Should You Buy a Used Massage Chair?
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Should You Buy a Used Massage Chair?

Jun 10, 2021

So you’ve decided you want to get a massage chair for your home, but do you go with a new one or potentially save a little with a used one? While you may be tempted for the latter, when it comes to how to choose a massage chair, features aren’t the only deciding factor. Buying a used massage chair doesn’t come with the same worry-free experience as purchasing a new massage chair and may present you with a load of problems that make it far more trouble than it’s worth.

So should you buy a used massage chair? We’re taking a look at some of the risks that come with a used massage chair that will show you why they’re just not the best way to go.

Why You Don’t Want to Buy Used Massage Chairs

If you're thinking about buying a massage chair, then of course you’re wanting to get the most out of it. Whether you live an active lifestyle and want massage chair benefits for athletes or you’re interested in the top massage chair benefits for health anyone can experience, the main thing is you want your investment to be worth it.

If you opt to buy a used massage chair, you’re shorting yourself on a variety of fronts. Some of the biggest cons to buying a used massage chair include:

  • Uncertain massage chair maintenance services
  • Potential massage chair defects
  • Issues with massage chair warranty transfers
  • Possible lack of massage chair cleaning and upkeep
  • Decreased massage chair lifespan

Let’s take a look at how any one of these issues is enough to cause major concern about buying a used massage chair. What you may save up front is much more likely to cost you more in the long run.

Used Massage Chair Issue #1: Massage Chair Maintenance Service Record

If you’ve answered yes to the question “is a massage chair worth buying?” then why would you want to take the risk of poor massage chair maintenance for a used model? When you buy a used massage chair, there is an uncertainty of how often it was serviced or if it were maintained properly. Without proper maintenance, you could be looking at a majorly decreased lifespan or even immediate issues with your used massage chair purchase.

What about service records, right? If you choose to buy a used massage chair it’s unlikely you’ll be presented with a detailed record of any maintenance performed on the chair. Furthermore, you may unfortunately also run the risk of being given false or misleading information about how often the used massage chair was maintenanced or any services it required.

Used Massage Chair Issue #2: Massage Chair Problems

While one would hope there are never any issues with a luxury massage chair, purchasing one secondhand runs a much higher risk that it has problems. Why is the seller selling it in the first place? Is the savings you may see now enough to offset any major issues you have to fix?

Buying a used massage chair takes away the certainty you get from purchasing a new model. For example, if you want a massage chair with body scanning technology, a used massage chair may not have that option or it may not be functioning correctly. Looking forward to the benefits of heat therapy massage chairs? What if the heat therapy features aren’t working or quit soon after you purchase your used massage chair?

If you purchase a new massage chair, any massage chair problems you may encounter (though unlikely with a new purchase) will be covered by the manufacturer. This peace of mind is enough to warrant not buying a used massage chair and opting for a new model instead.

Used Massage Chair Issue #3: Massage Chair Warranty Transfer

Speaking of any massage chair problems being covered, buying a used massage chair brings up issues with warranties. Oftentimes a massage chair warranty is non-transferrable from the original seller. Depending on how old the used massage chair model is, it may not be covered any longer anyway.

This opens you up to being fully unprotected should you encounter any massage chair problems. These issues may be costly and make buying a new massage chair worth the initial investment. When you buy a new luxury massage chair, you know you’re covered by the manufacturer as well as any potential additional protection provided by the merchant (if they’re not one in the same).

Used Massage Chair Issue #4: Massage Chair Condition

If you’re debating on should you buy a used massage chair, something else to take into consideration is the chair condition. When you purchase a new massage chair you know you’re getting a chair in perfect condition. If you buy a used massage chair, however, it may not have been taken care of to your liking.

Worried about the smell of smoke (which could actually be hazardous to your health)? What about the seat—are there any tears or cracks from lack of upkeep? To keep your massage chair working properly and extend its lifespan it must be taken care of. When you purchase a used massage chair, it’s previous care is an unknown factor that can drastically alter your experience.

Used Massage Chair Issue #5: How Long Does a Massage Chair Last?

Last up in our list of reasons you may not want to buy a used massage chair deals with its lifespan. How long does a massage chair last? With most luxury massage chairs you could see them last upwards of 10 years or more with the proper care and maintenance. That’s with a new purchase, however. How old is the used massage chair?

If you’re considering buying a used massage chair that is already several years old, not only will it be affected by its previous maintenance and upkeep, but it’s lifespan has already decreased. When you’re buying a luxury massage chair, you want to know you’re getting the most from your investment. If you’re having to buy a new one in just a couple years (or even less, depending on the age and care of the used massage chair), then your return isn’t worth the reduced price you may initially find compelling.

At the end of the day, choosing to buy a used massage chair comes with a full set of complications and concerns that make them not worth the risk. From being in perfect condition to having the protection of a manufacturer warranty, choose a massage chair you can have full confidence in. The investment you make now will be worth every bit of it!

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