What Features Does the Best Full Body Massage Chair Have?
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What Features Does the Best Full Body Massage Chair Have?

Dec 02, 2021

There’s nothing like coming home after a long, hard day and relaxing in a massage chair. When it comes to choosing the best home massage chair, the features are what make all the difference. What features does the best full body massage chair have, you ask? Today we’re exploring features you’ll find in the best home massage chair to help you choose which model is right for you.

What Makes the Best Full Body Massage Chair?

Do you find yourself asking, “is a massage chair worth buying?” The answer is a resounding yes! What features does the best full body massage chair have that sets it apart from the crowd, though? While there are great massage chairs available at different prices, some of the best home massage chair features available include:

  • 3D and 4D massage rollers
  • SL-track for a true full body massage experience
  • Touch screen remote for easy control
  • Wide variety of available massage programs (plus custom programming)
  • Body Scanning or AI massage technology
  • Advanced heat therapy features
  • Chromotherapy options
  • Zero gravity reclining ability
  • Bluetooth and smart home integration capabilities

Best Home Massage Chair Roller Options

When you’re looking at massage chairs, you’re going to want to consider what kind of rollers you want your chair to have. While there are fantastic 2D massage chairs available, choosing the best full body massage chair means you’re likely faced with comparing differences between 3D vs 4D massage chairs.

A 3D massage chair has rollers that extend out from the roller track, allowing for more movement capabilities while delivering your massage experience. The up/down, side to side, and inward/outward movements of 3D massage rollers allow your massage chair to operate in all three dimensions. This means it's more likely to offer a wider variety of massage techniques including custom programming for both light touch experiences and deep tissue massage benefits.

If you want the absolute best home massage chair possible, a 4D massage chair is going to be your ideal choice. What is a 4D massage chair, you wonder? The added dimension in 4D massage rollers is the ability to control speed and depth in a single stroke. With a 4D massage chair, you’ll find the difference between using a massage chair vs human massage is effectively eliminated altogether.

SL Massage Track

The next feature the best full body massage chair will have is an SL track. While you’ve most likely heard the debate between S-track vs L-track massage chairs, the SL track is another name for L-track options. An SL-track massage chair will have a specially contoured extended roller track allowing the massage rollers to travel from the back of the head and neck all the way down under the gluteus muscles and to top of the hamstrings. It’s the ultimate in massage track technology and gives you a true full body massage experience.

Touch Screen Remotes in the Best Full Body Massage Chair Models

When comparing different massage chair options, you’ll see that the best home massage chair models have touch screen remotes for complete control with ease. These touch screens allow you to choose from a variety of different massage programs and special features like heat therapy and zero gravity reclining with a simple touch.

Different Types of Massage Programming

Moving on from the physical build of your chair, you’ll find the technology features of the best full body massage chair will begin with a plethora of different types of massage programs. Massage programs found in the best home massage chair may include Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai massage, kneading, clapping, tapping, Rolling, and dual action.

To add to the luxury massage chair experience, the best full body massage chair may offer custom programming, as well. You can create your own targeted massage with one touch. When you’re using one of the best full body massage chairs available, a digital map of your body will show you right where the rollers are lined up with your body.

Building on the number of available massage programs, the best home massage chair models also offer memory programming, as well. These massage chair features are ideal if you’re sharing your massage chair with one or more other people. Each user that has their own memory settings can adjust the massage chair to their personal preferences with ease.

Body Scanning and AI Massage Technology

One of the benefits of owning a massage chair is experiencing the advancements they’ve made. The best full body massage chair on the market today will have body scanning technology that adjusts the rollers in accordance with the size of the user. This technology is also what allows for easy digital body mapping on your touch screen remote for targeted control over your custom massage experience.

Taking it up a notch, the very best full body massage chair may also have AI massage technology. This technology uses two types of body scanning technology to deliver the exact massage experience you need each time! An AI massage chair will be able to determine what massage you need based on current tension levels and stress. Additionally, these advanced massage chairs offer more customizations than any other massage chairs you’ll find.

Advanced Heat Therapy Features in the Best Home Massage Chairs

Many massage chair models today offer the benefits of heat therapy as part of their bonus features but the best full body massage chair takes it to the next level. With advanced heat therapy features like lumbar heat as well as calf and knee heat, these advanced models provide additional benefits to their users.

Calf and knee heat can benefit everyone, but is often top of the list of massage chair benefits for athletes who can use it to recover from a sports injury faster or take care of their bodies after a performance.

Chromotherapy Features

Chromotherapy (also known as color therapy) is a type of light therapy. Instead of just being a method for additional sunlight exposure, however, chromotherapy uses colors to manipulate the mind and body in a variety of ways. The idea behind chromotherapy colors in the best full body massage chair is to potentially improve your physical and mental health in a variety of ways.

Zero Gravity Reclining Capabilities

While a massage chair is not a zero gravity chair (learn about the difference between massage chairs and zero gravity recliners next), the best full body massage chair will have the same capabilities. A zero gravity reclining massage chair elevated the legs above the heart level while distributing the body’s weight. This gives the user a combination of the benefits of massage therapy at home with the potential boosts of zero gravity reclining, as well.

Bluetooth and Smart Home Integrations

Last up in our exploration of what features the best full body massage chair will have is bluetooth and smart home integrations. Simply put, the best home massage chair is designed to enhance your entire experience down to the last detail. Bluetooth and smart home integrations allow you to listen to music, control other smart devices, and enjoy a high-tech lifestyle!

We hope this guide to the best full body massage chair models has given you a lot to consider. Choosing a massage chair that’s right for you means considering all the options available. If you’re finding models with these features, you can rest assured you’re seeing the best home massage chairs out there! Try one out and see the enormous difference it could make to your lifestyle.

For more information on how the best full body massage chairs could enhance your life, check out these resources:

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