7 Ways a Back Massage Chair Relieves More Than Just Back Pain
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7 Ways a Back Massage Chair Relieves More Than Just Back Pain

Nov 30, 2021

When you think about a luxury massage chair, the first thing that comes to mind may be getting a back massage for back pain. While they may be beneficial for back pain relief, the evolution of the back massage chair has given them many more potential health benefits than just that. Advancements in technology and design have transformed the simple back massage chair of decades past into an effective tool to enhance any lifestyle today.

Today, we’re taking a look at seven ways a back massage chair relieves more than just back pain. Between design enhancements and features available in some of today’s luxury massage chairs, you’ll see how these tools could be exactly what you need.

Added Benefits of a Back Massage Chair

Getting a back massage for back pain is one of the most commonly sought massage chair benefits. Today’s luxury back massage chair models give users the benefits of massage therapy at home whenever they need it without having to worry about fitting regular appointments into an already full weekly schedule.

There are more potential benefits of massage chairs for health than just getting a back massage for back pain, however. Some of our favorite ways a back massage chair relieves more than just back pain include:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Stiff neck and shoulder pain relief
  • Improving blood circulation throughout the body
  • Helping flush the lymphatic system
  • Providing potential headache and migraine pain relief and prevention
  • Boosting energy levels and elevating mood
  • Enhancing sports injury recovery times

Using a Back Massage Chair for Stress-Related Health Problems

First up in our exploration of different ways a back massage chair relieves more than just back pain is its potential to help with stress related health problems. Stress is a part of our daily lives that we can’t avoid altogether. Instead, learning how to manage stress levels effectively can help with work-related stress and common stress-related health problems such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Asthma
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Gastrointestinal problems like IBS
  • Tension headaches and migraines

It’s no surprise that massages reduce stress, so using a back massage chair regularly may help improve your overall mental health by managing stress in your daily life. How does it work? That deep relaxation you feel during a massage is partly due to massage’s effectiveness as a way to lower cortisol levels naturally. Cortisol is the body’s natural stress hormone that engages our fight-or-flight tendencies. Getting a massage for anxiety and stress helps lower these levels, which can contribute to pain relief, as well.

Neck Massage Benefits of a Back Massage Chair

Today’s back massage chair models don’t just take care of your spine. In fact, back massage chairs with body scanning technology adjust to ensure they begin at the right spot for users of varying heights. The technology advancement makes sure you get the full benefits of a neck massage as part of the different types of massage programs your model offers.

Getting a neck massage in your back massage chair may also help with headache pain, muscle tension, and pinched nerve relief.

A Back Massage Chair May Improve Circulation

Next up as we explore ways a back massage chair relieves more than just back pain comes one of the most important potential health benefits of all: better circulation. Using a back massage chair regularly may improve circulation throughout the body, delivering oxygen and nutrients more efficiently.

In fact, better circulation is part of why getting a back massage for back pain can be so effective. When blood circulates better, muscles and tissue are able to recover much more quickly. This enhances how the body heals itself, which is why massage chairs are popular tools for how to recover from sports injuries as well as how to manage pain on a daily basis.

There are a variety of different massage chair features that may help improve circulation. Foot and leg massagers for circulation are ideal for helping with blood flow issues in lower extremities where it’s common to experience blood flow interruptions, especially as we age. The benefits of heat therapy may also increase blood circulation throughout the body, reducing inflammation and swelling. Furthermore, features such as chromotherapy may offer additional benefits to blood flow depending on the light color you choose for your session.

Flush the Lymphatic System in a Back Massage Chair

Massage chair benefits for back pain may also have a positive impact on your body’s ability to fight off illness and infection. The lymphatic system flushes toxins from our bodies through a network of organs and tissues. This process is what may help eliminate toxins and build a strong immune system to keep us healthy.

If you’re looking to get the benefits of lymphatic drainage self massage while using a massage chair at home, try more therapeutic massage programs like Swedish massage or shiatsu massage. These rhythmic hand strokes could help restimulate an impeded lymphatic system while building a strong immune system in the body.

Back Massage Chairs for Headache and Migraine Prevention

Aside from getting a back massage for back pain, did you know your back massage chair may also be an effective method for how to prevent migraines naturally?  Getting a massage at least once a week was shown in one study to potentially reduce migraine frequency as well as improve sleep quality and stress management.

Boosting Energy Levels and Elevating Your Mood

Ever find yourself feeling sluggish after a long, hard day? We all have! Another way a back massage chair relieves more than just back pain is by helping increase energy levels. One of the most effective ways massage chairs boost energy levels brings us back to better blood circulation. Improved circulation can help give us the boost we need to maintain top performance.

Another way a back massage chair can help boost energy levels is its ability to target areas of your body needing work. This is especially true if you’re using an  AI massage chair. This AI massage technology uses two different types of body scanning systems to deliver a massage experience that meets your unique needs every time. This evolution in back massage chair technology has effectively eliminated any difference between using a massage chair vs massage.

Sports Injury Recovery in a Back Massage Chair

No matter if you’re choosing between a 3D vs 4D massage chair or debating between an S-track vs L-track model, you’ll find that a back massage chair may help with how to make an injury recover faster.

One of the biggest massage chair benefits for athletes with a sports injury is, once again, how massage may improve blood circulation while relaxing the muscles. This enhances the healing process and keeps muscles loose.

Using a luxury massage chair also helps increase flexibility and improve mobility during the sports injury recovery process. Athletes who do not consider flexibility and mobility while healing risk a permanent reduction in their capabilities. Using a massage chair during recovery may help return these health metrics to their full pre-injury state.

As you’ve now learned, there are a variety of ways a back massage chair relieves more than just back pain. From boosting your immune system and preventing migraines to helping manage stress and heal sports injuries faster, choosing a massage chair can have a huge positive impact for any lifestyle. Improve your self care game with a massage chair and experience the difference yourself!

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