Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Parents
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Valentines Day Gifts For Your Parents for Mental & Physical Health

Feb 01, 2022

Valentine’s day isn’t just Cupid’s time to shine. It’s the perfect time to show love and care to anyone in your life. Who better to shower with love than your parents? Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your parents doesn’t have to be too hard. To help make it easier on you, we’ve put together the ideal list of Valentine’s Day gifts for parents for mental and physical health. They took care of you, so this year let’s turn the tables and help take care of them!

Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Parents

Coming up with the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for parents doesn’t need to be stressful or exhausting. To help you show them how much you love and care for them, we’ve gathered some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for mental and physical health to help them relax and practice self-care. Check out these gift ideas and be inspired:

  • Weighted blanket for comfort and calm
  • Luxury massage chair for a mental and physical health boost
  • Tablet for engaging the mind and monitoring health
  • Audible subscription to relax and enjoy
  • TheraBox self-care subscription box

Weighted Blanket

Kicking off our list of Valentine’s Day gifts for parents is a weighted blanket from Luna. These Luna blankets are made with natural, sustainable materials and breathe nicely. Experts have shown the potential of weighted blankets to help with anxiety, relaxation, and possibly even sleep issues like insomnia. They make great Valentine’s Day gifts for your parents they can use whenever and wherever they’d like!

Ogawa Refresh L Massage Chair

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for parents for mental and physical health, there’s no better choice than an Ogawa Refresh L Massage Chair. From neck massage benefits to spinal care and even relaxing the bottoms of the feet, the Refresh L massage chair is the Valentine’s Day gift for your parents that will promote total body wellness.

The Ogawa Refresh L chair also offers a variety of massage chair features for your parents to enjoy! They can experience the benefits of heat therapy, recline into the zero gravity position, and choose from a wide selection of different types of massage. The SL-track design (also known as an L-track massage chair) allows the rollers to continue beyond the lower back, reaching the glutes and top of the hamstrings for a full body massage chair experience.

What about where the rollers may not reach, you ask? The Ogawa Refresh L Massage Chair also comes equipped with 32 airbags with 3 intensity levels that provide a humanistic air pressure massage for the rest of the body. These incredible features of full body massage chairs bring out the best in their potential benefits for mental and physical health. They’re Valentine’s Day gifts for parents they’ll wonder how they ever lived without!

Best Tablet for Parents

To pair with a luxury massage chair, the next item on our list of Valentine’s Day gifts for parents is a tablet like an iPad Air or Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. Your parents can sit back in their massage chair and feel connected to the world with the perfect tablet. They can play games, listen to music, read, or anything they’d like all while engaging their minds. Using a tablet to engage the mind and senses may help improve mental health and prevent cognitive decline as your parents begin to get a little older. These potential benefits make tablets wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts for your parents this year.

Audible Subscription Plan

What goes perfectly with a luxury massage chair and a new tablet for mental and physical health? A subscription plan to Audible! An Audible subscription plan allows your parents unlimited listening to products like:

  • Audible originals
  • Audiobooks
  • Sleep tracks
  • Meditation programs
  • Podcasts

Meditation programs could help enhance their massage chair experience, helping manage stress levels, provide pain relief, and deepen relaxation. Combining these tools as part of a relaxing night time ritual may also boost sleep quality and help them wake up re-energized, mentally clear, and ready to take on each day.

TheraBox Self-Care Subscription Box

Wrapping up our list of Valentine’s Day gifts for parents this year is the TheraBox self-care subscription box. These curated box subscriptions are offered month-to-month as well as in increments of 3, 6, and 12 month programs. They provide practical joy boosting activities & thoughtful self care products such as:

  • Mindful activities
  • Journals
  • Essential oils and aromatherapy
  • Clean beauty skincare
  • Bath and body care products
  • Relaxing wellness/inspirational goodies

The themes and products change each delivery, so these Valentine’s Day gifts for your parents will keep them surprised and always excited to see what’s in the next box all while experiencing fabulous self-care opportunities.

We hope this guide to Valentine’s Day gifts for parents for mental and physical health has inspired you! You can never go wrong when it comes to showing them how much you appreciate them and care. For a really special surprise, consider ways to combine different Valentine’s Day gifts for your parents and help them create the ultimate self-care experience!

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