Benefits of Massage Chairs with Zero Gravity Position
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Benefits of Massage Chairs with Zero Gravity Position

Feb 08, 2022

Modern massage chairs have come a long way from their more basic predecessors. Where models of decades past fell short in both function and features, luxury massage chairs today provide a wide variety of different programming options and bonus features that make them an asset to enhance any lifestyle.

One popular feature you may come across as you compare different massage chair options is zero gravity position reclining capabilities. What is zero gravity position? How might it make a difference? Today, we’re exploring the benefits of massage chairs with zero gravity position reclining capabilities to help you understand why it’s a feature you won’t want to miss.

What Is Zero Gravity Position?

First, what is zero gravity position? While today’s luxury massage chairs offer a wide variety of tech-forward features, zero gravity position doesn’t mean you’ll be floating around your living room! The zero gravity position gets its name from the observations made on the neutral body position of astronauts at rest in space. In space, the body at rest takes a different position than on earth where gravity takes its toll.

Massage chairs with zero gravity position capabilities emulate this by reclining the body with the legs above the heart level. This positioning evenly distributes weight along the length of the body and may offer a plethora of potential health benefits to enhance your full body massage chair experience.

Why Choose Massage Chairs With Zero Gravity Position?

What makes massage chairs with zero gravity position reclining capabilities so special? While there are plenty of massage chair features to choose from such as the benefits of heat therapy, extended roller tracks found in L-track massage chairs, and even chromotherapy, the zero gravity position elevates the benefits of massage therapy at home to a new level.

Some of the potential benefits of massage chairs with zero gravity position reclining features that propel them beyond models without it are:

  • Potential health benefits of zero gravity position
  • Extra functionality for your massage chair
  • Neutral spine positioning
  • Deeper massage benefits

Benefits of Zero Gravity Position for Mental and Physical Health

Without a doubt, the biggest reason to choose a massage chair with zero gravity reclining ability is for the potential health benefits of zero gravity position. This reclining position could potentially enhance your entire massage experience and boost both your mental and physical well-being.

Zero Gravity Position and Physical Health

Many of the potential benefits of zero gravity position for physical health stem from facilitating better blood flow. When the legs are elevated above the heart level and pressure is taken off the lower back, blood is able to circulate more efficiently throughout the entire body. Better blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients to muscles, tissue, and joints to help them heal more rapidly and stay healthy. While a benefit for people of all ages, this is one of the more motivating massage chair benefits for athletes as it could help with recovering from sports injuries more quickly.

Better circulation also helps keep joints healthy, may improve the results of lymphatic drainage self massage to flush toxins from the body, and even help build a strong immune system. The zero gravity position’s potential benefits for physical health affect nearly every system of the body and could noticeably improve your overall health.

Mental Health Benefits of Zero Gravity Position

The potential benefits of massage chairs with zero gravity position over those without aren’t limited to physical health. Using a zero gravity massage chair may also improve mental health and help prevent cognitive decline, as well.

One of the most popular benefits of owning a massage chair at home is how full body massages reduce stress levels. Stress management is crucial to your mental health and can affect your overall well-being. The zero gravity position may help deepen your relaxation as you experience different types of massage programs, allowing you to shed your stress even better.

Some other ways the benefits of massage chairs with zero gravity position capabilities may positively impact your mental health include:

  • Improving mental clarity
  • Helping fight depression and anxiety
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Improving sleep quality to enhance mental preparedness

Experts have shown the potential benefits of massage therapy time and time again. The potential health benefits of massage chairs with zero gravity reclining features over those without are enough to pique anyone’s interest. Their benefits, however, don’t stop there and continue on with other reasons to consider.

Extra Functionality of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

When you’re debating the question, “is a massage chair worth buying?” there’s no doubt you’re looking to get the most from your investment. To get the most from your massage chair, it’s important to consider which features the best full body massage chair will offer you. As you compare options, the extra functionality of massage chairs with zero gravity position capabilities increases your return on investment.

The best luxury massage chairs are designed to not only provide zero gravity position options, but are also space saving. Some space saving massage chairs, for example, rotate away from the wall, requiring less than 5 inches behind the chair. This added design element makes them perfect to fit into rooms of almost any size, adding to your massage chair’s functionality and versatility.

Neutral Spine Position Sitting

Another of the benefits of massage chairs with zero gravity position features versus those without is neutral spine position sitting. The zero gravity position can put the body into neutral spine position, taking all weight off of the joints and offering the user an incredible feeling.

Contrary to what you might think, a neutral spine isn’t necessarily a straight spine. Instead, neutral spine position refers to the optimal position of your back to align the natural curvature of the spine while evenly distributing pressure. There are three natural curves to the spine: the cervical (neck), thoracic (middle), and lumbar (lower). Zero gravity position can place the body into neutral spine alignment to avoid excess pressure on any one part.

Neutral spine position sitting while in zero gravity position is a potentially effective method of back pain relief. It could also serve as a sciatica treatment at home. Before starting any new health regimen, however, be sure to consult your doctor for guidance and safety.

Deeper Massage Benefits of Zero Gravity Position

Last, though certainly not least, on our list of the benefits of massage chairs with zero gravity position features comes the added deep benefits of massage while reclined. Massage chairs without zero gravity reclining capabilities may offer a range of programs to choose from, but using a massage chair in zero gravity position may boost deep tissue massage benefits or deepen a therapeutic massage program selection.

The added pressure against the massage rollers may result in deeper relaxation and better bodily healing. If you’re using a 4D zero gravity massage chair, you can even adjust the speed and depth of each stroke. Modern massage chairs have truly bridged the gap, effectively eliminating any differences between using a massage chair vs human massage.

As you’ve learned, the benefits of massage chairs with zero gravity position features make them an indispensable option. Choosing a massage chair with the right features for you can make all the difference. From potential mental and physical health boosts to added functionality and deeper massage experiences, the zero gravity position could enhance any lifestyle. Try one out and see the difference for yourself.

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