How to Style A Cozy Area for Your Luxury Massage Chair
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How to Style A Cozy Area for Your Luxury Massage Chair

Jan 13, 2022

You’ve decided to purchase a luxury massage chair and are super excited to start using it! Now how do you incorporate it into your space in a way that is both stylish and functional? You may not have decorated around a furniture piece quite like a massage chair before. While they’re typically larger than the average recliner chair, your massage chair offers so much more and can be easily integrated to create the ultimate cozy living space in your home.

Today, we’re helping you be inspired with ideas on how to style a cozy area for your luxury massage chair that meets all your needs while keeping your space functional and chic.

Integrating a Luxury Massage Chair With Cozy Interior Design

When you decide to purchase a luxury massage chair, of course you want to create a cozy space for it to fit into your home. After all, your massage chair is meant to enhance your lifestyle, so why shouldn’t it fit into your personal decorating style, as well?

The great thing about today’s luxury massage chairs is that they can fit a wealth of different interior design style choices seamlessly. Need a little inspiration? We’ve got you covered! To help you style a cozy area for your luxury massage chair, consider these tips to keep it comfy and stylish:

  • Introduce texture into the room with rugs or other unique touches
  • Choose a cozy color palette
  • Mount your television for style and function
  • Create a smart home setup for hi-tech living
  • Bring nature inside with plants
  • Don’t forget to include good lighting

Using Cozy Textures to Create a Vibe for Your Luxury Massage Chair

One of the best ways to style a cozy space for your luxury massage chair is by introducing texture into the room. Adding texture creates a visually dynamic space that feels cozy and inviting without being cluttered.

There are endless ways to use cozy textures to create a vibe for your luxury massage chair. For starters, consider adding an area rug to the space. Whether your room is traditional, modern, or anything in between, an area rug can actually help the room appear larger and more interesting. Think of them as artwork for your floor! If you’re going for a cozy vibe with your luxury massage chair, high pile area rugs make great options. They’re luxurious, comfortable, and chic all in one.

Rugs aren’t the only way to add texture to a room. You can bring texture in with decorative waste bins, comfortable throws (especially weighted blankets for a cozy addition to your chair), and fabric choices for other furniture pieces. You can even bring in textures on your walls!

Textured wallpaper comes in a wide variety of styles and designs to fit absolutely any aesthetic. Today’s wallpaper is often easy to install and can be changed without messing up the paint underneath. Bringing in textured wallpaper as an accent wall in your living space is a truly unique way to style a cozy area for your luxury massage chair that will help you relax and wow your guests.

Choose a Cozy Color Palette for the Room

Another method for how to style a cozy area for your massage chair is by choosing a cozy color palette. Cozy isn’t simply synonymous with traditional or old-fashioned, however. It can just as easily describe a modern space, as well! Many cozy color palette choices are rooted in warmth. That doesn’t mean you need to paint all your walls red, though! In fact, that would be counterproductive as studies have suggested that a color like red may function as subtle stress stimuli to our brains.

How can you incorporate warm tones without being counterproductive to finding ways to relax and de-stress, then? The answer is with accents! Choosing a relatively neutral palette to work from and adding in pops of warm colors is a great way to choose a cozy color palette without going overboard. The subtle hints of warmth can be traditional, modern, or any style you prefer while creating a comfortable space for your luxury massage chair.

Mounting a TV for Style and Function

Did you think creating a cozy area for your luxury massage chair was all about paint colors and accent pieces? Think again! Many people prefer to have their luxury massage chairs in the living room. To keep your space feeling spacious, streamlines, and free from clutter, consider mounting a TV.

It may seem like such a small, insignificant detail, but mounting a tv provides style and function. Not only does it keep you from having more eye-level pieces taking up visual space, but you actually gain a large amount of floorspace back from not needing a media center or console table. If you do still want a media chest to hide things like an Apple TV, gaming console, or other electronics, you can still have one. Mounting a TV allows you to get a smaller, less space-taking piece, however, and will save you room overall.

Create a Smart Home Setup for a High Tech Living Experience

Speaking of electronic devices, why not learn how to make your home a smart home while you’re creating a cozy space for your luxury massage chair? Some of the best models available are smart massage chairs. For example, a luxury massage chair with Alexa integration is the ideal choice for someone looking for a high tech living experience. What’s more cozy than being able to control various elements of your home with your voice?

Bringing Nature Inside With Plants

Bringing nature inside with plants and other greenery is another great method for how to style a cozy area for your luxury chair. Plants provide additional texture to a space while also satisfying our ingrained affection for nature. In fact, studies have shown results suggesting that interactions with plants indoors may positively impact psychological and physiological stress. If full body massages reduce stress, adding some plants to your space may enhance the effect while creating a cozy spot to unwind!

Consider Cozy Lighting Ideas

Last, but not least, on our list of ways to style an area for your luxury massage chair is with cozy lighting ideas. The lighting in a room can make or break a vibe. Whether it’s candles, lamps, or lighting fixtures, you can easily set a cozy mood to relax in your luxury massage chair with the proper lighting in place.

If you’re a candle person, choosing aromatherapy candles can enhance your massage chair experience. Combining aromatherapy with other massage chair features like the benefits of heat therapy and chromotherapy may boost the effectiveness of your massage to help you unwind and recover.

Floor or table lamps are also excellent ways to style a cozy area for your luxury massage chair as they’re often less harsh than overhead lighting. You can find lamps in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and designs so you’ll surely find one that speaks to your aesthetic. They’re also a great way to mix materials to create a more dynamic interior design style alongside your luxury massage chair.

If you’re putting your luxury massage chair in a main living space, it’s understandable that you may want some form of overhead lighting. Whether it’s can lighting, fancy fixtures, or a breathtaking chandelier, there are lots of types to choose from to fit the kind of lighting you want. To keep your luxury massage chair space cozy, however, consider putting overhead lighting on a dimmer switch to give yourself full control over the lighting levels.

Pro Tip: Lighting is often easy to add to your smart home setup, as well. Adjust those lights without lifting a finger!

As you can see, there are endless options for how to style a cozy area for your luxury massage chair. Playing with texture, remembering good lighting, and a cozy color palette all work to complement choosing a massage chair for your home. You can easily create a vibe for your space that enhances your massage chair experience and enhances your lifestyle!

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