "How often should you get a massage for knots," it stems from them realizing how helpful massage can be for dealing with knots in someone's muscles. A muscle knot is when a portion of a person's muscles becomes tightened, with areas of hardness and sensitivity.  It often happens in the upper back or legs, but it's not limited to those places. Muscle knots are very common and usually occur after a muscle has been irritated in some way. Both acupuncture vs massage techniques have proven benefits when addressing muscle knots. In this post, we'll answer the question: How often should I get a massage for knots?

Does a Massage Benefit Knots?

Massage therapy has been proven to help or reduce the incidence of muscle knots. Using deep tissue or sports massages can help make muscle knots less prevalent because it increases circulation to the muscle, keeping it flexible. 

Using massage alongside other treatments, such as heat or ice, can also help relieve the area. Deep tissue massage techniques may also assist with the occurrence of knots, and having access to a massage chair is among the best ways to deal with the discomfort of knots in the back.

Frequency of Massage for Knots

How often should you get a massage for knots is determined by how intense your current knot situation is. While the frequency of massages can vary based on individual circumstances and preferences, understanding some general guidelines can help you determine how often you should seek relief from those pesky knots. 

Differentiating between mild and severe knots and considering your pain tolerance and sensitivity will be crucial in tailoring your massage routine to your specific needs.

General Guidelines to Consider

If you're asking, "How often should I get a massage for knots," the factors that you should focus on include:

  1. Mild knots vs severe knots: Compare whether the knots in your body are mild or severe. Mild knots, often characterized by a slight discomfort, may necessitate less frequent massages. A weekly or bi-weekly session could prevent these knots from escalating. Conversely, severe knots, causing considerable pain and restricted movement, may require more frequent attention, possibly two to three sessions per week initially. Knowing the severity is key in how often you should get a massage for knots. 
  2. Individual pain tolerance and sensitivity: Depending on how high your pain tolerance is, the length of your massage may vary. When you have a lower pain tolerance, it’s beneficial to receive shorter, more frequent massages since the goal is not to increase your pain - but to reduce it. For higher pain tolerances, longer deep tissue massages may be more tolerable when dealing with muscle knots.
  3. Parts of the body affected by knots: When looking at how often you should get a message for knots, you should consider where these knots occur. Neck and shoulders may develop knots because of poor posture or stress. Utilizing neck massage techniques could help reduce the pain felt in this area. Prolonged sitting or over-exhaustion may lead to knots in the back and lower back. Repetitive motion or typing might cause knots in the wrist or hand muscles. Depending on how often you engage in these activities determines how frequently knots form and how often you should get a massage for knots.

Methods of Treating Your Muscle Knots

If you're wondering, "How often should I get a massage for knots?" you may also be wondering what types of massage are available to help alleviate your discomfort. 

These options present many different types of treatment, and some may appeal to you more than others. Among the methods of managing muscle knot pain are:

  • Hands-on massage: One of the most traditional and versatile methods, hands-on massage involves manual manipulation of the muscles and knots. It offers a direct connection between the therapist and the individual seeking relief.
  • Massage guns: Massage guns have gained popularity for their ability to deliver percussive therapy to muscles. These devices use rapid, targeted vibrations to penetrate deep into muscle tissue. They are incredibly convenient and can be used at home. Learning how to use your massage gun can answer the question: "How often should I get a massage for knots?"
  • Massage chairs: Massage chairs offer an at-home solution that is more convenient than leaving home to visit a massage therapist.. Massage chairs provide a comprehensive and hands-free approach to relieving knots. They are equipped with various massage techniques and can cater to specific areas of the body. Some of them come with AI-powered massage regimens, and others offer heat therapy to reduce pain. Since frequency and severity of discomfort play an important role in how often you should get a massage for knots, getting a massage every day can be accomplished thanks to the ease, convenience, and accessibility of an at-home massage chair.
  • Professional massage therapists: Professionals are trained in identifying knots and applying the right techniques to alleviate them. While they are highly qualified, it can be challenging to schedule an appointment. Some offer home visits, but for the ones that don't, it can be a hassle meeting them for a massage appointment. 
  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture presents an alternative method of dealing with muscle knots. While acupuncture has shown promise for pain management, it should be combined with regular massage sessions to manage muscle tenderness and change approaches to dealing with knots.
  • Combination techniques: Using one type of massage technique might work out for you, but you shouldn't discount mixing and matching techniques. You may find that using multiple methods of massage can offer benefits, not just for knots. Massage chair technology makes it possible to experience a combination of massage techniques, which is just one of the benefits of owning a massage chair.

Create A Personalized Approach to Massage Therapy

So, how often should you get a massage for knots? One of the things you should always pay attention to is your body's needs. Depending on the symptoms you experience with knots in the back, the frequency of your massage will vary. If no improvement comes from massage therapy, you should consult with a physician to determine another course of treatment.  

Of course, if you find that you are experiencing knots in your muscles and massage is working to help alleviate the pain and symptoms you’re experiencing, selecting a massage chair for your home is a more convenient method of getting a massage for knots on demand.

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