7 Benefits of Massage Therapy At Home
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7 Benefits of Massage Therapy At Home

Jun 29, 2021

Getting a massage is incredibly relaxing, but are you really getting all the benefits of massage if your experience is sandwiched between making an appointment, navigating traffic to and from the spa, or maybe even feeling uncomfortable in the massage room itself? No! Massage therapy at home is the perfect solution.

Today we’re taking a look at the benefits of massage therapy at home that will have you questioning why you’d ever want to go out to a massage studio again.

What is Massage Therapy?

The benefits of massage therapy are more than simply feeling relaxed and enjoying the experience. Make no mistake, it’s important that your massage be relaxing! Massage therapy, however, is meant to help treat or manage health conditions and enhance your overall well being. There are different types of massage therapy you may want to try to meet different needs.

Some of the different types of massage therapy are:

  • Swedish massage
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Sports massage
  • Deep tissue massage

How to Get the Best Benefits of Massage Therapy at Home

Enjoying the benefits of massage therapy at home will have you wondering why you ever bothered making appointments in the first place! With modern massage chairs, the options for 3D massage rollers and 4D massage rollers have eliminated the difference between using a massage chair vs a human massage. What is left is how your environment shapes your full body massage experience.

Some of the benefits of massage therapy at home using a massage chair include:

  • Having a home spa to relax
  • Setting the mood with aromatherapy you choose
  • Fewer distractions during your massage
  • Avoiding social interaction for those who may not want it
  • Choosing your type of massage therapy experience
  • No time limit to your massage experience
  • Post massage relaxation

Having a Home Spa for Relaxation

Once you’ve learned how to choose a massage chair that’s right for you, finding the perfect spot in your home for it can help enhance the benefits of massage therapy at home! This could mean actually creating a spa at home with a large soaking tub, your luxury massage chair, a sauna, and radiant heat flooring but it could also mean creating a home spa feel wherever you place it.

Even your primary living space can be transformed into a home spa space with the right mentality. Your massage chair should be in a space where you can relax and enjoy it in calm and quiet. This can be especially helpful as part of a daily self care routine to unwind from your day.

Once you’ve created your home spa space, you can experience the benefits of massage therapy at their optimal levels. Not only will you relax in your massage chair, but your home spa space will help bring the calming effect you’re seeking.

Using Aromatherapy With Massage Therapy at Home

Speaking of how to set up a home spa space anywhere in your home, let’s talk about aromatherapy. One of our most important senses is smell. The right scent can set the mood for an experience and bring us calm.

When you’re setting up your massage chair to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy at home, choose a relaxing scent like lavender, eucalyptus, or mint to create a zen atmosphere you can relax in. This control over the aromatherapy scents in your space adds to the benefits of massage therapy at home. In a typical spa or studio you may not like the scent they’ve chosen. Sometimes they may be overwhelming or simply not agree with our preferences. That can bring down your massage experience and leave you unsatisfied.

No Distractions During Massage Therapy Sessions at Home

Another of the benefits of massage therapy at home is the lack of distractions. When you’re in a new space, it’s natural that your senses heighten and you become acutely aware of your surroundings to a potentially distracting level. A full body massage reduces stress while calming your mind and body but it can’t achieve all this if you’re on high alert being in a new location.

Being in a familiar space, especially the comfort of your own home, let’s you experience the full benefits of massage therapy when using a massage chair. You can more fully relax knowing you’re in familiar surroundings and give your senses completely over to relaxing.

A Benefit of Massage Therapy At Home: No Social Anxiety

Being hyper aware of your surroundings in a new space isn’t the only thing that may stand in your way of a truly relaxing massage experience at a spa or studio. Next on our list of the benefits of massage therapy at home is the lack of required interaction with others.

For some, this may help alleviate their social anxiety. Perhaps you find it difficult to meet strangers or interact with the staff at your local spa location. For others, this may simply be a personal preference of not having a live person touching their body. This may stem from bodily insecurities or personal preferences. Regardless, that discomfort at a spa or studio can taint your overall massage experience.

Using a massage chair at home you’re able to sit in it whenever you like without having to interact with anyone! You can enjoy a massage while relaxing solo or even as you’re sitting with guests. The choice is your’s when you’re using a massage chair at home!

Choosing Types of Massage Therapy At Home in a Massage Chair

One of the biggest benefits of massage therapy at home in a massage chair is that you can choose from many types of massage therapy at the touch of a button! The sheer volume of types of massage therapy and massage chair features luxury models have to choose from is undeniably impressive.

Whether you’re wanting a Swedish massage one time or a shiatsu massage chair another, you can have it. High tech massage chairs have control tablets with native apps that control the device with ease. This takes the benefits of a massage chair to a higher level than human massage because you can change at your whim. Some high end massage chairs are even able to connect to smart devices like Amazon’s Alexa to make your home a smart home!

To add to the benefits of massage therapy at home using a massage chair are the bonus features they have. For example, massage chairs with body scanning technology are able to pinpoint where your body needs the most work and focus your massage there. They may also provide the benefits of heat therapy, knee and calf massage, and even chromotherapy treatment features to enhance your massage chair experience.

Massage Therapy at Home Has No Time Limit

When it comes to the benefits of massage therapy at home we can’t ignore the time factor. Traditional massages at a spa or studio are made for 30 minutes or an hour. When you’re using a massage chair at home, you avoid those time limits.

Why is that important? Time limits for a massage mean your massage therapist may be rushing to finish or you may feel it’s not a long enough experience. It could also be that you’re running behind for your appointment and it has to be cut short due to traffic or another unforeseen circumstance. Your only choice, then, is to come back for another session (which can get expensive quickly) or be disappointed.

When you’re able to experience the benefits of massage therapy at home on your time schedule, you’ll never be rushed again! You’ve also got the added benefit of being able to use it whenever you please without incurring a cost each time. This makes a massage chair worth buying as the initial investment pays for itself.

Post Massage Relaxation at Home

Last up on our list of the benefits of massage therapy at home is the importance of post massage relaxation. If you’re going to a spa or studio then once your appointment is over it’s back in the car and off into traffic. This can be incredibly stressful and ruin the experience you just had!

When you’re using a massage chair at home, you can enjoy the post massage relaxation more deeply without having to jump back into a hectic environment. If your massage experience helped boost energy levels and left you feeling energized, great! You can still get up and do things around the house without having to worry about your stress levels climbing back up.

As you can see there are many benefits of massage therapy at home. Whether it’s losing the time limit, eliminating social anxiety, or falling into deeper relaxation in familiar surroundings, choosing a massage chair for use at home could change your entire outlook on the massage experience. Now you can enjoy a massage on your schedule and to meet your needs perfectly. Make it part of your daily routine and feel the difference it makes!

Want to learn more about how modern massage chairs have eliminated the difference between using a massage chair vs human massage? Check out these resources to see how today’s massage chairs have evolved:

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